June 2

Wade Battles Cancer
Wade has completed 10 rounds of chemotherapy. He had some allergy problems with one of the meds in his last treatment. They've dropped that one, but he'll continue to receive 2 others. It is a 3-day regimen each time. He has 2 more rounds to go. It makes him weak and gives him some problems with swelling in his hands, but after a few days he's back at it - wearing the guitar out, as he puts it. And he remains positive, "Everyday I'm up standing and walking around is a day that I'm closer to beating this thing."

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Colon Cancer Alliance

The alliance helps those families with living expenses, when medical expenses are leaving them strapped. Wade has appeared on two of their benefit shows.

Those who might wish to contribute to the Colon Cancer Alliance in honor of Wade can do so at this site:

No Friends' Fest This Year
June will be Wade's final month of chemotherapy. In December, even as late as April, no one - including Wade and has doctors - expected him to be able to keep the schedule that he's trying to keep this CMA Music Fest week, much less a fan party.   I told him we'd have a celebration Friends' Fest next June during CMA Music Fest week. We'll all miss it this year, but we'll be ready to welcome him back next year

WOWW! Subscriber Extra
The featured Subscriber Extra this month is a video file. Storme Warren, host of  Headline Country, a country music news program featured weekly on GAC-TV (Great American Country Television) interviewed Wade at his home for the show that aired on April 19th. This four minute clip comprises Wade's part of the show. 
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Just a reminder of the links you can access from our Links Page. You'll find links to interviews and reviews of Wade's outstanding album, Place to Turn Around. If you haven't browsed there recently, you might have missed something!

Wade's Appearance Schedule for CMA Music Fest Week  6/5 - 6/9
June 5 - Tuesday - Nashville Navy Show, Limelight, 201 Woodland St., Doors open at 4; show begins at 5. Wade is scheduled for 8 pm.  $20  

June 6 - Wednesday - Trent Willmon Live Album and DVD Taping at the Rutledge, 410 4th Ave. South, just a short walk from Broadway! Trent and Wade hope to see some smiling Wade fans there. You might be on camera. Wade will play lead guitar for one of Trent's songs. $20

June 7 - Thursday - 7 pm -Trent Willmon's 7th Annual Ropin' Pen Party and Celebrity Hi Stakes Team Roping at The Judge's Vinegaroon (1805 Church St.) Wade will be at the roping and concert.

June 8 - Friday - Ty Herndon's Fan Party, Noon - ?;  (Wade is scheduled for 2 pm) - The Cannery, One Cannery Row
Ticket Price: $40* (includes lunch)

June 9 - Saturday - Randy Owen Fan Club, Randy Owen Farm, Ft. Payne, AL.

June 11 - 11th round of chemo begins

Wade was magnificent. His voice was strong. He told the audience he was nervous and said he'd pick a little at the beginning to help his fingers stop shaking. We couldn't have told that at all if he hadn't revealed it. He did some of his hits and closed with the new song he's writing about "my little Wade at Lucysdrama."  I'm assuming the title will be a recurring refrain, "Is it time to move on?" Not a dry eye in the house.  Unfortunately, the sound went out of his mike midway through the song. That must have been unnerving. He was ready to quit right then, but the leader of the evening, Bobby Pinson, insisted that we wanted to hear the rest. With the sound fixed, he began at the second verse and finished it strongly. Everyone stood, cheered and clapped when Wade entered - and stood, cheered and clapped when he finished.

Interestingly, Luke Laird was the songwriter performing before him. He's an up and coming young songwriter, who's had cuts by big names and several number ones.  As Bobby said, he could play for another hour and do tunes that we all would know. Luke sat down at the mike and said, "I'm thrilled to be opening for Wade Hayes. I was a big fan when I was growing up, went to several of his concerts and had a Wade Hayes poster on my bedroom wall." How cool is that!


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If you don't have this in your collection, your missing a real gem. ThatNashvilleSound.com listed it as one of its top 10 albums of 2009 - "the most underrated album of the year."

In their review - "With apologies to Yogi Berra, it’s time to rediscover Wade Hayes for the first time. Place To Turn Around is everything that is great about indie records. Imagine hanging around your favorite honkytonk bar and hearing an artist singing great neo-traditional country music with acoustic guitars, fiddle and steel and buying an album at the side of the stage following the performance. And then imagine that the artist you were listening wasn’t some unknown band, but a road-tested Nashville songwriter and musician with many hits under his belt. That is the experience of listening to Wade Hayes brand new album" ..  Read More
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Two cuts from the McHayes Album have been added to iTunes and Amazon.com
Wade and Mark McClurg teamed together for a short time as the duo McHayes. Their album, Lessons in Lonely,  was not released to the public. (A shame, really, there was some great music on it.) iTunes and Amazon.com have added two cuts from that project. It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You, written by Trent Willmon, has Wade singing the lead and Mark doing the high harmony. The Wrong Kind of Right has Mark singing the lead and Wade doing the harmony.
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Wade Hayes Appearance Details
Wade has suspended travel and appearances while he's treated for cancer. He is now up to making short term performing schedules for the week that he doesn't have chemotherapy.