Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd
Gigs & Tours   May 10, 2022
A message for you
Duo Laroo/Byrd
Dear Music Friends,
Hey, it's Already May: we sincerely hope you're feelin' good! See our header pic (above) showing the tremendous time we had with our audience performing @ Royal Jazz Kings Day on April 27 w the Saskia Laroo Band ft saxophonist Benjamin Herman in de Bullekerk, Zaandam, the Netherlands. It strenghtens our believe that live music can make you feel even better!  Therefore we are very excited to present to you our upcoming concerts in the Netherlands May 12, 13 and 15, and our June tour in India and Thailand:
  • concerts THE NETHERLANDS
May 12, 7:30pm Duo Laroo/Byrd
   De Vereeniging, Utrecht
May 13, 9pm Saskia Laroo Band ft MC Complex
   Music cafe Stiels, Haarlem
May 15, 3:30pm Saskia Laroo Band ft Byrd&Beets
   Jazz@The Four Seasons, Leusden
  • concerts INDIA
World Jazz Fest by Banyan Tree Events
June 3, 7:30pm Saskia Laroo Band 
  Chowdiah Memorial, Bangalore
June 5, 7:30pm Saskia Laroo Band
  St. Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai
  • concerts THAILAND
June 6, 7:30pm Saskia Laroo Band
  Saxophone Pub, Bangkok
June 8, 10pm 
   Summer Jam
   Secret Garden, Koh Samui
June 9, 7:30pm
   Saskia Laroo Band
  Seen Beach Club, Koh Samui

June 12, 1:30pm
   Grand Finale Brunch
   Melia Main Stage
Koh Samui
Let us light up your life this 2022, with our basket of new tunes, beats, and remixes, both recorded and premiered live!

In the meantime, stay happy, healthy
keep swinging!

Jazzy greetings,

Duo Laroo/Byrd
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