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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
October 25, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Boats Damaged at Carols Wharf, Saturday night.

Dear Neighbours,

Sometime between 10pm Saturday night and 7:30pm Sunday morning 7 boats were deliberately sunk at Carols wharf.

Someone methodically moved from boat to boat, removed the bungs and watched them sink. It is very likely that this was done around 3am when the tide would have been low enough for the idiot to walk from boat to boat without getting too wet.

Due to some quick thinking and yet another powerful demonstration of Island camaraderie  all the boats were pulled to the shore and most outboards were saved. Unfortunately one was not retrievable and that family now has no means to commute to work or day care and will now be seriously inconvenienced, incur ferry and water taxi costs they cannot afford  and struggle to fund a replacement outboard.

The children of that family are very upset and keep asking their father why the bad man sank their boat. Their father doesn’t know how to answer them.

Every boat was damaged in some way and expensive items such as lifejackets, oars and batteries were lost.

There were a number of parties on the Island on Saturday night and it may have been possible that a visitor to the island may have thought this hilarious. It beggars belief that one of our own would do something like this.

I would urge anyone who heard or saw anything suspicious at Carols wharf late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning to contact the Water Police on 9910 7899 and let them know what you heard or saw.  The smallest piece of information might be useful.

If, however,  you are responsible or involved in any way it would be best for you to contact the Water Police immediately and own up before you were discovered. There are 7 very angry families who would pay almost any price to get their hands on you.

Matthew Palmer

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