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17th July 2013
  • FUZZ s/t debut for 7th Oct (UK) plus September Dates
  • LOOP ->> Confirmed As ROADBURN 2014 Headliners 
  • Superchunk->>  “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” Streaming Now. 'I Hate Music' is Released on 19th Aug via Merge
  • WOODS >> Share New Single 'Be All Be Easy' and Announce EU & UK Summer Shows
  • Rose Windows >> Share New Video: “Wartime Lovers”, The Sun Dogs Out Now on Sub Pop
(Dead Oceans) 
01. Human Nature
02. Spew
03. Simple
04. Bad Apple
05. New To It
06. Obey Me
07. Heave
08. G.I.D.
09. Falling Out
10. Waste Your Art
Gauntlet Hair's second album Stills, is OUT NOW via Dead Oceans. 
Recorded during Portland, Oregon's grey winter days in producer Jacob Portrait's (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) appropriately named studio "The Cave," the album reveals Gauntlet Hair's guileless affection for the goth industrialists and post-punks who blazed a shadowy path through the 80s and 90s. 
The album follows the once-Denver-based band's 2011 self-titled debut for Dead Oceans and singles spread across labels like Forest Family and Mexican Summer. After moving back to their hometown of Chicago last year, drummerCraig Nice and singer/guitarist Andy R. looked to their teenaged selves for inspiration. "I started listening again to the stuff I would have in my discman in the back of my mom's car," says Nice. "White ZombieMarilyn Manson — the production on those records is so amazing. Nothing sounds like that anymore."

Mining that childhood nostalgia for inspiration has proved effective. The tracks on Stills have the signifiers of industrial and minimal-wave a la The Durutti Column or Joy Division, but all the fluidity and momentum of INXS orDepeche Mode's 80s synth-pop. "New To It" reimagines the opening snare from "I Wanna Dance Wtih Somebody" at a goth dance party. Andy R. lurches into an unearthly guttural groan halfway through "Bad Apple." "Spew" loads up on John Hughes synths. A Cobain-like sneer worms its way out of "Heave." The horror and joy combine to make Stills a garden of dark delights.
Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey & the Soul Generation
Erupting at the same time, but at a different studio, was the mixed instrumental combo Mickey & the Soul Generation. Best known for their 1969 paper hit “Iron Leg,” the group came to semi-national attention following Nipsey Russell’s performance of the Iron Leg dance on Johnny Carson. Though they shared a label with Ben E. King, they lacked access to the same promotion and marketing resources. A tour with Sam & Dave and opening slots for James Brown, Kool & the Gang, and The Supremes found them performing for thousands nightly, but still sleeping on floors. By the mid-’70s the group had fractured, with members joining the army, bottling Coke, and starting families. Their run would end in 1977 with two members turning in a passing Average White Band impression called “Southern Fired Funk” before their handful of 45s fell completely out of vogue and made their journey to thrift shops and cut-out distributors. 
At the dawn of the century, Josh Davis (AKA DJ Shadow) tracked Mickey and his Soul Generation down for the purpose of reissuing their recordings on his upstart Cali-Tex label. “Mickey and the Soul Generation are my favorite funk band,” Davis wrote in 2002. “They were strong contenders for the title from my very first listen back in ’92. ‘Iron Leg’ being the standout track on an otherwise flaccid jazz-funk compilation of the day. Already a favorite rare-groove selection in the ever-accepting UK club scene, I too found myself buoying my bedroom DJ sets with snatches of the irresistible Soul Generation Sound. It became an instant priority of mine to locate an original.” That 2003 reissue was met with critical praise, and ultimately turned a new generation of music lovers onto rare funk and soul. Numero has gone back to the scene of the crime and re-canvased for new leads, helping Davis expand on his original work, with updated liner notes, tons of newly discovered photos, and a previously unreleased track.
01. Iron Leg 14. Soulful Sickness
02. Football 15. U.F.O.
03. Up the Stairs and Around the Bend 16. Hey, Brother Man
04. Give Everybody Some 17. Southern Fried Funk (1st Movement)
05. Joint Session 18. Southern Fried Funk (2nd Movement)
06. Live Demo - Hey, Brother Man 19. U.F.O. (Demo)
07. The Whatzit 20. Listen (To The Cry Of The People)
08. Get Down Brother 21. The Get Down (Live)
09. Mystery Girl 22. Working On Your Love (Live)
10. Message From a Black Man 23. Help (I Need Your Love) (Live)
11. Chocolate 24. Why You Wanna Leave Me (Live)
12. How Good is Good 25. Life's A Mystery (Live)
13. We Got to Make a Change 26. Hey, Brother Man (Demo)
Slave Vows
02. Don't Let Me Save Your Soul
03. Marathon Man
04. Dead Body
05. No Money Music
06. City Job
07. Laying Down For The Man
08. Rats Ass
 "Just when you think you’ve fallen out of love with The Icarus Line, they fuck you up all over again." 9/10 Drowned in Sound

