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The Man That Would Become the Next Gene Stipe Nov 29, 2020
Part IV the Epic Audit Hatchet Job and the Pollard/Coal County Trump Supporters' Story Nov 22, 2020
A Call to Action and Who to Trust if you are New to Politics? Nov 15, 2020
Petition to our Congressional Delegation Support Trump Now Nov 8, 2020
Trump Rally Tomorrow Nov 6, 2020
State Idiot/Auditor Legislating Instead of Auditing and Meet the Much Sued Woman That Did the "Audit" Nov 1, 2020
Lying Cindy Byrd, Our State Idioter Oct 25, 2020
GOP Censoring Republicans on Social Media Auditor Cindy Byrd Caught Lying on the Audit Oct 18, 2020
Kannady for Pro Tem or Kannady for Block A, Cell 21? Oct 11, 2020
SQ 805 Means the Third Child Molestation Conviction is Just Like the First Conviction Oct 4, 2020
Lay Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas, or Not Get Up at All Sep 27, 2020
Self Defense and Shooting Rogue Cops, it is a Thing Sep 20, 2020
Tulsa Cop Shooting Videos to be Released, Disiplinary Records are Next Sep 13, 2020
Three Victims of Monster Inc in Wagoner County Sep 7, 2020
Monsters Inc Alive and Well in Wagoner County Aug 30, 2020
A Rock Solid Case for Republicans Controlling their Brand Aug 23, 2020
The Liars Convention of 2020 Aug 16, 2020
Heard of Typhoid Mary? How About Covid 19 David McLain? Aug 14, 2020
Maskerbators and McLain and are Lankford Looking to sell out the State GOP? Aug 9, 2020
The Great Mask Debate Part II Aug 2, 2020
blaCollecting Taxes or a Criminal Car Jacking? Zero Authority to Impound and Tow the Vehiclenk newsletter Jul 26, 2020
Of Martyrs and Vain Old Men Jul 19, 2020
The Great Mask Debate of 2020 Jul 12, 2020
Election Wrap Up Jul 5, 2020
Primary Voter Guide for Tuesday's Election Jun 28, 2020
Partial Vidication in Wagoner County, Child Held Hostage by Wagoner County Sheriff and D.A. Jun 21, 2020
House and Senate Trump Index is Completed Jun 14, 2020
2020 Trump Index Coming Soon Jun 7, 2020
These are Not Protests, These are Riots May 31, 2020
Just Die, Okay? May 25, 2020
Arrogance, Pride, Greed and We Have to Listen to a Convicted Drunk Ex Senator? May 17, 2020
Hell Hath No Fury.... May 10, 2020
The GOP Cult in Logan County May 3, 2020
Cat Piss McDugle V. Justin Dine Apr 26, 2020
Week Five and the Branch Covidians are Restless Apr 19, 2020
Good News for Oklahoma Conservatives and Hope on the Coronavirus Pandemic Apr 11, 2020
Covidiots, the Limits of Liberty, and Where we Are with the CCP Virus Apr 5, 2020
Wuhan Flu Update and the Last Known Photo of Carol Baskin's Husband Mar 29, 2020
Wuhan Flu Dominating Politics and Life in General Mar 22, 2020
Wuhan Virus, Panic or Over Hype? Mar 15, 2020
Incompetent Investigator at the Heart of the Case Doesn't Even Understand the Meaning of Medical Words Mar 8, 2020
Wagoner County ADA Threatening Journalists and Defendents Mar 1, 2020
Monster Inc Part Two: The Medical Evidence Points to a Natural Death, Not Abuse And David McLain Involved in Voter Fraud? Feb 23, 2020
Monsterous Malicious Prosecution Coming Out of the Wagoner County Sheriff Office Feb 16, 2020
Will the GOP Support SB 13? Mickey Dollens Saving Indians from.....Indians Feb 9, 2020
Prosecutor Caught on Tape Saying Filed Criminal Charges Were Bogus Feb 2, 2020
Green Eyed Monster Causes OK2A's Don Spencer to Throw Fellow Activist Under the Bus? Jan 26, 2020
Life in Prison for Trafficking Crack Cocaine Commuted to Eight Years Jan 19, 2020
Senator Carrie Hicks Using Fear and Lies to Stampede Legislation for a Problem that Doesn't Exist Jan 12, 2020
Criminal Justice "Reform" is a Tax on the Elderly and the Middle Aged Jan 5, 2020
Get Out of Jail Free Thanks to the Democrats Dec 29, 2019
