Don't Abandon Those Whose Votes Were Stolen, Ron.

New Hampshire's first seal, created in 1775, consisted of a pine tree, a fish, and a set of five arrows. The arrows stood for the five counties at the time, while the pine tree and fish represented the state's major economic resources. In 1784, when the state's new constitution became effective, the legislature decided to change the seal to keep up with the changing times. The coastal town of Portsmouth had become a thriving ship building center, and the legislature wanted to portray this industry. So, with a rising sun in the background, the new design would feature a ship on stocks. However, as time went on, this 1784 design became a victim of artists' whims and fancies. The scene continually changed. People appeared on docks, and barrels of rum materialized. In 1931, the legislature voted to regain control of the seal's design. Today, the seal is unchanging. The frigate Raleigh, one of the first ships that the Constitutional Congress authorized for the nation's navy, graces the center of the seal. The date on the bottom of the seal now reads 1776. The rum barrels are gone, the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean, and a wreath of laurel frames the entire scene.

IAHF List: Jim Condit Jr. of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count spent 12 hours of very hard work to put together the following 10 minute You Tube in an effort to communicate a very sobering message to Dr. Ron Paul that I am hoping in all sincerity that the good doctor will be able to truly hear and fully embrace before our Republic gets sucked down the tubes via election fraud which he is currently doing nothing to address. 

Dr. Paul can't have it both ways. He can't claim to be a bonafide Champion of the Constitution if he's just going to pay lip service to defending it. We need his leadership RIGHT NOW in the face of the RAMPANT election fraud we're witnessing right now in this country. Its all spelled out, right here. Please join me in praying that Ron Paul will have the same level of strength that Dennis Kucinich and formerly unknown Republican Al Howard are showing us all right now in New Hampshire- for they are risking their LIVES in defense of our RIGHT to have our votes counted accurately.

As reported by Bev Harris, who is also risking HER life there on the ground in NH to monitor the recount, flagrant tampering has already occurred with numerous cardboard ballot boxes that were slashed open by black ops goons who are not surprisingly striking at the heart of our Republic, and the (criminal/traitor) Secretary of State of New Hampshire (William M. Gardner) is not even keeping the ballots locked up in a vault (!!!)

They're in an unsecured room inside the State Archives building at 71 S. Fruit St., Concord, New Hampshire where it would be all too easy for a Black Ops team to move in on them between now and tuesday morning when the recount resumes after the Martin Luther King monday holiday. If this pisses you off as much as it does me, please call the New Hampshire State Police at 603-271-3636 and tell them to do two things: 1) Arrest the Secretary of State, and 2) Guard that building with their lives. See Bev's field report from 1/17 at

Earlier this evening, I had a tip from a citizen who was staking out the Parking Lot at the Archives building that two suspicious vehicles, a Silver Chevy Impala and a White Chevy Window van had been mysteriously parked in the back of the Parking Lot out of sight of the street from at least 5 pm til around midnight when he grew too tired to continue surveillance. He asked me to call the NH State Police to urge them to investigate, which I did. I gave the state police the plate numbers on these cars. He could not call them himself due to something strange that I can't go into that happened earlier in the day. His life is in danger now, but so is ALL of ours if we don't FACE this situation and stop living in denial:

I am sending this to you at 5 am because I can't sleep. Its very important you forward this widely, Condit is asking hard questions here that Ron Paul, and all of us, must ponder because if we all don't work together NOW against this phony rigged, hacked election- we're just going to have another dictator installed on us like the last time. Its time to stop buying into the obvious ILLUSION that we're witnessing a bonafide "election" right now. Its time to call a spade, a spade because with rigged voting machines, NONE of our votes count- the election is being stolen by computer programmers and hacked voting machines that should never have been used.

If we fail to do so, we'll be digging our own graves- but if we ACT, and ACT NOW, we just MIGHT save our country from its planned destruction, and snatch VICTORY from the jaws of DEFEAT. Ron Paul must stop fostering the illusion that we're witnessing a bonafide election. What we're seeing unfold here is an obvious SCAM, and he MUST blow the whistle! This is NOT some PR game, this is REALITY, and its NOT a drill:

South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul by

Jim Condit Jr. of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count:

Ellen Bukstel & Nancy Wuerzberger perform a very timely song..... "I lost my vote"..... lets hope RP listens along with us....

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please call every state campaign office for Ron Paul plus his National Campaign office and ask them to urge Ron Paul to stop pretending we're witnessing a bonafide election when its so painfully obvious that we're not. Please ask him to stand up for all of us against this fraud. If you know anyone who knows him personally and who can deliver this message to him personally, please utilize those contacts immediately before its too late. I have been doing my best in that regard myself but its very hard to get any message to someone who is as snowed as Ron is. You'll find all the numbers and email addresses of the campaign here: 

I quit all Ron Paul meetup groups I was in due to total disgust about this situation, but I'd rejoin them all in a heartbeat if he'd just pay attention to this urgent message. I cannot in good conscience back a man who appears to me to not be fully behind his oath, and there is no way he can claim to be if he abandons the people of New Hampshire who were victims of obvious election fraud. Ditto for the Citizens of South Carolina, or any other state with a black box PrimaryHe must take the bull by the horns and face the situation head on, on National TV. I am praying that Ron will do the right thing here because I'd like very much to once again get behind him, and I know I'm not the only one out there who feels this way right now. "These are the times that try men's souls." (Thomas Paine: