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Sage Hill Gardens-Updates and Invites…
Behold…it’s the Season to Plan~

As you know this is the year Sage Hill Farms begins the Re-Purposing project.

That begins with a slightly altered name…while it is still a farm, for Mission purposes it will be hereafter referred to as “Sage Hill Gardens.”

A reminder to all the loyal customers of fresh vegetables from the gardens…it is with some regret…that service will not be offered this year.

The last 12 years have been beyond wonderful, it has been a pleasure, educational in so many ways, successful in more ways than monetary… however, it has shifted far away from my first love…and that is teaching.

So, back to the classroom we go.

We have a great need in our country, that being education, about and around the food that dictates our well being. We have far too much illness, symptom laden and management, and not enough understanding and practicing of ways to break the cycle of unhealthy beings. Simply by relating to what we eat in a different way, we can change this. …. I have a great desire to help you help yourself in mastering a better way.

When we know better we do better - I was taught this as a child…and it does work, but first we really do have to know better…know and be able to pinpoint the exact areas that have to change, how to make that happen, and re-design the daily relationship with food and thinking. Eating to live can be just as enjoyable as living to eat. And who doesn’t love to eat?

Know what you want and where you want to be….

Get good information before your commitment to any kind of change.

Contact me. With an affordable 45 minute consultation I can help you pinpoint areas to change, how to best accomplish that, and the results you can expect.

Results that will leave you healthier, happier, and with the knowledge to stay on track and live joyfully with food…..on-going help options can be worked to fit your needs and budget.

Spring is really not that far away. Now is the time to plan your early garden.

Make that on paper only…if, your area is as wet as Sage Hill…it would be disastrous to tip-toe on the soil. Never, ever, work the soil when it is wet…this causes it to dry very hard and in clumps that can take months and years to bring back to a good point.

Decide now what you wish to grow, where or whom you will get your seed or transplants from…please; please make them organic/heirloom. There are others, my choice is Baker Creek

Tip: Make your first choice for flowers, plants, veggies, fruits, etc., native to your area or from climates very similar to your own. In the Southeast that would be Southern varieties or from the tropics. With the proper cultivation we can make most things grow anywhere in the US….however, if we follow some simple tried and true methods it will be less work, better results, and staying power without pampering.

Tio:Tip: Places to find Sage Hill and “Me.” t-the-editors/

Info to Know~

First class on and around GMO’s (genetic modification in our food supply today)

When…February 19th (Thursday)

Where…Sage Hill House…directions at sign-up

Time… 10:30 Am until 12 Noon

Beverages and nibbles will be available

Cost: $ 45.00 per person and this includes copies of the class to go.

You will also be in the drawing for Sage Hill products. (Surprise)

Please confirm your spot as early as possible…message me for PayPal addy.

32 Old Petersburg Pike
Petersburg, Tn. 37144

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Gardens

Happy 2015 and may your year be one of great enlightenment.