Leith Hill Action Group Newsletter 40  

June 2016

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

 Hello to all our supporters.

 This newsletter provides you with an update on Europa's application to exploratory drill for oil in the woods just outside Coldharbour, off Coldharbour Lane.

 As you will be aware, Europa were granted planning permission back in August of last year to undertake exploratory drilling operations.  Before they can go ahead and start drilling, however, there are a number of planning conditions that have to be met.

The process for this is that Europa have to submit to Surrey County Council details of all their plans for meeting these conditions.  Surrey County Council then have to approve these plans before any drilling work can start.  Each submission constitutes a planning application.  We understand from Europa that they are planning to make these submissions in stages.

In recent weeks, we have had a meeting with Europa and their advisors, Surrey County and Capel Parish Councils and we have separately had a meeting with Surrey County Council.  These meetings were in order to explore how we as a committee and you as our supporters can help to make sure that as and when the oil drilling goes ahead, it meets to the letter all of the conditions imposed by the Planning Inspector at the Public Inquiry.  

Applications to meet conditions

Since those meetings, Europa have made the first two submissions in relation to some of the planning conditions.

This is the reason many of you will recently have received a letter from Surrey County Council; that letter relates to those first two submissions and covers various planning conditions. These conditions relate to:

The applications for all but the last of these items can be found by following this link to Surrey County Council’s website.  The application for the last item can be found by following this link instead.  In both cases, click on the “Attachments” tab after following the link in order to see the detail.

We will be reviewing the applications in detail and feeding back any comments we have to Surrey County Council.  You may like to do the same.  However, these particular conditions are ones that mostly require specialist expertise in order to pass comment.  As such, we are not expecting that many people will have the necessary expertise to respond.  We are not therefore looking for you to take any action in relation to these recent letters.

Europa have not yet made any submissions concerning how they intend to meet the planning conditions regarding the necessary traffic management scheme (that will need to be implemented along Knoll Road / Coldharbour Lane) or about ecological issues.  We expect these two submissions to be the ones where we will have the most comments to make, and where you may also have comments to make. 

We will continue to keep a close eye on this whole process and keep you up to date with the key details.

Patrick Nolan