Cowardly County Commissioner Hides from Process Server While Sheriff Deputies Threaten to Arrest the Process Server Dec 22, 2019
Texas Sheriff Refuses International Airport Arrest Warrant Hold on Accused Oklahoma Child Molester Dec 15, 2019
36 Years of Sentences, Only One and a Half Years in Prison, Arrested One Month After Release Dec 8, 2019
Sheriff Chris Elliot Drags an Inmate by her Hair Dec 1, 2019
Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning's Victim Speaks out on the Allegations Nov 24, 2019
Four days After Prison Sentence Commuted, Back in Jail and Headed Back to Prison Nov 17, 2019
Bob Rat and the Abolitionist Queens Nov 10, 2019
Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning Caught Red Handed Nov 3, 2019
Prater Accused of Illegal Investigation into Political Rival Oct 27, 2019
Mclain Eviscerated After Proof Comes Out And we Name the Wagoner County Molester Oct 20, 2019
The Bank Records Prove that David McLain is a Bald Faced Liar, Records Are in the Newsletter Oct 17, 2019
Which Two Are Accused of Molestating a Child? Oct 14, 2019
Wagoner County Commissioner Fighting Embezzlement Allegations by Railroading Victim? Oct 6, 2019
Career Criminal Gets Court Fees Paid Off by Gullible Liberal Idiots Sep 29, 2019
Which One is Lying? Lt. Gov Matt Pinnell or GOP Executive Director Tom Demont? Sep 22, 2019
A True Elmer Gantry and Oklahoma Combat Veteran Nearly Euthanized by St. Johns Hospital Sep 15, 2019
The Bankruptcy Creditors of Oklahoma GOP Chairman David McLain Nine Paint Stores Looted? Sep 8, 2019
McLain's Campaign Alleged Lt. Governor Matt Pinnel Behind April Smear Campaign Sep 1, 2019
Deadbeat Brownie McDugle About to be Evicted From His Business Offices? Aug 25, 2019
Radical Christian Group Infiltrates the Oklahoma GOP, Excludes Most Christian Faiths as Inferior Aug 18, 2019
Chickens Coming Home to Roost, 2019 Oklahoma Trump Index out for House of Representatives Aug 11, 2019
Public School Ghost Students, Where Two Schools Do Get Paid to Educate a Child Jul 28, 2019
OSBI's Lying Tommy Johnson and D.A. David Prater, Are Telling Lies for Teacher Union Thugs Jul 21, 2019
The Trump Index Bills Jul 14, 2019
Hi, We are From the Government and Are Here to Help You.... Jul 7, 2019
Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot Under STP Investigation for Corruption and Abuse of Power Part 1 Jun 30, 2019
The Trump Index is Coming Jun 23, 2019
The Effects of Marijuana on the Mentally Ill and Depressed, What the Weed Industry Isn't Telling Us Jun 16, 2019
SQ 788 and the Unity Bill Fallout: Unemployment for Marijuana Addicts Jun 9, 2019
Two of the Victims of Rep. Chris Kannady and Soft Bigotry in the Tulsa GOP? Jun 2, 2019
How Long Did House Leadership Know About the Kannady/McDugle Scandal and Why Was Nothing Done? May 26, 2019
Attorney Representing Third Kannady Victim Comes Forward Fourth Victim Alleged by Victim's Advocate? May 22, 2019
Baba Yaga Do Nothing........ May 19, 2019
In Case You Have Been Living in a Cave, Special Counsel Appoitned to Investigate Kannady and McDugle May 12, 2019
Second Rep. Chris Kannady Sexual Battery Victim Located, How Many More Will Come Forward? May 5, 2019
Representative Chris Kannaday and Kevin McDugle Accused of Sexual Battery, and Sexual Harassment? Apr 26, 2019
New State Agency Costing $35,000,000 a Year Coming? U.S. Senate Candidate Announces Apr 21, 2019
Fake News Attack Behind Alleged Investigation on Epic Charter School Last Month Apr 14, 2019
Compromise Possible? Tall Building Crowd and Conservatives Getting Along? Apr 7, 2019
Troubling Allegations Against One of the Three GOP Chairman Candidates? Apr 6, 2019
A Dark Horse Candidate for GOP State Chair? Mar 31, 2019
