Soetoro's "Science Czar"  FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMP IN MICHIGAN..John Hammell in IAHF Office Eugenicist John Holdren
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Please see this article Deaths From Swine Flu Vaccine Reported In Europe  As you can see, the genocidal killers who seek to radically reduce world population, and to weaken and sicken as many of us as they can are pushing hell bent for leather to usher in their long desired New World Odor with the stench of rotting flesh, piles and piles of DEAD BODIES.
Ah yes, little Pink FEMA Caskets for You and paraphrase a John Mellencamp song.....
Ah yes, sportsfans..... the Pentagon wants US to KILL our BABIES...... & KILL ALL PREGNENT WOMEN with this BIOWEAPON the ruling elite are working OVERTIME to FOIST OFF ON US.
 If I were about to travel on the subway, get into a cab, a plane, train, or bus, and there was only ONE PRODUCT I could grab to protect myself from this weaponized swine flu as I ran out the door, it would be Jay Newman's OptiSilver 100(Watch the informative video at this link.)The reason is that with its enhanced, patended delivery system, being ionic silver complexed with citrate ions, it will even kill the MRSA virus, and antibiotic resistant Staph infections.
Activist Joel Lords called me today from Vancouver BC trying to line me up for an upcoming anti swine flu rally there next week. We're also going to be picketing the largest High School in Vancouver, and the largest Hospital with the intention of getting these flyers   out to as many people in my area as humanly possible! I'm going to do the same thing here in Point Robert WA where I live at our local Supermarket. When we go to the high school and the Hospital we're going to AMBUSH the Pro Vaccine Propagandists on VIDEO to put our "in their faces" brand of ACTIVISM on YOU TUBE as an EXAMPLE of HOW to FIGHT these GENOCIDAL KILLERS!!!
Please do the SAME where YOU live, because TOGETHER we're going to DERAIL the NWO's genocide agenda, while educating MILLIONS to the IMMENSE DANGERS of this FALSE FLAG FLU!!
Theres safety in NUMBERS. Forward this ALERT to all your friends and family. Direct them here to IAHF's recent archived e-alerts for info.  Also direct them to
Urge them all to order IAHF's Special Report and E-Book on How to Use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Healing Purposes.
These two pieces of information contain comprehensive instructions on all the things you can do to protect yourself, your family, friends and neighbors against this evil population control agenda.
To GET the IAHF Special Report and E-Book, send a minimum donation of $25. to IAHF via Paypal  or send a check or Money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. ** You MUST include your EMAIL ADDRESS with your order as the Special Report and E-Book will ONLY be sent by EMAIL.
Want to really ENCOURAGE IAHF so that John Hammell will make as many public speeches like THIS ONE as humanly possible? If you watch my Anti Swine Flu Vaccine Speech on You Tube  you will notice that my weight had ballooned to way behind what it was, or should be. You'll be glad that in the aftermath of making this speech, I was fortunate to discover the BEST WEIGHT LOSS PLAN a person could POSSIBLY find, and in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I lost 20 lbs (now 25 altogether so far).
An orthomolecular MD put me on a unique weight loss plan involving a novel natural substance that I inject into my abdomen every morning with a tiny insulin syringe and this totally safe substance makes the normally very HARD to break down abdominal bodyfat very EASY TO BURN AS CALORIES so it literally MELTS off!!! My weight had gotten up to 228 lbs, but in less than 2 weeks I got it down to 208, and its now at 204. My goal is to get it down to 185-190 within the NEXT 2 WEEKS just in time for the start of another season of Masters Swimming Competition, (and so my IMMUNE SYSTEM will be its ABSOLUTE STRONGEST over the coming WINTER so I won't get the weaponized False Flag Flu.
This novel substance that I inject into my abdomen is just ONE PART of this very cool, very effective weight loss plan. Want to see an email of how I look now that I'm doing this? Want COMPLETE INFO on this plan? You'll be very glad to know that if you do what I'm doing, not only will you have the EASIEST TIME you've EVER HAD trying to lose that hard to lose belly fat, but best of all, you'll have NO FOOD CRAVINGS and you'll be BURSTING WITH ENERGY that you can DIRECT AGAINST THE NWO AND BIG PHARMA LIKE A LASER BEAM!!!
Folks, when you have your HEALTH, you have just about EVERYTHING, and it doesn't MATTER so much that the world around us is going to HELL in a HANDBASKET. I feel GREAT right now, and you can TOO, but I'm behind on payin' my damn Property Taxes to the County, and I need DONATIONS, so if you want to see my current picture showing all the weight I've lost since doing This Speech on the Steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery  sent me $50 via PAYPAL to IAHF  and put "Super Weight Loss Program" in your request, and I'll zip that right off to you so you can do what I'm doing! Its VERY EASY, and you'll LOVE it!!
With Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease running rampant as the NWO tries to get us all to stuff our faces with fast food GARBAGE, we need EVERY WEAPON at our disposal to FIGHT BACK and STAY HEALTHY!! I couldn't in good conscience NOT make this effort to get down to my fighting weight of  185 because I like to WALK MY TALK when it comes to health.
It gives me GREAT PLEASURE to get this info out to as many of you as I possibly can, especially if in the process, I can get WHATCOM COUNTY off my ass for the back property taxes I owe those buggers.
Don't like PAYPAL TO IAHF, but STILL want this program? Send me $50. for the Weight Loss Report, and $25 for my Special Report and E Book ($75. total) to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA and be sure to include your email address. If you want BOTH the Weight loss Report and the SPECIAL Report + E-Book, please put the word "BOTH" in with your order.
If you can send IAHF $100. or more, I'll send you an ADDITIONAL FREE REPORT about how you can start up a Micropowered FM Radio Station not subject to FCC regulations to better BRING DOWN the TERRORISTS on the Hill!! (We're setting up such a "Pirate" station where I live, and we're calling it "The Bob- the VOICE of Point Roberts" We're gonna breath NEW LIFE into the Cascadian Independence movement to create our own COUNTRY because we're damn sick and tired here in Point Roberts of America and Canada. (If you move here to the Point to help us in our secession movement, I'll refund all money you've ever donated to IAHF, and you can use it to buy SEEDS, AMMO and GOLD!!)
Together WE CAN defeat BIG PHARMA and the NWO!!! They're MUGGABLE!!!