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5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria, Organizer: Via Expo
Solutions for the smart development of cities are changing very fast. While some countries are keen pioneers in environmental policy and sustainability, others have to adapt their experience. In today's digital world exhibitions and conferences still reman the place for face-to-face contacts and
introduction of the latest technologies.
In the February newsletter we include: 
 Interview with the Conference speaker Ralph Gambetta, Head of Promotion, Calypso Networks Association, Belgium
 Interview with Gábor Heves. He will promote the Smart Cities Information System at the Exhibition.
Take advantage of the Early Bird Conference Fee till 26 February
Hear the speakers from the Covenant of Mayors, American Institute of Architects, Buildings Performance Institute Europe, Big Data Value Association, Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, etc.
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Parallel events: EE & RE and Save the Planet (Waste Management)
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‘We expect an overall strong development of the IT sector in SE Europe. The combination of the rapid adoption of foreign technologies and many local companies that provide IT systems contribute for the progress in this part of Europe'
Dear Mr. Gambetta, what are the main activities of Calypso Networks Association and in what areas is your standard implemented? What are your major successful examples?
Calypso Networks Association founded in 2003 with its headquarters in Brussels gathers operators, authorities, ministries, suppliers, consultants, service providers implementing Calypso, an open technology developed through an EU project, assuring a high security level for contactless transactions and providing technical interoperability between networks in a multi-service eco system. Being in full respect of international standards Calypso is the only technology providing technical interoperability between networks assuring multi supplier environment from the level of the IC provider upwards. More than 130 smart ticketing schemes worldwide have adopted Calypso technology. Among these schemes that serve millions of users daily are Lisbon, Paris, Porto, Nice, Naples, Brussels, Mexico City, Montreal, Casablanca, Jerusalem, Riga, Milan and many more cities. To read the full interview, click  here.
'Smart Cities Information System' could be of great use to the Balkan countries and we invite all municipal representatives, urban planners, municipal energy companies and others interested local stakeholders to join the online community.'
Please present in brief the initiative Smart Cities Information System - what are its aims and priorities?
The Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) aims to bring together project developers, cities, institutions, industry and experts from across Europe to exchange data, experience and know-how and to collaborate on the creation of smart cities and an energy-efficient urban environment.  The SCIS knowledge base presents results and best practices from smart cities projects under the CONCERTO initiative and the smart cities calls in Horizon 2020 to promote replication. With focus on smart cities, energy efficiency, transport and mobility, and ICT, SCIS showcases solutions in the fields of sustainable building and district development, renewable energy sources for cities, energy efficiency and low-carbon technology applications.
How will it affect the positive development of the smart cities sector?
SCIS intends to accelerate the uptake of innovations and the speed of energy-efficient urban renewal. The European Commission has already spent significant funds on demonstration projects in the field of urban energy efficiency – primarily in the framework of the CONCERTO Initiative. To read the full interview, click  here
The International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance IBESA is the first international network of excellence in the field of battery and energy storage that enables an international and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge.
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