Soft on Crime Legislation Passes Senate, SB 252 About to Strip Right to Bail and Worse Mar 24, 2019
Cuffed and Stuffed in a Squad Car But Not Before Pissing His Pants. Chickens Coming Home to Roost Mar 18, 2019
One of the Biggest Charlatans in Oklahoma Politics Nails Himself to the Cross Mar 7, 2019
OCPA Involved with the 2018 Attacks on Conservative Legislators? Mar 3, 2019
SB 13 Abolitionist Bill Strips All Existing Anti Abortion Laws from the Statutes Feb 24, 2019
Comrade Kannady Double Crosses the State Chamber of Commerce on Workers Comp Feb 17, 2019
GOP Chairman Refuses to Organize Grant County to Represent Republicans Feb 10, 2019
Stitt's First Chance to Show Conservative Values Feb 3, 2019
Don't Ask Don't Tell Caucus at it Again Jan 27, 2019
Meet Comrade Senator Roger Thompson Jan 20, 2019
Coming This Year, the Trump Index Jan 13, 2019
Republican Rep. Harold Wright Booted from GOP Governing Committee Jan 6, 2019
Mission Creep or just Creeps? Dec 30, 2018
Modern Day Slave Labor or Working Like the Rest of Us? Dec 16, 2018
GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Attacks the Party Platform and Oklahoma Values Dec 9, 2018
Does Crime Cost the Criminal if He Doesn't Pay? Dec 2, 2018
A 73% Failure to Appear at Arraingment Hearings, PTR = Soft on Crime Nov 25, 2018
House Leadership Moving Further from the Republican Party and Oklahoma Values Nov 18, 2018
The Election, the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Nov 11, 2018
Conservative Oklahoma Values are a Cancer to be Cut out According to Comrade Kannady Nov 4, 2018
The Corruption of the Edmondson Family Oct 28, 2018
Oklahoma A.G. Mike Hunter Sitting on a Mountain of Allegations and Evidence Refusing to Move Oct 21, 2018
Komrade Chris Kannaday Using Fake News Against Opponent Oct 14, 2018
New Sexual Harassment Scandal at the Capitol and the Dark Money Story Spreads Oct 7, 2018
STP Story on Dark Money Attack by House Leadership Goes National Sep 30, 2018
Rep. Josh West and Speaker McCall Busted on Conflict of Interest Sep 23, 2018
The Noose Tightens Around House Leadership Evidence Linking to Dark Money Attacks Sep 16, 2018
Another Stolen Valor Candidate and House Leadership is Selling Access and Votes at Bargain Prices Sep 9, 2018
Conservative Blood Bath on Tuesday Night or Something Else? Sep 2, 2018
Adopted Kids Abandoned by Brownie McDugle? Aug 26, 2018
A Sign of the Liberal Agenda Decaying Rapidly? Brownie McDugle Saga Continues Next Week Aug 20, 2018
Addicted to P*rn and Sex, Lets Run McDugle for State Senate! Aug 12, 2018
Brownie McDugle Screws over another "Family" Aug 5, 2018
Kevin McDugle, AKA "Brownie" Giving the Phrase "Leave no Marine behind" a New Meaning Jul 29, 2018
Kriss Steele and TEEM Released the Career Criminal that Sodomized Elderly Woman Jul 22, 2018
Lying Leslie Osborn Busted Again Jul 15, 2018
Heads on Sticks!!! Comrade Yen Whipped, McDugle Race Contested, Pfeiffer Forced into Runoff Jul 1, 2018
Oh, We are Gonna Get Some Unsubscribes on This one..... Jun 25, 2018
Four House/Senate Districts Targeted This Week for the Primary. Your Help is Needed Jun 17, 2018
Shady Kevin Stitt Selling Mortgages to Illegal Aliens? Jun 10, 2018
State Test Scores Stunted by Teacher Union Strike Jun 3, 2018
Court Rules Possession of Child Porn Okay if Daddy is a County Official May 27, 2018
Some of the Faces of Corruption May 20, 2018
The Term "Stolen Valor" Also Applies to Fake Republicans May 14, 2018
Chickens Coming Home to Roost 2018 Platform Index is Out May 6, 2018
Made In China Matt Pinnell Apr 29, 2018
Why are Jon Echols and Charles McCall Holding up Education Reform? Apr 22, 2018
House Moral Leadership Passes Over to the Democrats Apr 15, 2018
Break the Teacher Union Strike in 24 Hours by Making One Phone Call in the Morning Apr 10, 2018
