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Subject Date
Marching non-stop against war; Jailed for upholding law at Guantanamo; Marines target discharged vets; Lt Watada retrial on hold May 30, 2007; Aguayo and GI resisters tour California; Spc. Cherry goes AWOL for treatment May 17, 2007
Iraq vet and GI resister Agustin Aguayo finally home, begins speaking tour May 11, 2007
Special Appeal to Support the Troops Who Refuse to Fight Apr 23, 2007
Spc Aguayo out of brig! Also: Pvt Marc Train, Sgt Ricky Clousing, and resisters in Canada Apr 20, 2007
Army Spc. Agustín Aguayo's fight against war; Iraq vets bring occupation to Washington DC streets Mar 30, 2007
Free Agustin Aguayo! Also: Kyle Snyder, Mark Wilkerson, Lt. Ehren Watada Mar 2, 2007
Lt. Watada Action Alert; Send Agustin Aguayo a Valentine's Day Message! Feb 14, 2007
Lt. Watada mistrial clear victory, “very likely” unqualified; Vigils called for Friday to demand immediate discharge Feb 9, 2007
Events nationwide in support of Lt. Watada; February 5 all day rally/vigil/puppet theater outside Fort Lewis Feb 3, 2007
Lt. Watada prosecutors surrender on journalist subpoenas Jan 30, 2007
Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of Iraq War - Tacoma, WA this weekend Jan 19, 2007
Military judge rules “illegal war” debate forbidden during Lt. Watada court martial. Agustin Aguayo charged with desertion; faces seven years imprisonment for following his conscience. Jan 17, 2007
Lt. Watada hearing tackles free speech for soldiers, relevancy of truth; Supporters rally at the gates of Ft. Lewis Jan 6, 2007
Military subpoenas reporters and activists to help prosecute Lt. Watada; Spc. Swift released from brig Jan 4, 2007