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August 27th Seminar
Wholesale Alpaca Products
for Your Store - Since 2006

NEW: See below for news of upcoming online 
Free Alpaca Business Online Seminar
on Thursday, Aug 27th
Just A Reminder...
We are out of town....
Back on the 24th.

If you have an order waiting to be filled,
lease expect a couple days after we return for us to catch up.

Reminder of upcoming free online alpaca seminar...
Join us for a live online seminar
August 27th, 5pm PDT, 8pm EST

"Growing Your Alpaca Business
Through COVID and Beyond"
How to use alpaca products to achieve
your alpaca lifestyle goals.

How to start small and risk little 
as you develop your alpaca lifestyle.
Simple, easy and fun ways 
to locally promote your lifestyle, for profit.
Unique ideas others have used 
to produce a successful, fulfilling alpaca business.

The Online Seminar is 
 No $$$ cost! FREE
and hopefully fun and educational! 
The seminar program was created by Julie Roy.
Julie is an Alpaca Business Coach who works with 
clients to start and grow their alpaca business. 
Julie raised show quality alpacas in southern CA for 13 years. She is the author of Alpaca Business Secrets, Alpacas
Made Simple and the newly released 3 Myths eBook. 
Julie will guide the online live seminar. 
Input from us (Choice Alpaca Products) and others will offer
you new business insights.  A LIVE question and answer format, if you like you will be part of the program. 

Learn from other farms and small businesses.
Have fun sharing your experience with others.
Get your questions answered live!
To learn more and register for the 
August 27th Seminar 
visit Julie's eBook page below.

Download the eBook, it's free.
Along with the eBook, Julie will send details for getting
in on the seminar on the 27th. 
No cost, no obligation, just fun learning new ideas!
Looking forward to seeing you online on the 27th.

Thank you for supporting small business!
-Brian and Paula

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