High School Girls Visiting the Capitol on Monday? What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Apr 8, 2018
$73.00 Per Hour Worked And They Are Striking? Apr 1, 2018
Justice for Some? Mar 25, 2018
Mary Fallin Terrified of Terrorists, and a Baby is On the Way Mar 18, 2018
Some of the Men Responsible for the Brutal Death of an Infant Mar 11, 2018
Teachers Threaten Walkout, Breathtaking Extortion, Greed, and Hypocrisy Mar 5, 2018
Komrade Chris Kannaday's Turns to Russia TV to Attack America for Prosectuing Terrorists Feb 25, 2018
After Defeat, House Leadership in Shambles, Legislators Lining up to Challenge Mccall in March Feb 18, 2018
Largest Tax Increase in Oklahoma History Voted on Tomorrow. Call, Email, Facebook Your Legislators Feb 12, 2018
Good God, Where to Start this Week. Doreflinger busted, Scott Pruit Busted, Gary Jones Busted...... Feb 4, 2018
Dan Fisher Caught Traveling Extensively to Promote Black Robe Regiment Instead of Campaigning Jan 28, 2018
What is Rep. Mark McBride Hiding? Jan 21, 2018
God's Anointed Candidate for Governor? Jan 14, 2018
Can a Drunk Turn Around the Failing Health Department? Jan 7, 2018
Drunken Politicians Need Friends Too Dec 31, 2017
Lankford Campaign Backer Sued for Abuse and Worse Dec 17, 2017
Doobie Brothers Running for the Same Office? Dec 10, 2017
Taliban Dan Campaign Staffed with Radical Abolitionists? Dec 3, 2017
Is Gary Jones a Pot Head? Nov 26, 2017
Senator Yen's Son Arrested for Drunken Driving! And a Major RINO Defeat Today at Committee Meeting Nov 11, 2017
Listen Very Carefully Nov 8, 2017
Senator Yen's Wife Assault and Battery Arrest Report Nov 5, 2017
Hey Jon, Chris, It's Safe to Send out the Agenda Now & Mrs. Inman Actually Tried to Slap Him? Oct 29, 2017
Senator Yen's Wife Pamela Mae Yen Arrested and Charged Oct 27, 2017
The Teacher Tax and Legislative Schizophrenia Oct 23, 2017
Rewarding Failure in the Education System Oct 22, 2017
Halloween Costume Picked Out Yet? Go as Carol Bush.... Oct 15, 2017
Is that Caused by a Stroke or a Botched Botox Treatment? Oct 8, 2017
Lack of Leadership = Wasted Special Session Oct 2, 2017
Leadership Gutting Tax Decuctions for the Middle Class and Working Class? Sep 24, 2017
John Brown, Get your Gun Sep 17, 2017
Wanna Elect a Senile Sheriff? Sep 10, 2017
The Five Tyrants of Oklahoma Sep 3, 2017
Time to Slaughter the Tax Hogs Aug 27, 2017
Cowards or Heros? Aug 20, 2017
John Birch Society Fields Gubernatorial Candidate and Cigarette Tax Shot Down Aug 13, 2017
Mental Health Commissioner Terri White Caught Lying About Her Arrest Aug 6, 2017
Crazy is as Crazy Does Jul 30, 2017
Senator AJ Griffin Caught with Hand in Cookie Jar Jul 23, 2017
Republican Rep. Carol Bush Endorses Democrat Challenger Against Congressman Steve Russell Jul 16, 2017
Soft on Crime Doesn't Work, ask Senator Marlatt and Armed Robber Jack Ulrich Jul 9, 2017
Sex Party Charlie and AG Mike Hunter have what in Common? Jul 4, 2017
Sue the Crap out of the State Over Illegal Acts of the Legislature Jun 25, 2017
House 2017 RINO Index is Out Jun 18, 2017
Senate 2017 RINO Index is Out Jun 11, 2017
Time to Get Nervous if You are a Politician in Oklahoma Jun 4, 2017
Half Billion in New Taxes and Another Half Billion That Will be Overturned May 28, 2017
Special Session for Tax Increses? Don't You Dare.... May 21, 2017
Hundred Million in Tax Increases Voted on Next Week and Massive Corruption on State Question 780 and 781 May 14, 2017
Half Billion in New Tax Increases up for Grabs Next Week, Call now Please! May 7, 2017
Billions in new taxes up for a vote tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning) Call Now Please!!!! May 2, 2017
Rep Osborn's Massive Disrespect for Speaker Charles McCall Apr 30, 2017
