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In 2003, under totally false pretenses the Australian so called "Therapeutic Goods Agency" (their FDA) yanked 1,363 different product lines off Australian health food store shelves without a single solitary product assay to demonstrate that any of these safe products were the least bit dangerous.

This was a full scale nuclear strike against consumers right to access the dietary supplements of their choice, and it was generated under the cover of a fiasco called the "Pan recall" wherein the largest supplement manufacturer in Australia, Pan Pharmaceuticals, was stripped of its manufacturing site license and totally shut down just because an OTC motion sickness drug they were selling called Travacalm caused some problems.

Travacalm's active ingredient, dymenhydranate, is a known hallucinogen- and its effects have been thoroughly described on websites which recreational drug users peruse.

An appropriate TGA response to the Travacalm problem would have been to pull all products containing dymenhydranate off the market and to ban them completely, but because motion sickness drugs similar to Travacalm are manufactured by a slew of politically powerful multinational pharmaceutical companies which use the TGA and its international counterparts as trade associations to suppress the use of dietary supplements- that reasonable course of action was not followed.

What happened instead was truly nauseating: the shut down of Pan was used to fuel a massive media circus condemning allegedly "unsafe" dietary supplements- and its against THIS BACKDROP that the tiny island nation of New Zealand is fighting as I type this for its very SURVIVAL as a sovereign nation.

I have come to truly admire New Zealand and its people. They're ruggedly independent, and to them, their hulking gigantic neighbor is about as popular as a parahna in a hot tub.
Some of you may think that what's happening in Australia and New Zealand is "irrelevant" to you because you live in Canada, or America, or Europe- but if you think that, you're not seeing the globalists game clearly enough and I urge you to keep reading.....


Where one of us is in chains, NONE of us are free. Yesterday I spoke with Kenneth McIver, an alternative practitioner in New Zealand, and a board member of the New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners.

He's filled me in that its IMPERATIVE that everyone in New Zealand write to, fax, email and call the LABOR MPs on the list below, because any day now the NZ Parliament will get around to voting on whether or not to RATIFY the Joint Therapeutic Treaty (JTA) with Australia, which would create ONE set of regulations (Australia's mindless pharmaceutical regs which allowed the Pan debacle to occur) for BOTH countries.....

Fortunately for the Kiwis on the IAHF list, the Opposition Parties of New Zealand have been refusing (thus far anyway) to ratify this Treaty, so at least until now, it does not yet have the force of law inside New Zealand, but that could change, and if it does, New Zealand vitamin consumers will be in SERIOUS trouble. [SEE ACTION PLAN BELOW!!]

Last summer, in total violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canadian equivalent to the US Constitution), Canada's vitamin regulations were forcibly harmonized to Australian law while most Canadians paid no attention, falsely believing they'd won a health freedom "victory" in 1997 with the "third category."

Trueman Tuck of Friends of Freedom in Canada http://www.friendsoffreedom.org/ has been making a valiant effort to push bill C-420 through Parliament, but it doesn't look as though they have time to get it through because a Canadian election will be held in the near future this summer. FoF also has a legal effort to overturn the illegal regs, however. If you're in Canada, I urge you to send the action letters on the FoF website in to your MPs and also to forward this alert to vitamin consumers world wide, especially if you have friends or family in New Zealand.

Americans can't ignore Canada's having harmonized its vitamin law to Australia's because Canada is our northern flank- and with the FTAA breathing down our necks in our hemisphere threatening to be a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship, we can't afford to ignore whats going on around us because "harmonization" of the laws is occurring world wide via many means- including, but not limited to CODEX.

Americans should never forget that at the recent Codex meeting in Montreal of the Committee on Food Labeling, the US Codex Delegate stabbed our nation in the back by wrongly turning his back on the South African proposal which could have blown Codex wide open and which was in sync with US vitamin law. Thus none of us can afford to be complacent about anything happening in the world today on the health freedom front and ALL of us must donate to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org due to the political clout wielded by the EU at CODEX. As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD- but we must see the Global Chessboard fully.... which brings me back to the


Yes its True Australian Harmonisation will destroy Natural Therapies and Small Businesses.

By Signing the "Joint Therapeutic Agency" (JTA Treaty) The N Z Government will
give away to Australia The "Regulation of Therapeutic Products."

Your Government will effectively "Destroy Free Access by New Zealanders" to
Dietary Supplements and Therapeutic Products from world wide sources.

Over 6,000 products will be banned or locked out of the New Zealand market.

Forcing up to 200 small business to close.

Up to 95,000 New Zealanders involved in manufacturing, importing, supplying,
distributing, marketing, retailing and direct selling will loose their jobs.

