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IAHF List: I'm writing this from a Super 8 Motel room in Walnut, IOWA en route from Blacksburg Virginia to the new IAHF office in Point Roberts, Washington. IAHF's Washington DC Operations Manager Maury Silverman is navigating and riding shotgun, and we've been on the road for 4 days now driving a 26' Diesel U-Haul truck, towing my car behind.

The only eventful part of the trip thus far occurred on our first day when we were both dog tired from loading the truck and I was still getting used to driving a standard shift which I haven't done in a few years. We pulled into a Walmart parking lot in West Virginia but the restaurant we had hoped to eat at was closed. So we headed down a road that seemed like it led back to the highway, but it turned out not to- it led up a mountain, and paralleled the highway, but didn't lead to it. At the top of a hill there was a sign with a "no trucks" sign.

There was a field that Maury thought we'd have enough swinging room to turn around in, but there wasn't and I jackknifed the trailer and couldn't go forward or back up. The truck's front wheel was up against a steep dirt embankment, and we couldn't get the car down off the trailer in order to uncouple it so as to be able to back the truck because the trailer ramps were wedged underneath the car.

The cell phone hadn't been charged, so we couldn't call for help, so I walked several miles out to the nearest phone and called Triple A, which sent a guy who helped us get unstuck. By the time we got rolling again and found a motel it was 2:30 am.

Since this inauspicious start, we've made good progress truckin' west. After West Virginia, we had stays in Kentucky, Indiana, then last night here in IOWA where a cold front has rolled in from Canada and its cold enough to snow. Hopefully we won't see any snow this trip, but we could, especially when crossing he higher elevations in the Grand Tetons while crossing Wyoming. Today we hope to make it into South Dakota. When we get to Idaho, we hope to connect with naturopath George Freebot, who is an expert on bioxidative therapies. Maury has some books to give him. Freebot is a wealth of information re a host of suppressed alternative therapies.

When we cross Washington State I hope to reconnect with Leanne Wylett from the IAHF list. Leanne runs a group called Patients for Alternative Medicine and I visited her home in Wenatchee the last time I crossed the country a couple years ago. In Seattle Maury plans on reconnecting with a lot of movement contacts.


I've been in a 4 year long distance relationship with Candace Hill of Surrey, BC Canada. We're finally going to be together, and it will be much easier running IAHF with her help. We have big plans for things we'd like to do to expand IAHF on both sides of the US/Canadian border and around the world, and she'll be a huge help. Candace is a professional photographer, an accomplished public speaker who has done Toastmasters and several radio shows. She's had articles published on health freedom issues, particularly exposing the dangers of vaccinations, and she has 14 years of experience working in health food stores. She's been taking courses with the intention of becoming a Naturopath, and has done many workshops as a health educator. She is a highly motivated person with a real desire to help roll this health freedom boulder uphill.

We plan on getting a good used VW Vanagon, a VW Van with a popup roof that's equipped for camping, and we plan on putting a Power Point Presentation together along with a Flip Chart and other educational materials, perhaps including a videotape to educate people about the enormous global threat posed by Codex and the WTO to consumer access to dietary supplements.

We're working closely with Croft Woodruff, President of a new Canadian vitamin trade association that has broken free of the Pharma Controlled CHFA and we intend to start a similar breakaway group in the USA since none of the trade associations in America can be trusted due to Dennin's (Pfizer's) influence.

The September issue of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals has announced Dennin's supposed "retirement" from Capsugel, but states that he's going to "continue chairing IADSA." This is bullshit. All it is is spin against IAHF's message and against the IADSA Exposed Website which Dennin/Pfizer had blasted out of cyberspace prior to Expo East vitamin trade show in September. The site was at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com but they had it removed, so we've since put it back up in multiple locations on the web including http://www.iahf.com/iadsa

Dennin has "retired" from Pfizer about like Dick Cheney has "retired" from Halliburton. What most likely happened was that Pfizer had a huddle with Dennin about how to "handle" the exposure generated by my IADSA EXPOSED website, and they most likely decided to have Dennin "retire" (with a golden parachute) as long as he would keep doing their bidding of leading the industry to the cliff via IADSA, which as noted before is doing the exact OPPOSITE of what they CLAIM to be doing. (As evidenced by their doing nothing to protect New Zealand from harmonization to Australia, and as evidenced by their total opposition to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive- a directive which they WANTED to see pass into law.

Similarly, they're not doing a THING to try to stop a finalized Codex vitamin standard from being rammed through, they're only going through the MOTIONS- PRETENDING to oppose it, and members of NNFA are being lied to on a huge scale about everything IADSA is in FACT doing.

IADSA was created SPECIFICALLY To counter all the work IAHF has been trying to do since '96 to awaken the grass roots world wide. At a Codex meeting in Berlin in '98, Simon Pettman IADSA's Brussel's based lobbyist walked all the way across the upper deck of the conference room during a break specifically for the purpose of dropping an IADSA leaflet directly into my lap. He didn't stick around to chat amiably or anything like that when he did this, he issued a malevolent look of CHALLENGE, spun on his heels like the Nazi swine that he is, and walked back across the conference room.

IADSA has UN NGO Status. IAHF does not, and never will because IAHF openly opposes the bogus institution of the so called "United Nations" and the UN will not grant NGO status to any entity which openly opposes them.

IAHF has been permanently banned from ever attending a UN Codex meeting in Germany again because in '98 I pissed off the German government by videotaping part of the meeting without authorization from Herr Grossklaus, the Nazi Cartel swine who runs these meetings. He stopped the whole meeting to force me to turn my camcorder off, but I didn't mind because I got what I was after, PROOF POSITIVE that these meetings are NON TRANSPARENT.