Fallin Caught Lying Once Again Apr 23, 2017
Another Hug a Thug Soft on Crime Story Apr 17, 2017
A FIfty Million Dollar Fix for the Budget Deficit Apr 9, 2017
Former David Prater Assistant Jennifer Chance Busted on Pay to Play at Governor's Office? Apr 2, 2017
The Yellow Peril Defeated and Oklahoma Special Judges Releasing Criminals Illegally on OR Mar 26, 2017
The End of Reason and Sanity “For the Children” Mar 19, 2017
Looking for Wheasel 2.0 Mar 12, 2017
Terry White's Oklahoma Where Mental Illness no Longer Exists Mar 5, 2017
Looking For a Job with Benefits? Canadian County Sheriff Department Disseminates Child P*rn to Employees Feb 26, 2017
Mary Had a Little Lamb Feb 19, 2017
Governor Fallin Medicated and Sent to Vinita, Preston Doerflinger Claims the Title Empress of the Grand Republic Feb 12, 2017
McCall Deals a with Sex Scandal by Throwing One of His Own Under the Bus While Another Scandal Erupts Feb 5, 2017
Kirby Investigation out on Monday? Did Rep Randy Grau's Alleged Involvement get Covered Up by House Leadership? Jan 29, 2017
Dozens of New House and Senate Scandals Coming Soon? Jan 22, 2017
Is House Minority Leader Scott Inman Being Blackmailed? Jan 15, 2017
One Simple Change to Plug the Billion Dollar Budget Hole Jan 8, 2017
Dan Kirby’s Advice to all: Never Make a Decision Coming off a Three Day Drinking Binge Jan 1, 2017
New Legislator Carol Bush Advocates Abortion Pills for Schools and Assisted Death for her Own Mother Dec 25, 2016
Lying to the Infidel Dec 18, 2016
Filthy Disease Ridden Oklahoma Children and Ignorant Parents Targeted by Comrade Yen Dec 11, 2016
Another David Prater Railroad Job or a Serial Rapist? Dec 4, 2016
Comrade Yen's Long March Nov 27, 2016
House Leadership Bought and Sold Again Nov 20, 2016
Urgent phone calls and emails needed Nov 14, 2016
Kris Steele Makeover using Misdemeanor Meth Nov 13, 2016
Ambushed for the Cash or for What he Knew? Oklahoma County Sheriff Whetsel has Some Explaining to do. Nov 6, 2016
Voter Guide Volunteers Needed Today! More Jail Brutality Oct 31, 2016
Whetsel Hires a Lawyer and for Very Good Reasons Oct 23, 2016
Cooter Holt Makes its Way into the Vernacular and OK2A is a Kiss of Death for Getting Things Done at the Capitol Oct 16, 2016
Senator David Holt, AKA as Cooter Holt is bleeding from his.... Oct 9, 2016
Is There a Perp Walk in Whetsel's Future? Oct 2, 2016
Hysterical Women and Tax Increases Sep 25, 2016
Carry that Old Hag to the Car Boys Sep 11, 2016
CLEET Enables indicted Embezzler to run Security Company and Work as Bail Bond Enforcer without license Sep 5, 2016
Racist! Aug 28, 2016
Lies and Damned Lies in Cleveland County Aug 21, 2016
Keep Calm and Trump on Aug 14, 2016
The Education Mafia Aug 7, 2016
Gangster Thug Babies Need to be Dealt With Jul 31, 2016
Why did you shoot me? I don't know.... Jul 24, 2016
Muslim Truck Drivers and Black Lives Matter Jul 17, 2016
Only One Sniper on the Rooftop? Jul 10, 2016
Child Molestation is the True Face of the Muslim Political System Jul 5, 2016
We be a Short Newsletter and a Day Late at that Jun 27, 2016
Volunteers needed this week and The Butcher of Oklahoma County Jun 19, 2016
They Just Raised a Billion Dollars in New Taxes and Fees What are YOU going to do about it? Jun 12, 2016
One Billion Dollars in Legalized Theft this Session Jun 5, 2016
2016 Oklahoma RINO Index Published Tonight. Find out how your Legislator did. May 29, 2016
Bloody Mary and the End of the Legislative Session May 22, 2016
Vaccine Bill Veto Override Being Used as a Bargaining Chip May 15, 2016
Trouble is Coming May 8, 2016
Jon Echols, the Man that Brought REAL ID to Oklahoma May 1, 2016
REAL ID Pushed Back, Crippled but not Dead May 1, 2016
