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MAY 2011

THE BARREN LAND [2001] by Bea de Visser at "Oberhausen Films Online", a new video-on-demand platform of the ISFF Oberhausen. On offer are films that were shown at the Oberhausen festival. Moreover, the site also functions as sales platform for the authors and producers of those films by for example Mariola Brillowska, Thomas Draschan, Jeanne Faust, Ken Jacobs, Mara Mattuschka, Lola Randl, Jennifer Reeder and Bea de Visser.  online platform Oberhausen

CHAIRS MISSING [2011] by Bea de Visser excerpt film
at Court Métrage Festival de Cannes (11-21 May)
 Chairs Missing is an ambient film that shows the last days of a swimming pool. Its regular visitors are isolated in a series of inscrutable encounters. information Chairs Missing

is selected for the section LOVE AND ANARCHY at the 19th Art Film Fest in Slovakia (17-25 June 2011).

Chairs Missing is written and directed by Bea de Visser website Bea de Visser 

Pre announcement:
MOTOR [2011] by Simone Bennett with a composition for Chello and Drarf Minke Violin (Yuri Landman) by Simon Lenski (DAAU). A short film about how gossip and rumour spreads like a virus.

Motor is written and directed by Simone Bennett website Simone Bennett

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