Hi everyone,

That was a tough loss to swallow yesterday, but it appears as if this team is finally on the right track. Despite the fact that the Bills had, at times, five rookies on the field defensively, they gave the Patriots all they could handle, and almost pulled off the upset. Sure, there is no such thing as a moral victory in the NFL, but I think the Bills -- and us fans, too -- should see a lot of good things coming out of this game.

The turnout at the Harp yesterday was great! We're interested in your opinion of the new location for the buffet. Please let us know if it worked (or didn't) for you; any and all suggestions are welcome. And , if anyone has pictures from yesterday's tailgate for the photo gallery, please send them along.

Next Week: Squish The Rotten Stinkin' Full-Of-Mularkey Fish!!!

Sabres vs. Bruins 10/21

The Sabres will be facing off against the Bruins at the Garden on October 21, at 7 pm. We are putting together a group to go to the game. If you are interested, please reply to this email ASAP with the number of tickets you would like. Once we get an approximate count, we will send out specific pricing information.

Thanks... and Go Bills!