REAL ID Pushed Back, Crippled but not Dead Apr 24, 2016
Leslie Osborn's Three Big Lies Apr 18, 2016
REAL ID now Belongs to Jeff Hickman and Mike Christian Apr 10, 2016
Help! I’m a Drunk Running for Office and I need my Court Records sealed! Apr 3, 2016
TrusTED BusTED PerverTED and now InfecTED? Mar 27, 2016
Labeled Scammers by the A.G. Office but Training Police Officers? Mar 20, 2016
Judge says Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel Illegally Detains Citizens Mar 13, 2016
Supporters of Democrat Tom Stites Mocking a Wounded Combat Veteran on Facebook Mar 6, 2016
March 3rd Voting Recomendations and Rampant Sexual Miscounduct at the Tulsa County Jail Feb 28, 2016
Comrade Yen and Comrade Sykes Defend Corruption at the Capitol Feb 21, 2016
Jackbooted Thugs or Game Wardens Soft on Crime 2.0 Feb 14, 2016
Civil Fortiture Legislation Being Blocked in the Senate, Calls Needed Now! Feb 9, 2016
Fact: Oklahoma Teachers make More Money than Texas Teachers Feb 7, 2016
Rep Ken Walker...About as much Brains as the Walking Dead Jan 31, 2016
Gerhart to Speak at High Noon Club Tomorrow Jan 24, 2016
What was that smell? Jan 17, 2016
What is Scott Pruitt Hiding under his Skirts? Jan 10, 2016
The Islamist Supremists Movement, Pedophile Organization or a Religion? Jan 3, 2016
The Islamist Supremists Movement, Skinheads with Beards Dec 27, 2015
Charles McCall's Speaker Campaign Implodes Over Fears of Junkets and Questionable Donors Dec 20, 2015
Do your really want to elect a Special Interest Controlled Speaker or a True Conservative Dec 14, 2015
All Hell Breaks out if McCall is Elected Speaker Dec 13, 2015
Muslim "Refugees" Make War on Americans Dec 6, 2015
Bagdad Mary Paves the way for Muslim Extremist "Refugees" Nov 29, 2015
Bagdad Mary Refuses to Close Oklahoma to Muslim Extremists "Refugees" Nov 22, 2015
Comrade Yen faces Angry Crowd and Comes Off Like a Real Jerk Nov 15, 2015
Comrade Yen to Speak at Tulsa Re-education Camp Thursday November 12th Nov 8, 2015
We Need a Drunk to Write Op Ed Pieces to Pass a Sales Tax Increase? Nov 1, 2015
Education Spending does NOT Increase Prosperity Except at a Personal Level Oct 25, 2015
Whetsel Has a Plan: When Enough Jailers and Inmates are Dead he will get a New Jail Oct 18, 2015
Estela Hernandez's Humiliating Defeat in an Election Marred with Vote Fraud Oct 11, 2015
The Infamous Tape of Estela Hernadez Berating Chairman Randy Brogdon Thank you Brian Gramham! Oct 11, 2015
Rural Republican Elected to Lead State GOP Party Estela Hernandez Challenged to Document that Her Workers are Legally in the U.S. Oct 10, 2015
Reversed and Remanded for Dismissal, Freedom of Speech Partially Restored to Oklahoma Oct 7, 2015
Times are a Changing for Police/Public Relations and Obama Care Oct 4, 2015
Trump Rally a Huge Success! Sep 27, 2015
Ethnic Cleansing Up Next for the Tulsa County GOP Leadership? Watch out Ben Carson! Sep 20, 2015
Oklahoma County RINOs and State Chamber Lose 55 Year Old Safe Republican Seat Sep 13, 2015
Democracy No More in the Oklahoma GOP Sep 6, 2015
Enough, lock up the Lunatics Now Aug 31, 2015
Ashely How about Aug 23, 2015
Halfway there Aug 16, 2015
Estela Hernandez's Home Boys are Back in the News Aug 9, 2015
Former House Speaker Indicted on Homosexual Act/Student Payoff Attempt and the Senator David Holt's Connection Aug 2, 2015
White Trash Gone Wild. How Many Oklahoma Politicians will be Exposed? Jul 26, 2015
Don't Feed the Animals, They will Become Dependent and Want Cell Phones Jul 19, 2015
KenMillerSteals.Com Jul 12, 2015
More Blood on the Hands of Oklahoma GOP Vice Chair Estela Hernandez Jul 5, 2015
Pro Brogdon Forces Crushes the Attempt to Remove him as Chairman Jun 28, 2015
