All of US- On the Edge of the CLIFF//    Ron Paul Needs Our Active Assistance NOW!!


IAHF List: For every action, there is an exact and opposite RE-ACTION!! If you want to preserve your access to dietary supplements, if you want to continue living in America, if you want to continue enjoying the freedoms enshrined in the United States Constitution, you're going to need to get off your butt and swing into motion organizing everyone around you, your family, friends and neighbors the way we did recently in Seattle when we organized this March/Rally against the planned North American Union Dictatorship- see 

 We got media coverage, and even though the CFR controlled media ATTEMPTED to do SPIN against our message, they weren't ENTIRELY successful. I am reaching out to all of you right now urging you to help spread the word about the criminal Bush/GOP/Neocon/CFR  effort to BLOCK RON PAUL's forward motion- you will SEE THE EVIDENCE HERE:

Ron Paul was robbed. The Texas Straw Poll was Rigged-

Ron Paul delegates were BLOCKED from voting- watch this: When the hand outs say to come and vote at 10 AM, what it really means is that if you're wearing Ron Paul buttons the doors have already closed and its "too late". Here we see other delegates being allowed in, while a corrupt GOP staffer blocked several Ron Paul Delegates from entering to vote.


 Ron Paul has done more than any candidate of EITHER party to defend our access to dietary supplements, and more of you need to get active in Ron Paul Meetup groups in your area to help his growing grass roots army of volunteers as we canvas door to door, hold banners for Ron Paul off Highway Overpasses, Put Huge Ron Paul Messages on Rooftops that can be seen by planes taking off from airports, and everything we can think of to get the word out about whats really going on in this country right now. Google Ron Paul and you'll see many You Tube videos showing all the grass roots action behind this great man right now.

The Texas Straw Poll was rigged by the Bush's who control the Texas GOP. They deliberately held it in Fort Worth, 5 hours from the Gulf region where Paul's district is in order to hurt him as much as possible. See

He wasn't supposed to get any votes, considering how they tried so hard to rig the poll he did really well, but its evident that the CIA and CFR intend to install someone on us yet again. We don't have Presidential elections here in Amerika, here under the Fourth Reich, we have CIA Installations, and the only possible chance we have of keeping this scam from recurring is massive grass roots action- see evidence of what I'm saying here:  

"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign
Relations is promoting the disarmament of US
sovereignty and national independence and
submergence into an all-powerful, one world
Admiral C Ward

Obama, Romney, H Clinton, Giuliani, McCain,
Edwards, D Rockefeller, Cheney, B Clinton, Dodd,


"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the
major media." Wm Colby, Director, CIA

Watch this You Tube:
The CFR Controls American Media:

Can we overcome this? Damn RIGHT we can, but NOT if you sit on your hands! You need to organize marches and rallies against the SPP/NAU the way we did in Seattle- see

You need to get ACTIVE in the Ron Paul meetup groups in your area  , and if theres not one, you need to START ONE.

WHY do you need to do this? Friends, I feel an URGENCY about this due to health freedom trips I've made to the UK and Europe where I've worked closely with the Alliance for Natural Health against the draconian EU Food Supplement Directive.

I understand fully why the FDA is holding illegal meetings with regulatory counterparts from Canada and Mexico to harmonize the food and drug regs between the three countries, but even though more than 23,000 people have signed my petition calling for Congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico- we can't get oversight because Congress is awash in Pharma Pac Donations:

I need a MILLION or more sigs on this petition, and I need MORE of you to get active in Ron Paul Meetup groups! This summer I spent several days at the NW Washington Fair in Lynden at the Ron Paul booth handing out campaign literature, and I was a speaker at the Anti NAU March/Rally in Seattle at which I told the assembled crowd about how the FDA is attempting via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico to make an END RUN around the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act!!

I explained that this illegal action is an attempt to get PAST the largest volume of mail, personal visits, faxes and phone calls EVER SENT to Congress on ANY issue in the HISTORY of Congress!

Do you fully grasp what is going to happen in this country if we FAIL to jump into the breach to overcome the CFR's rigged media, and the Neocon whores who control the GOP? Do you fully grasp how it will impact you if we FAIL to help Ron Paul overcome the corruption arrayed against his candidacy?

The time has come to ACT, or you WILL be ACTED UPON, and NOT in ways that you will like! Don't expect ME to do all the work for you, I'm just one guy. I'm telling you straight up, GET UP, and get your FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, RELATIVES and EVERYONE AROUND you to OPEN THEIR EYES to what is REALLY going on around us!

Sorry if you don't like my bluntness, but I'm serious here folks! Unless you don't MIND living under a TOTAL DICTATORSHIP as reflected by the RIGGING of the Texas Straw Poll against Ron Paul  you WILL heed my call by going here and getting involved with a Ron Paul meetup group and if theres not one near you, you'll start one and you WILL assemble a local team to organize marches and rallies against the North American Union Dictatorship the way we did in Seattle: see 

There is something very empowering about marching through a city as large as Seattle is with a bullhorn warning people about the North American Union Dictatorship. Please folks!! DO THIS where you live! Its NOT that hard! You CAN get the permits needed for a March/Rally! We did, and so can YOU!! 

You CAN assemble a group of people to help you! Doesn't your FREEDOM mean anything to you? Isn't it WORTH the effort to defend? Ron Paul is putting his LIFE on the line for us all right now, and he DESERVES our strongest possible support. He's got the most grass roots support of ANY candidate of EITHER party right now with

34,615 Ron Paul Supporters in 832 Groups from 683 Cities
…and 5,010 more waiting to hear when a new Meetup starts- but he needs FAR MORE SUPPORT and you CAN help!  He's got supporters in 57 different countries such as this Ron Paul Meetup group in Vancouver BC Canada which I am in: 

People from across the political spectrum are lining up behind him recognizing fully that MOST OTHER CANDIDATES are controlled by the CFR, by the Globalists and that he's the only one fully trying to defend our freedom and Constitution! See

You want your health freedom? You want to stop FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter and Codex? Help IAHF help Ron Paul and get involved with this campaign yourself!

Your donations assist IAHF in doing things like travelling to Seattle to work with the Ron Paul meetup group there, and to travel nation wide to catalyze opposition to the New World Orders plans to rig the 2008 election and to usher in the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter via which our access to dietary supplements would be destroyed! I am pushing with everything I have to get a Million sigs on my petition calling for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter to stop Codex from being forced on the USA. Please donate to IAHF today!

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