IAHF List:
The purpose of this alert is to help you and your family be prepared, and to stay safe in the event of a govenment instigated ebola pandemic which they seem hell bent on triggering off right now!
It will be easier for you to stay calm and grounded while reading information of this sort if you are drinking sulfur water twice a day to neutralize acid caused by stress thats dumped into your small intestine! It will also help to strengthen your immune system to chelate all the heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails if you ingest sulfur which binds with them to pull them out of your body!
I am concerned that the people who have been weakening our immune systems by spraying us with toxic heavy metals, nanofibers, mycoplasma, ethylene dibromide, and other toxins could start adding ebola to this mix, and my purpose in writing today is to take a long hard look at different ways we can start protecting ourselves right now!
Although the CDC is publicly saying that "Ebola can't be transmitted through the air" only from "person to person contact", this study contradicts that!
The “Report from Iron Mountain” indicates that the ruling elite intend to engage in systematic efforts to cull the human herd and to impose a New World Order on us by instilling fear as a means of societal control.
See G. Edward Griffin’s interpretation of this Report from a chapter in his book “The Creature From Jekyll Island- Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. The Report was written in 1967, and President Johnson was livid when it was released to the public. A cover-up was immediately set into motion.
The CDC are the patent holders on Ebola. Why would they deliberately bring Ebola infected people to the USA from Africa ?
Did you know that Obama has signed an executive order that allows forcible quarantines of anyone exhibiting any type or respiratory disorder (except flu)?
The New American magazine predicts that the Federal Government intends to fight ebola "with tyranny" via forced quarantines and forced vaccinations.
Now the CDC is calling the spread of Ebola to the USA “inevitable” 
(In the aforementioned article, Mike Adams expresses several thoughts about survival in the face of this, I will be expanding on his ideas in this article.)
Could this be a deliberate effort to infect us with ebola to force mandatory quarantines on the population and to forcibly vaccinate people with a vaccine that the CDC holds the patent on even if the vaccine just spreads it further? (Don't let anyone force you to take an ebola vaccine, the whole concept of vaccination is fraudulent- Louis Pasteur capitulated on his death bed to Antoine Beuchamp his biggest critic, acknowledging that his germ theory of disease was incorrect!)
Could this be a big part of UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control, intended to trigger martial law, the forcible quarantining and vaccination of people, the relocation of people to FEMA camps via catalyzing widespread economic chaos intended to disrupt global commerce on a wide scale? I wrote these articles about Agenda 21 http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/agenda-21/ http://hartkeisonline.com/2012/12/04/chemtrails-conspiracy-educate-yourself/
Now we also have this new article "An Air of Danger- Why Are We Modifying Our Breathing Space?" by Rob Saint Laurent. In it he quotes information of mine from several years ago about how to protect ourselves from chemtrails, but that was before the possability that ebola could be added to the mix, either via chemtrails, or via transmission instigated through other means....
In Adam's article, he cites this article by Mac Slavo titled
What You Need to Do to Survive Ebola BEFORE the Panic Starts .... Please read it, and have everyone in your family read it.
By itself, Ebola isn't much of a threat, but if it is sprayed on us from the air, and if the government forces vaccines on us it could become a huge threat intended to be a means of triggering martial law! The government will use the controlled media to whip us into a frenzy for purposes of societal control! They will make people WANT the vaccine, not understanding that this is analogous to the Jews being led to the showers in the concentration camps!
We need to be prepared to shelter in place, to not leave our houses for possibly a month or even more. We need to have on hand all natural medicinals that can be arrayed against Ebola, one is megadoses of vitamin C. I can vouch for this information from Robert C Cathcart, MD III who was one of the pioneers of administering vitamin C intravenously and in megadoses.
Another is Silver 100, the world's best ionic silver. The Department of Defense evaluated Silver as a means of protection against Ebola, and published this paper documenting the effectiveness of "Silver Nano Particle Neutralization of Hemmorrhagic Fever Viruses"
The website where this article is found is not the one I would recommend you buy your silver from, I recommend only silver 100
I recommend nebulizing silver. Sulfur will also help protect you in the event that they start spraying ebola on us via chemtrails. We need to do all we can to keep our immune systems strong, starting NOW! Sulfur and magnesium are the two most important minerals in the human body.
Sulfur opens up cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing toxins out. It chelates all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails, and helps keep our immune systems strong.
In the event that they start adding ebola to chemtrails, I recommend strongly that you have 10-20 lbs of sulfur on hand to nebulize. I will have a FREE nebulizer sent to anyone who orders 10-20 lbs of sulfur, along with instructions on how to nebulize it and other medicinals including magnesium, iodine, and glutathione.