"a perfect reintroduction to The Icarus LIne and an album which walks the wild side with instinctive ease and righteous fury." 4/5 Kerrang

"the never disappoint" 4/5 Mojo 

"This album captures all the raw power of one of their sweat soaked hard-hitting live shows. No mean feat. It’s music to kill to, or fuck to, or both." Trebuchet

"the most unified Icarus Line album to date, and their best since 2004’s breakthrough Penance Soiree." 8/10 The Line Of Best Fit

"It is what it is: a passionate, purposeful and wonderfully presented collection of combustive rock songs." 8/10 Clash
Los Angeles hellions Icarus Line release of their fifth studio album, Slave Vows on 22nd July via Agitated.
In the lead up to the release, the band have trailered the album with a series of teaser videos via Quietus, featuring album tracks "Marathan Man", "City Job", "Don't Let Me Save Your Soul", "Dead Body" and "Dark Circles" as the soundtrack.
Whether you know it yet or not, you need Slave Vows in your life. A masterpiece of wracked, sordid and vital rock’n’roll, it’s the sound of a spirit that won’t be extinguished – the sound of four young men channelling their darkest, most honest selves and letting loose a righteous, decadent wave of noise that’ll blow the lightweight, inconsequential indie-rock and opportunist pop out of your life forever. This isn’t an album you simply listen to; it’s an album you bow down and pledge allegiance to, a statement of no-bullshit resistance, the latest and greatest statement from a group who never met a bridge they didn’t wanna burn.
Anger, they say, is an energy, but energy counts for nothing unless you know how to wield it correctly. The Icarus Line have spent a decade and change mastering that energy, manifesting via retina-scarring, pulse-quickening live performances ever on the edge of total collapse and often tumbling into brilliance, via well-publicised pranks at the expense of corporate rock’s sacred cows (that time they graffiti-ed The Strokes’ tourbus, that time they stole Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar, that time they published Fred Durst’s cellphone number on the affiliated website Buddyhead), and – most potently – via four albums of sleek, sulphurous punk-rock that stoked their rage into a righteous, seductive party.
Slave Vows, their fifth album, is also their best yet. The Stoogian roar of a band that refuses to die, it captures Cardamone and his charges at their most alive, across songs that slither, lash and rise into venomous crescendos, dark and heroic and seductive and seething. Recorded at Cardamone’s own Valley Recording Company studio in Burbank, California, it distils The Icarus Line’s past, present and future into 8 tracks and 45 minutes of profoundly uncompromised rock’n’roll hurtling from the malevolent glower of opener ‘Dark Circles’, to the slow, corrosive ooze of ‘Marathon Man’, to the savage explosion of ‘Dead Body’, to the Sabbath-plays-Funkadelic writhe of ‘Rat’s Ass’.
Tomorrowland Blues
(Cauldron 333)
01. In My Blood
02. End Of Days
03. Tomorrowland Blues
04. Freak Train
05. Selling My Things
06. Sidewinding
07. Before It's A Crime
08. Your Money
09. Used To Me
10. Your Mama Was A Grifter
“The perfect blend of Black Sabbath and Valley of the Dolls” –LA Weekly
" This debut overflows with sleazy blues-rock and bursts with trailer-park strut; it sounds exactly like the girls were produced – and seduced – by Russ Meyer." Classic Rock

