Lord of the Dance Settee
It's Christmas
New DVD- Just in time for Christmas!
Hi everyone
The Lord of the Dance Settee DVD is nearly here and should be shipping on Friday!
Yes, preorder is a word, pedants. It means order in advance of release. Language adapts and changes. Deal with it. Or speak Anglo-Saxon. The choice is yours.
The DVD comes with a whole disc of extras including interviews with some of the people mentioned in the show, an exclusive audio frame of Me1 vs Me2 Snooker, a 90 minute interview about my career filmed at Kent University, the Lord of the Dance Settee podcast, the Chorley heckler and the audio from the 12 shows run.
You can also buy a copy of the official programme for the show, all the profits from which will be go to SCOPE (give Chris Evans, not that one, a little while to add the button if it's not there yet)
Also there are some rare promotional stickers from the Edinburgh run (they were too small to be of any use at the Fringe, but you'll like them) which will be given away free with the first couple of hundred orders (whilst stocks last).
And anyone ordering the DVD before the end of Friday will be entered into a draw where they can win the crown I wore in the LOTDS photo shoot. It's made of solid gold (plastic) and has a bit of gaffer tape on the back as it wouldn't fit on my massive head. There will be some other prizes for the lucky winner too.
Loads More DVDS
Remember there are loads more DVDs and books, both by me and other ace comedians at gofasterstripe.com, which will make awesome gifts for your friends and enemies.
See me interviewing myself (as well as an hour of backstage interviews with RHLSTP guests) and help us make more RHLSTP by buying the kickstarter DVD

And RHLSTP with Eddie Izzard will be up in the usual places today
Have a really happy Christmas. See you in 2016. And as Back to the Future didn't go that far we have no idea what is going to happen