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Subject Date
TAKE ACTION to Support GI Resistance and GI Rights Dec. 8-10th! Oct 28, 2006
Sgt. Ricky Clousing sentenced, Kyle Snyder AWOL Iraq Veteran returning to U.S., Bob Watada embarks on national speaking tour Oct 20, 2006
TODAY! Sgt. Ricky Clousing to face Court Martial for Desertion Charge Oct 12, 2006
AWOL Iraq War resister Agustin Aguayo turns self in gets sent back to Germany, Darrell Anderson returns to U.S., will return to Ft. Knox tomorrow! Oct 2, 2006
Army escalates charges in attempt to silence Lt. Watada Sep 15, 2006
GI Resistance Movement Continues to Grow! Sep 15, 2006
Lt. Watada Urgent Action - Tell Ft. Lewis: 'No court-martial!' Aug 28, 2006
Lt. Watada succeeds in placing war on trial during pre-trial hearing; Court martial recommended on all charges Aug 26, 2006
UN Former Asst. Sec. Gen. to Take Stand Aug. 17 for Lt. Watada Aug 16, 2006
Iraq combat vets stand behind Lt. Watada as he presents national convention speech Aug 15, 2006
Support Lt. Watada - Be Part of the Aug. 16 'Nat'l Day of Education' (and action)! Aug 8, 2006
Newsletter: Support from Iraq Combat Veterans Continues to Mount for Lt. Ehren Watada, Supporters Rally for Suzanne Swift Jul 31, 2006
Aug. 16 'National Day of Education' to ask 'Is the Iraq War illegal?' - Help Lt. Watada put the war on trial! Jul 24, 2006
July 15 National Day of Action to Support Suzanne Swift, Letter from Suzanne's Mom Jul 10, 2006
Army charges Lt. Watada with contempt towards president; Facing over seven years military prison Jul 5, 2006