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IAHF List: Below my comments please read the article about how chemtrails are screwing with our weather....

In a world gone mad, its good to know that there are still at least some pockets of sanity, and some simple things a person can do to counteract the NWO's satanic agenda which is to inventory the souls of men and women, and to turn us all into microchipped slaves, totally devoid of any free will, robotically genuflecting to the Borg much in the way that Obamatrons genuflect that that highly suspect false idol right now as they march in lockstep to his evil "politically correct" dictates.
A proposed law currently moving through the Belgian Parliament would allow children the right to decide for themselves whether or not they should be euthanized (killed) by medical personnel. Do you have your kids drinking sulfur? You should to protect them from chemtrails, and from the aluminum and numerous other toxins in the vaccines that you should never have allowed them to have.
(Currently under Belgian law, you must be 18 or older if you seek euthanasia, but with the gigantic rise in autism caused by aerial spraying of aluminum via geoengineering, combined with aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, combined with GMO foods, toxic food additives, and all the psych meds being pushed on kids at early ages theres been a massive explosion in autism, so they government wants to kill all these children, but they can't just do that, so they want to make it legal for kids under 18 to be able to check out without perental permission.
Help IAHF to counteract this culture of death by giving sulfur away to all your contacts, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.... commit a random act of kindness today by giving sulfur to everyone around you, and give the gift of LIFE, of OXYGEN, of STRESS REDUCTION and DETOXIFICATION!
The big push to legalize gay marriage has nothing to do with "equality" and everything to do with UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control. Kids are being systematically brainwashed in school to believe that chemtrails are "protecting us" from global warming which they are actually causing.... Kids are also being brainwashed in school to accept and embrace gay lifestyles so they will be like our gay "President".
Below my comments please read Dane Wigington's well researched article "Global Geoengineering- The Ever Changing Experiment" and let the level of biochemical attack that we're all undergoing with every breath we breath to sink fully into your consciousness.
Ask yourself how safe you and your family are as the ruling elite seek to fumigate us and rob us of the life giving oxygen that we need to be healthy, replacing it with aerosolized heavy metals and a slew of other toxins (see the complete list of crap being sprayed on us here in the left margin of Stop Spraying California  Do you want Alzheimers? Cancer?
Morgellons with its painful skin lesions- see
  I don't want cancer, Alzheimers, Morgellons, or any OTHER problems caused by all the toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, nanofibers, mycoplasma and other crap being sprayed on us, so I do many things to detox, I drink sulfur, bathe in epsom salts with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I take C to bowel tolerance, use zeolite, bentonite clay, chlorella, spirulina, kelp, bladderwrack and other seaweeds and I "sharpen the saw" with regular exercise.
Drinking sulfur twice a day also helps me keep the weight off because I'm pumping my body full of oxygen to help burn off fat cells while keeping all my cells very healthy. When you can pump oxygen into your cells, it pushes out all toxins including the crap being sprayed from the air. Want to fit into that bathing suit this summer, and have more energy for all that bike riding, swimming, hiking, etc? Drink sulfur twice a day, nothing could be simpler!

Global Geoengineering – The Ever Changing Experiment
Chemtrail News, Featured
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June 25, 2013  
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It is a challenge to predict the outcome of experiments that are being constantly altered. The saturation of the atmosphere with particles has specific and well documented effects. It forces a complete disruption of the hydrological cycle with a tendency toward CAUSING DROUGHT overall.
Dane Wigington

Numerous geoengineering patents state the expressed goal of creating artificial cloud cover by spraying nano particles of aluminum, barium, and other heavy metals into the stratosphere and/or troposphere.The ongoing saturation of the atmosphere with these moisture absorbing nano particles (desiccants) has created protracted drought in many regions around the globe. Blocking a percentage of the suns’ direct rays (GLOBAL DIMMING) is an expressed goal of the geoengineers.  
However, if the sprayed materials change, if the size of the particulates change, if the atmosphere becomes too overly saturated with moisture, or if there is a temporary reduction in the spraying, the outcome changes. Regions that have been experiencing years of protracted drought, can flip to constant deluge or vice versa. Nothing can be set in stone in regard to the ever changing experiment of global geoengineering. Currently, the WESTERN US IS LOCKED IN PROTRACTED DROUGHT while the much of the eastern US is receiving record rain.
Moisture that should have fallen in the west is, in effect, migrated east by constant spraying of geoengineering particulates. Much of this moisture eventually comes down in the eastern US. Some of the areas in the east that are now receiving record rain had record drought only a year ago. Europe is also experiencing “weather whiplash”, the DROUGHT AND FLOOD SCENARIO.
Changing Conditions
Though many still wish to argue the cause, the planet is getting warmer, and fast. As the planet warms, the atmosphere carries more water vapor. No matter how strong the drought causing effects of atmospheric nano particle particulates, DELUGES WILL INCREASE in conjunction with a warmer planet.
Atmospheric particulates and 911
The effect of the constant spraying of the atmosphere was truly REVEALED IN THE DAYS AFTER 9/11. The grounding of air traffic allowed a very unique opportunity to document profound atmospheric changes. There was an immediate increase in the clarity of the skies over the continental US, the daytime high temperatures rose significantly, and the nightime lows dropped significantly. This is exactly what would be expected with the temporary halting of the global geoengineering programs over our air space.
What Do They Have “Scheduled” For Our Weather?
The Global power structure owned “Weather Channel” has just released the long term forecast for the next three months (summer 2013). What do they have planned for the continental US? More of the same, or worse.
Blanket spraying of the Eastern Pacific off of the US west coast continues day in and day out. Any moisture that manages to make it over land gets heavily sprayed, greatly reducing the potential of precipitation in the Western US. If the constant spraying continues, protracted drought will only worsen in the west and the deluges in other parts of the Eastern US will continue.
In the last 7 years, the exact location in Northern California where I live is almost 200 inches short of the precipitation that should have been received over this time period based on historical averages. The historical average in my location is 69 inches annually, we have received an average of about 40 inches a year during the last 7 years. The decrease in rainfall has correlated closely with an increase in the intensity and frequency of the aircraft spraying of our skies and off of the US west coast in the pacific.
The Bottom Line
Geoengineering is truly wreaking havoc with the earths climate systems, decimating the atmosphere, and saturating the entire surface of the planet with toxic metals and chemicals.
Though the whole spectrum of human activity has done great damage to the environment and climate system, global geoengineering is the elephant in the room which is doing the most damage of all. Scientists and environmentalists seem all too willing to ignore or deny geoengineering, and the public at large has been blind to it due to constant media and societal conditioning. Its high time to break the mold of denial on this most critical issue, all is at stake.
Dane Wigington
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