To find out more and what action you can take
Surf to :- www.healthcharter.org.nz
or scroll down for Health Freedom Action Plan

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Health Freedom

- Action Plan -

Government Attack on the Freedom of Health Choice

Dietary Supplements Outlawed?

The Joint Therapeutic Treaty (JTA) will outlaw New Zealanders access to thousands of dietary supplements (at least 6,000 safe healthy dietary supplements will no longer be available).

New Zealand's global access to new and innovative products will be repressively restricted by the JTA Treaty, effectively banning new products.

The cost of dietary supplements under the JTA Treaty will escalate and in some instances production costs will more than double.

Loss of thousands of Jobs?

Thousands of New Zealanders (up to 95, 0000 in the healthcare industry) involved in manufacture, export, distribution and retailing of safe healthy dietary supplements will be forced out of business. Employees will lose their jobs because of excessively high JTA Treaty registration and compliance cost by an Australian dominated bureaucracy that restricts free trade in safe healthy dietary supplements.

Safe Dietary Supplements?

New Zealand Medsafe, in their submission to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee, without scientific proof and a reliance on tabloid newspaper articles, set out a table that when analysed indicated that under a half of a percent of the available dietary supplements were perhaps unsafe. Medsafe maintained that dietary supplements must be regulated in the same way as inherently unsafe prescription pharmaceutical medicines are regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority. The facts are that in twenty years dietary supplements have not been the cause of a single death in New Zealand (in the same period there were 100,000 prescription drug deaths in New Zealand Public Hospitals). Medsafe has not taken any steps to rectify this unnecessary death situation.

Your government is giving away your basic human right to take care of your own health and the health of your children and loved ones.

Your government is determined to give away your right to Freedom of Health Choice and self determination

Your Government has totally ignored its own Health Select Committee recommendations and is ready to sign the JTA Treaty surrendering health sovereignty to the Australian controlled Joint Therapeutic Agency Treaty.

To preserve your Health Freedom of Choice you need to take action TODAY and to encourage EVERYONE you know to take action TODAY.

Photocopy this Action Plan and distribute to all your contacts.

Take action TODAY - Tomorrow will be too late

Action steps:

Members with internet access should go to the Charter website and download the Government Members List .csv file, which also includes email addresses. This file should import into most Address Books and is very convenient for Mail Merging and forwarding a number of emails.


Forward letters to Government Members of Parliament.

Be sure to include the date and your return address

Be formal and polite but firm.

Include a formal salutation such as the following.

"Rt. Hon John Doe MP

Dear Sir or Dear Madam"

as the case may be.

Next include a heading. Use your creative talents to create a heading that highlights your opinion.

Some examples:

Save Our Supplements.

NO Lock Out of Dietary Supplements and Health Care Products.

Vote No to the JTA Treaty.

Say No to Aussie Rules.

Support New Zealand Small Health Businesses.

Preserve New Zealand's Health Sovereignty.

Protect New Zealand's Health Freedom of Choice.

Do Not Sell Out Our Health to Australian Domination.

Australia to Dictate New Zealand Health-NO WAY!

What should you say?

The most important and attention grabbing statement for members of parliament is;

I will not vote for you or your Party if you support the JTA Treaty.

Next important;

Describe who you are and individualise your letter

Use one of the following as a guideline and modify the content.

I am a practitioner with a large number of clients who rely on my practice for their primary corrective and preventative health care.

I am employed in the health sector and the JTA Treaty will be detrimental to my continued employment.

I work full time (or part time) with dietary supplements and the JTA Treaty will force me out of work.

I run a small business and the JTA Treaty will ruin my business.

My family and I rely on access to a wide range of dietary supplements to maintain our health status. Our extended family and friends also rely on dietary supplements.

I am a student and I am totally opposed to any infringement on my Freedom of Choice in Health Care.

I am a solo parent and rely on natural healthcare to keep my family healthy.

I am a voting New Zealander and am passionate and determined in regards to my human right of freedom of choice and self determination in health care.

I am a…(one of the above)……………..and the JTA Treaty will remove my right of access to my cultural and Traditional Medicines.

I am of Maori descent and the JTA Treaty will deny me the right to access Traditional Maori Medicine.

I am of Maori descent and the JTA Treaty illegally contravenes my rights as sealed under the Treaty of Waitangi

I am (a Pacific Islander -Chinese & Indian & Philippino & Malaysian, etc the JTA Treaty will deny me the right to access Traditional Medicine of my choice.

Be creative and add any other pertinent information.

Caution: Do not fall into the trap of arguing individual aspects of the JTA Treaty.

The main effort must be to get the message across that a large segment of the New Zealand electorate is opposed to the JTA Treaty.