What is needed is enough demonstrators to shut these meetings down, to block traffic so people can't even get into the buildings where they take place, but that won't happen til we generate the awareness necessary to trigger Seattle Scaled protests world wide over this vitamin issue.

That's where IAHF comes in, and we need your help. We're going to be turning IAHF into a membership organization, something its never been despite having a heavy grass roots aspect since its inception.

We're going to create a "Members Only" section of the website where you will get a passcode to get in after paying dues. We need this revenue to do this work in the way that is obviously badly needed as evidenced by the near total lack of industry support for the ANH lawsuit on this side of the Atlantic.

We all did a good job to get the ANH lawsuit filed on time, but now we need to sustain it and that's going to take a lot of very hard work.

Candace and I pledge to do all in our power to awaken the industry on both sides of the US Canadian border from the new IAHF office in Point Roberts Washington which is located right on the BC Canada border.

When I get to my new home in Point Roberts it will be the first time I've ever owned a home, I've been renting all my life up til now. I was only able to buy this house because of an inheritance. My grandfather grew up dirt poor in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Tennessee. His father was a teenage medic in the Confederate Army during the Civil War who learned to read from a copy of Gray's Anatomy while dressing wounds on the battlefield.

After the war, he returned to the small village in the mountains that was his home, and the townspeople made him the doctor by popular demand, because no one else knew how. He was a self taught Naturopath who learned to use herbs from the Indians and from the Scots/Irish settlers of the region, mostly women who'd brought a knowledge of herbs over from Europe. My Grandfather helped him to tend the sick in the local "hospital" which was their house, and when people were too sick to be transported overland to their house for care, they traveled through the hills on packmules to deliver babies on kitchen tables, do emergency appendectomies, splint broken legs, stitch wounds, and a host of other things. They made herbal tinctures, and learned to administer them. My grandfather learned to do emergency surgery at age 12.

The school teacher at the one room schoolhouse had difficulty keeping my grandfather supplied with books as he was a voracious reader who'd read every book in existence for miles around. It was hard for him to get books because many in his region in the Appalachians were illiterate and could not read.

The schoolteacher recognized LP Holmes as a child prodigy and took up a collection amongst the townspeople, and they handed him a hat full of money telling him "Palmer, leave these hills and don't come back til ya make us proud."

He rode out of the hills on a pack mule and got a scholarship to attend Vanderbilt University where he got straight As in a premed curriculum, then he graduated from Medical school at John's Hopkins, specializing as a radiologist, a medical field then in its infancy. He quit his membership in the AMA after seeing how full of shit they are.

He set up a medical practice in Augusta Georgia where my mom was born. Mom was an only child and she never touched a penny of her inheritance. She willed it all to my three brothers and I.

I never knew my grandfather, but remember him holding me in his lap. He died the month I was born in the house I grew up in in New Jersey after comin up from Georgia to see his newest grandson. I inherited his pocketwatch, and every time I wind up that old time piece, I feel a sense of responsibility to a group of people who made it possible for me to be making this move to Point Roberts, a group of very humble folks in east Tennessee, who could scarcely scratch two cents together, but who had one hell of a lot of pride.

I pray to God for guidance as I carry on with this move westward. So far the U-Haul truck is running smoothly. We're checking the oil and coolant regularly at each fuel stop. Yesterday we went through the biggest Truck Stop in the World at Walcott IOWA.

Today we're hoping to make it across South Dakota and into Wyoming. When we reach Point Roberts, we'll immediately swing into motion resetting up the IAHF office. Before making this trip I put all the spare change I had into wrappers and cashed it in at the bank. Got damn near enough money to pay for the Diesel fuel. Had to break my ass cleaning down on my hands and knees to get my security deposit back on the trailor I'd been renting back in Blacksburg, but we got the place clean and I got the whole thing back, so that helped me make this move too.

Donations are always appreciated and badly need by IAHF. Please make a donation and help us take this flying circus to the next level- help us turn it into a membership organization, and together, we can keep rolling this boulder uphill.

All of you who have already donated will be grandfathered in as members once we begin formally as a membership organization, ditto for anyone who makes a donation now. We're also looking for ideas and input on what you would like IAHF to become, how you would like to see it organized and run. How much do you think dues should be? We need to ponder that. Right now IAHF is set up as an LLC, a Limited Liability Company. One thing it will NEVER become is a 501 C3 non profit organization because the Feds could learn too much about our support base that way and none of us would benefit from that. Screw the Feds, friggin' revenuers have always been the historical enemies of my moonshinin' forbears.

They're our enemies, and I'm not about to play the game their way.

IAHF will never stop being a radical organization.

If you'd like to kick in to help pay for our diesel fuel, and other road expenses from relocation, please send a donation to:

IAHF c/o John Hammell
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, Washington

Leanne- also Gayle- what are your phone numbers again?
When I cross Idaho and also Washington, maybe we could have lunch or something.Would be good to see both of you again. Maury and I are hoping to connect with George
Freebot in Idaho, Gayle do you know him?


From the IAHF Flyin' Circus, on the road again....
We may be down, but we're NEVER OUT. Toll free number remains the same, 800-333-2553. If you need to reach me on my cell phone while I'm traveling, the number is 540-557-7474

PS We put the IAHF website on the side of the U-Haul truck with duct tape in huge letters, along with "Honk if you Hate the FDA!!" We've been hearin' a lot of honks, and lotsa folks been given us the high sign.
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World