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Ever been in a marathon? Its nearly 2 am, can't sleep, decided to send out a message of hope because all of us as a group are doing a great job of rolling the boulder uphill with the effort to get donations in for the ANH lawsuit, and I just wanted to thank all of you for your efforts!!

Yesterday I spoke with Rob Verkerk. I could hear the fatigue in his voice. Its not easy working 18 hour days, week after week with no down time, but thats what this courageous man has been doing for all of us who use dietary supplements, and he is to be commended for the superb job he's doing of hanging in there against all odds.

When I was 12 years old, one summer an electrical storm vaporized my dad's ham radio antenna. I'll never forget it. It was a copper wire running from a tall oak tree in our yard to the top of a 150' tower in the far diagonal corner of our property about 500 feet away. The lightening jumped from the antenna to the power line to the telephone line and blew out the telephone protector block, a porcelain insulator.

It caught the ceiling on fire inside the house, and the house would have burned down if not for firemen who responded quickly and saved the house by wetting down the roof, while others ripped the burning ceiling down with fireaxes and put out the blaze from inside before the roof could catch fire.

Right now, all of us must strike like lightening against the pharma cartel, for time is running out on our access to dietary supplements- and we must not act like deer caught in the headlights- we must not FREEZE with panic and fear- we must act decisively by reaching out to as many people as possible, to alert them to the dire need to pump donations in to ANH via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org because we're coming down the home stretch.


Right now my fiancee is doing a vision quest in the sweat lodge on the Stollo reserve in Hope, British Columbia. She is praying for all of us to just hang in there with this momentous battle.

She is going without food or water for 3 days and two nights while praying and fasting. She is sending directed energy to all of us who are in this battle, channeling energy directly from our creator to help us all.

You can scoff if you want to, but I can feel her prayers. I am very sensitive to energy, and felt compelled to get up out of bed to write this to all of you.

Earlier today, I was dragging my ass. I felt really beat down from stress. I am allergic to wheat, and also to dairy- so what the hell did I do earlier like a damn fool? I ate a bunch of triscuit crackers and cheese, stuff I should avoid like the plague. Hammered me but good. Felt really depressed and lethargic, then drank a quart of water with MSM in it to counteract the foods I'm allergic to, and took a few grams of vitamin C and a lot of other nutrients.

I was feeling really down in part because someone on the IAHF list lit into me as if she thought she was God, being critical as hell about my whole approach to things and I wanted to wrap my hands around the bitchs neck and squeeze til her eyeballs popped out because any damn time any one of us, including me, points a finger of blame at anyone else, there are three fingers pointed back at ourselves. She unsubbed from the list after just laying on me a bunch of really accustational messages which I in no way appreciated, but which I also realize were well meant. She unsubbed after I told her that if she ever emailed me again, I'd just delete her shit unread.


This is a spiritual battle, a battle between good and evil. The Pharma Cartel, which has its tentacles deeply into the dietary supplement industry through the trade associations, is hell bent on tent pegging us and on crushing our access to supplements, but we're not going to let that happen.

We're going to rise up, and KEEP rising up, from NOW til the end of time.

The lawsuit IS going to be filed on time, and every day, each of us just has to do our best to get more people involved. Its a very imperfect world, and each of us has our human flaws. I sure as hell am not perfect, and don't pretend to be. I have one hell of a bad temper sometimes. When I used to be a boatbuilder, there were times when I'd go off and punch walls, throw wrenches and hammers at the wall, beat the crap out of some stranger in a bar just to blow off steam.

I've changed at least somewhat for the better since those days. Now I swim mostly instead of engaging in violence, and do a better job of channeling my aggression, but it will always boil away like lava inside a volcano, fueled by the awareness of all the needless suffering thats going on because all over the world inside the psychiatric gulag, people are being deprived of access to the healing nutrients that gave me back my life and make it possible for me to roll this boulder uphill today in the war against the cartel.

Can we win this epic battle? Damn straight we can, pass it on!!

KEEP THE DONATIONS COMING: http://www.alliance-natural-health.org
PLEASE KEEP FORWARDING INFO FROM THE ANH WEBSITE TO MORE PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY NETWORK MARKETERS- All of the multilevel vitamin companies are in severe jeopardy from the EU Food Supplement Directive and its international ramifications- we MUST stop the falling of the dominoes or all of these companies will be driven under. We have until October 15 to file the ANH lawsuit, but its going to cost a lot more money than we've raised so far to sustain it.

Please don't walk away now- we must hang in there til we WIN this thing!
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