Star & Dagger are good friends Sean Yseult (White Zombie), Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell) and the sublime vocalist Von Hesseling playing heavy smokin blues rock.
They release their debut album, Tomorrowland Blues - recorded at Rancho de la Luna, produced by Ethan Allen and Dave Catching  (Eagles of Death Metal), and mastered by J. Yuenger (White Zombie) – on 22nd July via Cauldron 333. 
Watch their first video, Your Mama Was a Grifter, a scandalous bit of art trash filmed in glorious black and white by master director Art Haynie. Inspired by old chain gang songs, the video makes reference to many a film - Night of the Hunter, Cleopatra, and even the old Batman TV series – but is essentially a tongue in cheek homage to Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
The band was formed with auspicious beginnings: Sean and Dava were drinking late one night with the legendary Lenny Kaye (garage-rock historian and longtime Patti Smith collaborator) and he declared: "You two must start a band, I see it!" They took his word and set to it.
Layering dense guitars onto a heavy groove, strung together by Von's towering vocals, which have the soul and presence of Tina Turner, Cherie Currie, Anita Pallenberg and Rob Halford all at once.
The band has recently attracted much attention, selling out their first show in LA as well as opening for High on Fire, Helmet, Eagles of Death Metal, Down and Saint Vitus.
Star & Dagger's first 12”, In My Blood emerged a few months ago on the boutique label, Last Hurrah Records. 
15-Jul Gauntlet Hair Stills Dead Oceans
15-Jul Iron Leg The Complete Mickey & The Soul Generation Numero
22-Jul Icarus Line Slave Vows Agitated
22-Jul Star & Dagger Tomorrowland Blues Megaforce
29-Jul Various Eccentric Soul:The Bandit Label Numero
29-Jul Express Rising Express Rising Numero
12-Aug Julianna Barwick Nepenthe Dead Oceans
19-Aug Superchunk I Hate Music Merge
19-Aug Crocodiles Crimes Of Passion Zoo Music
24-Sep Carlton Melton Always Even Agitated
19-Sep NL Amsterdam Winston
20-Sep BE Antwerp Trix
w/ White Manna + Psychic Ils
21-Sep BE Kortrijk De Kreun
w/ White Manna + Psychic Ils
22-Sep NL Tilburg Incubate Festival
24-Sep UK Brighton Green Door Store
w/ White Manna
25-Sep UK London Lexington
w/ Kandodo
26-Sep UK Bristol Exchange
w/ Telesscopes
27-Sep UK Liverpool Liverpool Psych Fest
Camp & Furnace
28-Sep UK Glasgow 13th Note
w/ Cosmic Dead
29-Sep UK Leeds Mono All-Dayer @ Brudenell
w/ Mugstar, White Manna,
Hookworms, Cold Pumas and more
02-Oct D Berlin Auster Club
w/ White Manna
03-Oct DK Copenhagen Stengade
w/ White Manna
04-Oct NO Oslo Blitz
w/ White Manna
05-Oct SE Stockholm Pysch Fest
w/ The Oscillation and Carlton Melton
Always Even' is released on 24th September via Agitated
29-Nov – 1-Dec UK Camber Sands  All Tomorrow's Parties
'End of an Era Pt. 2'
22-Aug UK Chester The Compass
23-Aug UK Newcastle The Cluny 2
24-Aug UK Glasgow Broadcast
25-Aug UK Edinburgh Sneaky Petes
26-Aug UK Norwich Norwich Art Centre
27-Aug UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
28-Aug UK Manchester The Ruby Lounge
29-Aug UK London Seabright Arms
30-Aug UK Bristol Start the Bus
31-Aug UK Larmer Tree End of the Road
02-Sep UK Brighton Sticky Mike's
03-Sep FR Paris Le Nouveau Casino
05-Sep CH Zurich Elmo Delmo
06-Sep CH La Tour-de-Peilz NOX ORAE
07-Sep ES San Sebastian kutxa kultur festibala @ igeldo amusement park
10-Sep IT Milan Indie Summer Party @ Magnolia
11-Sep IT Turin Blah Blah
12-Sep IT Rome Black Out Rock ClubVia Casilina
13-Sep IT Padova Looop
14-Sep IT Marina di Ravenna Hana Bi
16-Sep AT Vienna Arena / Dreiraum
17-Sep AT Linz Posthof
19-Sep D Berlin Privatclub
