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Subject Date
Sign the Petition to Support Spc Stevens and the Ft Bragg 50!; Sgt Bishop Jailed for Year for Resisting Aug 25, 2009
Sgt. Bishop trial Fri. at Ft. Hood; Afghanistan: 10 Reasons to Resist; Resistance Under the Radar Aug 11, 2009
Trial Wed., Free Victor Agosto!; 'Will to Resist' book; Resistance Workshop at VFP Convention Aug 3, 2009
'Help Other Resisters Today' asks Recently Free Army Spc Robin Long Jul 23, 2009
6K Signatures Delivered to Canadian Consulate; GI Outreach Cards and Stickers; Robin Long is Free!; Ft. Hood Courts-Martials Set Jul 15, 2009
Support Victor Agosto - Tell the Army to Drop the Court Martial; Rally for Kimberly Rivera and All Resisters in Canada Jul 2, 2009
Resisters held in limbo - Free Dustin Stevens!; New GI Outreach Leaflet; Why I Refused by Steve Yoczk Jun 17, 2009
Update and appeal for continued support Jun 8, 2009
Wanted: Grassroots Fundraising Events for GI Resisters; IRR Under the Radar; Victor Agosto Resists Deployment Jun 2, 2009
Ft. Hood Soldiers Victor Agosto and Travis Bishop Resist; Objector Dustin Che Stevens Thought He Was Out May 22, 2009
Spc Victor Agosto refuses deployment; Case dropped against Lt. Watada!; Rally against Stop-Loss; Write Cliff Cornell May 13, 2009
Action alerts: End the Prosecution of Lt. Watada; Request reduction in 12-month sentence for Iraq War resister Cliff Cornell May 1, 2009
Cliff Cornell court martial Tuesday; IRR Resister declares victory; Kimberly Rivera wins July 8 review; CTR on DN! Apr 24, 2009
Iraq Vet Benji Lewis: Why I'm Against Obama's Afghanistan; Resisters in Canada Update Apr 9, 2009
War resister faces years in jail; Intv w/ Ft. Lewis' GI cafe organizers; Why march on the Pentagon 3/21 Mar 8, 2009