Coup Attempt against Duly Elected State GOP Party Chairman Fails Jun 26, 2015
The Crucifixion of Randy Terrill Jun 21, 2015
Irresponsible Rep Leslie Osborn Busted doing 112 MPH in a 70 MPH Zone Jun 14, 2015
Senator Brinkley's Gambling Addiction Confirmed but Who Threw him to the Wolves is the Real Question to Ask? Jun 7, 2015
More Women Come Forward Against Accused Bail Bondsman Jun 1, 2015
Bondsman Charged Desite Protection from Oklahoma County Officials or a Whitewash Job in the Making? May 25, 2015
What Sells for $11.63 and Costs $53.17 to Produce? May 17, 2015
Buzzards Circling a Carcass, Which One Will you Choose? May 10, 2015
The Corruption Continues in the Oklahoma County District Attorneys Office May 3, 2015
They are Afraid, they are Very Afraid Apr 26, 2015
Just How Many Clowns Are Going to Come out of that Car? Apr 19, 2015
Please contact my Assistant Attorney General, Tiffany Wythe for any further assistance Apr 12, 2015
If OCPA is a Bully then Senator Jason Smalley is a Cry Baby Apr 5, 2015
Dear Leader Steps Down Mar 29, 2015
If Charlie Meadows and Mrs. B Had a Baby Would it Run for Oklahoma City Mayor? Mar 22, 2015
Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel Pressures Sooner Tea Party Advertiser Mar 15, 2015
Devil Dank Wants a Mob to Seize your Property under Color of Law Mar 8, 2015
Deadbeat Politician Refuses to Pay Bills! (is that news?) Mar 1, 2015
Mr. Hair Plugs Fights for his Job Feb 22, 2015
Senator Ron Sharp Wants to Abuse Children with no Accountability and Terminate Parental Rights without a Jury Trial Feb 15, 2015
Forced Urine Testing Advocated for Lower Income Patients and a List of Shame Feb 8, 2015
Blood on the Hands of the Chamber of Commerce Feb 1, 2015
Redneck Date Gone Bad? Jan 25, 2015
Je suis Charlie? Not if you run the Oklahoman Jan 18, 2015
Under the Hoods, RINOs Behaving Badly Jan 11, 2015
Ohhhhhh......They are so much better than us common folks Jan 5, 2015
State Jobs for the Disgraced Dec 29, 2014
Make Sexual Advances and get a nice Raise! And an Interview with the NAACP’s Garland Pruitt Dec 22, 2014
OCPAC Leader Charlie Meadows Refuses to Apologize, Advises Blacks to “Not Act Surly” Dec 14, 2014
Courts Breaking the Law, Drunken Senators, and Demented Santa Claus Runs Amok Dec 7, 2014
Massa Charlie goes on a Racial Rant Nov 30, 2014
Useful Idiots Nov 23, 2014
SB 1246 Might be a Bayonet to the Gut for the Oklahoma Senate Nov 16, 2014
Tolerance and Apathy, the Last Virtues of a Dying Society Nov 9, 2014
Mary Fallin’s Marriage on the Rocks? Nov 3, 2014
Republicans Against Oct 26, 2014
2014 Oklahoma Senate RINO Index Oct 19, 2014
Oh, Those Sooner Tea Party RINO Index Ratings Don’t Matter Because No One Sees Them Oct 13, 2014
Oh, Those Sooner Tea Party RINO Index Ratings Don’t Matter Because No One Sees Them Oct 13, 2014
A World of Hurt Coming Down on the RINOs Oct 5, 2014
We Told You so Twice, Bennett was Right and Prater Squeezes Alexander Sep 28, 2014
Serial Rapist Trooper Eric Roberts Finally Arrested Sep 21, 2014
Sins, like Chickens, Come Home to Roost for Oklahoma Repersentatives Sep 14, 2014
Mary Ain’t Getting Close to that Trooper Investigation if this Could Happen Sep 8, 2014
Add another Head on a Stick for the Sooner Tea Party Trophy Case Sep 1, 2014
Mary Fallin Feeling Left out or a Bit Jealous? Aug 24, 2014
Impending political Doom is a Good Thing Aug 10, 2014
Atty. Generals Responds on Ghost Workers Scandall Aug 3, 2014
Hotter than a RINO Afterlife Jul 26, 2014
2014 Oklahoma RINO Index Bill Submissions Needed Jul 21, 2014
Mary Fallin Gaining Weight and Prater Espionage Campaign Against RINO Political Consultants Jul 13, 2014
Liar Gets Caught Lying.... Politics as Usual Jul 6, 2014
Head on a Stake, Branan the Bigot is now Branan the Loser Jun 29, 2014