20-Sep D Hamburg Indra
22-Sep DK Aarhus Radar
23-Sep DK Copenhagen Stengade 30
24-Sep NO Oslo Café Mono
25-Sep SE Stockholm Debaser Slussen
26-Sep FIN Helsinki Club Hori Smoku” @ Kuudes Linja
27-Sep SE Malmo Debaser
29-Sep NL Tilburg 13
30-Sep BE Brussels Rotonde Botanique
Crimes Of Passion' is released 19th August via Zoo Music
06-Aug UK London The Islington
Death Rattle Boogie' is OUT NOW via Hellsquad / Forte
27-Sep UK London The Dome
28-Sep UK Liverpool Psych Fest
(Trouble In Mind Stage)
Fuzz' is released on 7th October via In The Red
22-25-Aug UK Cardross Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival
Of This And Other Worlds' is OUT NOW via Rise Above Records
29-Aug UK London St Giles Church
01-Sep UK Dorset End of The Road
Nepenthe' is released 19th August via Dead Oceans
Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
30-Aug UK Cambridge Lodestar Festival
01-Sep IRE Dublin Electric Picnic
Ripley Pine' is OUT NOW via Ba Da Bing Records
30-Nov UK Camber Sands ATP - End of An Era
25-Jul PT Lisbon Musicbox
26-Jul PT Barcelos Milhoes De Festa Festival
29-Jul ES Madrid El Sol
30-Jul ES San Sebastian Surfilm Festival
02-Aug PL Katowice OFF Festival
03-Aug NL Venlo Zomerparkfeest
04-Aug FR Binic Binic Festival
05-Aug FR Lorient Le Galion
06-Aug FR Bordeaux Relache Caserne Niel
07-Aug FR Paris Le Gibus
08-Aug D Haldern-Rees Haldern Pop Festival
09-Aug NO Oslo Oya Festivalen
10-Aug SE Gothenburg Way Out West Festival
11-Aug DK Copenhagen Pumpehuset
12-Aug D Hamburg Hafenklang
13-Aug NL Nijmegen Doornroosje
14-Aug NL Groningen Vera
15-Aug BE Hasselt Pukkelpop
16-Aug NL Biddinghuizen Lowlands Festival
17-Aug UK Skipton Beacons Festival
18-Aug UK Crickhowell Greenman Festival
19-Aug UK London Lexington
MCII' is OUT NOW via Merge Records
9-11- Aug UK Braziers Park Supernormal Festival
29-Nov – 1-Dec UK Camber Sands  All Tomorrow's Parties
'End of an Era Pt. 2'
I Hate Music' is released on 19th August via Merge Records
13-Aug UK Edinburgh Liquid Room
14-Aug UK Belfast Limelight
15-Aug IRE Dublin Button Factory
16-Aug IRE Cork Cyprus Avenue
18-Aug UK Wales Green Man Festival
The Seer' is OUT NOW via Young God Records
23-25-Aug UK Reading/ Leeds Reading/ Leeds Festival
20-Nov FI Helsinki Hartwell Arena
22-Nov SE Stockholm Friends Arena
24-Nov NO Oslo Telenor Arena
26-Nov DK Copenhagen Forum
28-Nov NL Amsterdam Ziggo Dome
30-Nov D Dortmand Westfalenhalle
02-Dec F Paris Bercy
04-Dec D Frankfurt Festhalle
07-Dec CZ Prague O2 Arena
10-Dec UK London O2 Arena
12-Dec UK Belfast Odyssey Arena
14-Dec UK Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
16-Dec UK Glasgow Hydro
18-Dec UK Manchester Arena Manchester Arena
20-Dec UK Birmingham LG Arena
22-Dec UK Birmingham National Indoor Arena
Mind Control' is OUT NOW via Rise Above
01-Aug D Berlin Kantine
02-Aug PL Katowice Off Festival
03-Aug A Vienna Flex
04-Aug D Nürnberg Folk im Park
06-Aug D Köln King Georg
07-Aug CRO Šibenik Terraneo festival
10-Aug FIN Helsinki Flow Festival
14-Aug L Luxemburg Exit07
15-Aug FR Paris Plage de Glazart
16-Aug FR St Malo La Route du Rock
18-Aug UK Crickhowell Greenman Festival
19-Aug UK London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
Bend Beyond' is OUT NOW via Woodsist
27-Jul UK Slaidburn, Lancashire Cloudspotting
Stephen Park
18-Aug UK Skipton Beacons Festival
14-Oct MA Boston Brighton Music Hall*
15-Oct CA Montreal Cabaret Mile End*
16-Oct CA Tortonto Lee's Palace*
17-Oct MI Detroit Magic Stick Lounge*
18-Oct OH Columbus Ace of Cups*
19-Oct PA Pittsburgh Altar*
* w/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Fain' is OUT NOW via Jagjaguwar
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