The Pure Water Occasional for July 31, 2016

In this deep summer Occasional, you'll hear about our decrepit water infrastructure, soaring bottled water sales, flushable wipes that should not be flushed, guacamole-thick muck in Florida water, and mean-assed Stargazers in Virginia. Then there are KDF, TAC, NAC, HABs, OneFlow, FilterSorb, ScaleNet, Nestle, Kingsley Dam, and Soddy-Daisy. Also, arsenic, Siliphos, butyl, polyphosphates, and Spectraguard. Hear about lead testing, cyanobacteria, the most water-stressed cities and the cities with the best-tasting water, our great motorcycle giveaway, a clear RO tank, and,  as always, there is much, much more.

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