We Got Signs too, Jerk Jun 23, 2014
Bad Dentist or Bad Superintendent? Jun 17, 2014
Branan the Bigot Payback Time Jun 8, 2014
Senator Burrage, Better Listen to your Uncle Steve Jun 1, 2014
Norman Politicos Gone Wild! Rumors of an Upcoming Prisoner Swap Abound May 25, 2014
Representative Colby Schwartz's Secret Life, Part II May 18, 2014
The Death of the First Amendment in Oklahoma May 11, 2014
This Could be the Last Sooner Tea Party Email May 4, 2014
Speaker Election May 5th Apr 27, 2014
Rep. Colby Schwartz is Risen! Again and Again! Freda Deskin’s Multitude of Hidden Easter Eggs Apr 20, 2014
Senator Holt and Rep. Bobby Cleveland Want to Steal Your Home Apr 13, 2014
Throwing Silent Bob Under the Bus Apr 6, 2014
Busted! Secret Senate Security Video Tap Reveals Special Interests Behind American Indian Cultural Center Mar 30, 2014
Oklahoma State Senate Embroiled in More Scandal Mar 23, 2014
White Man Speak with Forked Tongue Mar 16, 2014
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves Mar 9, 2014
American Indian Cultural Center, the Third Rail of Oklahoma Politics Mar 2, 2014
Stealing the Citizens Money fo Fund Corporate Welfare Feb 24, 2014
Kiss of Death Courtesy of Fount Holland and Charlie Meadows? Feb 16, 2014
Useless Things at 23rd and Lincoln Feb 9, 2014
TW Shannon and a Clown Standing at a Urinal. What do they have in common? Feb 2, 2014
Mama's Boy is Running for Congress? Jan 27, 2014
The Strange Island that was Brenda Reneau Jan 19, 2014
Released Fallin Emails Claim that Former Speaker Kris Steele gets Caught Lying Jan 12, 2014
Representative Mike Reynolds Calls for New OCPAC leadership Jan 5, 2014
We have a Governor's Race Now Dec 29, 2013
Senator Eddie Fields Wins Pervert of the Week Award According to Governor's Chief of Staff Dec 22, 2013
“Hey Governor Fallin, Whatcha got in that Jar?’ Dec 15, 2013
Tea Party Article leads to FEC investigation District Judge Blackmailed in Terrill Case? Dec 8, 2013
Will Darkness Descend Where Hope Once Remained? Dec 1, 2013
Three Days Till Thanksgiving and Mary Fallin Brought the Turkey Nov 24, 2013
Islamic Horde Continues to….Well, Whatever it is That Hordes Usually Do Nov 17, 2013
Mike McCarville and Russian hooker Nov 10, 2013
Islamic Horde Invades Capitol Nov 3, 2013
Back to School you Miscreant.... Oct 27, 2013
Oklahoma Chairman Dave Weston said What!!!!!!! Oct 20, 2013
Recall Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill Oct 14, 2013
Read it and Weep, the 2013 Oklahoma RINO Index Oct 6, 2013
A Whiff of Scandal at Democrat H.Q. Sep 29, 2013
Agenda 21 primer Sep 22, 2013
The True Cost of “Free” Government Supplies Sep 15, 2013
Your First Amendment On Trial Sep 8, 2013
A Man on the Run Sep 1, 2013
Is OCPAC Entering Into a Death Spiral under Charlie Meadow's Leadership? Aug 25, 2013
Coburn Refuses to Defund Obama Care Aug 18, 2013
Bridenstine’s Dilemma Aug 12, 2013
Have a Shot at Dunking Bobo the Clown Aug 4, 2013
Sooner Tea Party, the TV Series Jul 28, 2013
Bloviating Blogger or Conservative GOP Chairman? Jul 21, 2013
Oklahoma State Senators Remained Targeted Jul 14, 2013
The Life Cycle of A Politician Jul 7, 2013
Governor Fallin Dislocates Her Arm? Jun 30, 2013
june 9th Jun 23, 2013
Sheep, Scavengers, and Tom Coburn Defends the NSA Spying on Amercians Jun 16, 2013
Oklahoman Reporter Proclaimed Honorary Oklahoma State Senator Jun 9, 2013
Session’s over, Charlie Meadows goes on a Bender Jun 2, 2013
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Missing House Committee members found, House Rules Still Nowhere to be Found Jan 6, 2013
Missing House Committee members found, House Rules Still Nowhere to be Found Jan 6, 2013
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