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  A Reviewer Writes -

Like a delicate flower blooming out of rock, Love, Tears, and Salt  is the epic account of life force overcoming monumental adversity. 

This mesmerizing book traces one woman's incredible journey from the Spanish Civil War and Nazi-Vichy Morocco to refugee status in Mexico and eventual immigration to the U.S. 

The cruel misunderstanding of Catholic, Jewish and Muslim heritages represented by members of her family gives insight into today's frightful headlines out of the Middle East.  

This eloquent author, who retired from public education, lost one daughter to complications of epilepsy (SUDEP). The youngest daughter’s estrangement from the family has caused a great deal of pain.

Nadia and her husband now dedicate their life to raising awareness and fundraising for research on new treatments for seizure disorders via an Endowed Academic Chair at UCLA and a Foundation. This brilliant and compassionate work is a must read.
About the Author
Nadia Q. Davies was born in Casablanca, Morocco, as her mother was escaping Facist Spain while her father, a senator in the Spanish Republic was in one of Franco’s prisons.  At age 5, Nadia and her father, under assumed names, migrated to Mexico where they were given asylum as political refugees Nadia grew up in financial and emotional poverty in Mexico, one of six countries of which she could have become a citizen.  Nadia remained in Mexico until her teen years and then came to the United States to study and live the freedom her own country denied her.
Nadia has a B.A. in liberal arts and a Masters in Spanish and Education.  She spent 34 years as a teacher and counselor in high schools in California.  She had two daughters and has been married for 48 years to the love of her life.  Her life story and the tragedies she has experienced make her books emotional and written with a love that is palpable.  She may be reached at  On the web it is
The book is now available on Amazon.  Click to Download it now.  It is a book you will not forget!
All Proceeds go to the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Epilepsy Foundation