The Last Paragraph is most important:

Most important

I require your reply stating how you will vote on the JTA Treaty within the next seven days.

Special Note:

Above all your letter needs to be polite, but firm. Your main message needs to that your vote is at risk. This is the main message that parliamentarians understand.

If you do not receive a reply in seven days.

Forward another letter strongly requesting a reply.


Do not forget to sign your letter. Double check for spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure your letter is dated.

Make sure that your letters are addressed to individual members of parliament by name.

Members of parliament do not take any notice of form letters; this is why your letters must be individualised to be effective.

Effective Methods:

Out of all the ways to communicate with Members of Parliament a letter is the most effective.

A letter forwarded to members of parliament does not require a postage stamp if addressed to;

Freepost Parliament

PO Box 18888


Fax the Members of Parliament

Sending a fax is the next most effective method. Unfortunately a large number of faxes can tie up the members fax machine and office staff and be very annoying. Faxes do however get attention and can be very effective, especially a large number of faxes.


Sending emails is the easiest and most convenient method.

Unfortunately emails can be easily

deleted or if the subject line of a number of emails are all the same diverted to the recycle-rubbish bin.

However if enough emails are forwarded they must have an impact.

The main object of the - Health Freedom Action Plan - is to get the message across to Members of Parliament that there is a large section of the population that will be adversely effected if they vote in favour of the JTA Treaty.

So what is the best method to get your message across?

The simple answer - All Of The Above.

So start writing today. The future of your health, your family's health and the health of generations not yet born are at risk from the JTA Treaty.

This Government has been guilty of enacting a number of legislative changes without adequate consultation with electors. They need to be informed that they have gone too far. With your assistance we just may obtain a more open approach to the creation of useful and supportable legislation. We need a democratic government that takes notice of the wishes and aspirations of the people.

Spread the Word

Inform clients, Neighbors, friends and all contacts including Talk Back Radio, about the negative effects of this Treaty and that the Government and the Ministry of Health are bulldozing this Treaty through Parliament and only their action can stop it.

To recap some main points

The Health Select Committee will report back to Parliament on May 25th.

It is not known as to how soon Government will take action on the JTA Treaty, but it is understood that Government is committed to adopting the Treaty regardless of the high level of opposition by New Zealand electors.

Under the JTA Treaty

Australia will have absolute and total control over the health of all New Zealanders.

The Freedom of choice and self determination in health will be abolished.

Practitioner Only remedies will be no longer available.

6,000 or more health products will no longer be available.

Small health related businesses will be forced to close.

96,000 thousand jobs will be at risk.

Do not submit to the chains of Australian domination.


The above action plan is presented by The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Incorporated for the "Health Freedom of Choice for all New Zealanders."

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Business Street
Business Fax

Hon Rick
Barker MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 8036

Barnett MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6773

Hon David
Benson-Pope MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 499 7393

Beyer MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 6268

Hon Mark
Burton MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8465

Hon Chris
Carter MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 8034

Dr Ashraf
Choudhary QSO
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 6358

Rt Hon Helen
Clark MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 3579

Cosgrove MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6922

Hon Dr Michael
Cullen MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8442

Hon David
Cunliffe MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 471 2360

Dalziel MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 6372

Duncan MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 7036

Hon Harry
Duynhoven MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 8052

Hon Ruth
Dyson MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6784

Fairbrother MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 8013

Hon Taito Phillip
Field MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(09) 276 4799

Gallagher MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 6358

Hon Phil
Goff MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8444

Hon Mark
Gosche MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6785

Hartley MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 499 0967

Hon George
Hawkins MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8464

Hereora MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 7036

Hon Marian
Hobbs MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8467

Hon Pete
Hodgson MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8449

Hon Parekura
Horomia MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8475

Hughes MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 2010

Hon Annette
King MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8445

Luamanuvao Winnie
Laban MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 6372

Mackey MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6779

Mackey MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 6358

Hon Steve
Maharey MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8443

Mahuta MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6781

Hon Trevor
Mallard MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8448

Hon Damien
O'Connor MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 8054

Okeroa MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 6372

Parker MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 1562

Peck MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6923

Pettis MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 2010

Pillay MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 470 6928

Ririnui MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(07) 577 6006

H V Ross
Robertson MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 471 2235

Hon Dover
Samuels MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 471 0811

Hon Jim
Sutton MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8447

Hon Paul
Swain MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8466

Hon John
Tamihere MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 472 8032

Hon Judith
Tizard MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8470

Hon Margaret
Wilson MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 495 8460

Yates MP
Freepost Parliament PO Box 18888 Wellington
(04) 473 1562