ANC Youth League (Western Cape) welcomes ANC parliamentary caucus statement, and calls for Israeli Ambassador Arthur Lenk to pack his bags

The African National Congress Youth League (Western Cape) welcomes the African National Congress parliamentary caucus in its clear and bold statement that it wants the immediate recall of the SA ambassador to Israel and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to SA, Ambassador Arthur Lenk (click here for statement: We expect that it will use its majority to ensure a swift action is taken. The ANC has long shown its solidarity to the people of Palestine and until the Palestinian people are no longer oppressed this move should be irreversible. The ANC Youth League has done all in its ability to push for such a position and will now do all it can to ensure swift implementation of this decision.

We anticipate many attempts by Zionist Israeli Apartheid sympathizers, both in the media and in the public, to try to divide and confuse the public. It is clear that this statement is organizational and the official ANC position, but just like the ANC statement issued by the Deputy Secretary of the ANC, Cde Jesse Duarte (click here), we expect fruitless, but desperate, attempts to hoodwink the public into thinking the ANC statement was a unilateral statement from an individual. It is also probable that Cde Stone Sizani the ANC parliamentary chief whip, just like cde Jesse Duarte, will be exposed to vicious attempts to defame his good name. We further anticipate that Zionist media machinery will likely target some of our ANC Youth League leadership who have openly, publicly and successfully participated in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, in mischievous attempts to defame their characters. We will continue to stand by Cde Jesse Duarte, we are going to stand by Cde Stone Sizani and we will stand by any of our leaders who have fearlessly stood up to Apartheid Israel.

We will support our leaders while they take necessary action and  recall our ambassador to Israel and expel Israel's ambassador to South Africa, not just because it is our moral responsibility but because such action is done on behalf of the over one million members of the African National Congress. The ANC Youth League will not allow any lobby group or businessmen to interfere with the ANC parliamentary caucus when it moves swiftly towards implementing this particular part of their statement, (which stated): "we are of a firm view that our government must recall our ambassador to Israel and also ask the Israel ambassador to South African to leave with immediate effect.".

Finally we call upon Israel's Ambassador in South Africa, Arthur Lenk, to pack his bags and prepare for travel to avoid unnecessary trauma.

Issued by:

Muhammad Khalid Sayed (ANCYL Western Cape Convenor) 0847297229


Muhammad Khalid Sayed (ANCYL Western Cape Convenor) 0847297229

Marissa van Rensburg (ANCYL Western Cape Head of Communications) 0762748062

Mbulelo Memani (ANCYL Western Cape Coordinator) 0786134220