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New Beads:
Large Amber Beads
Petal Flower Spacers
Agate Pillows
Landscape Jasper
Lavender Sage Amethyst
Green Chalcedony Rondells
Green Carnelian Lantern Frame
Onyx Pentagonal Colums
Summer Pink Jade Leafs
Crab Fire Agate Frames
Yellow Agate Frames
Yellow Carnelain Wavy
Yellow Carnelian Triangles
Green Chalcedony Buttons
10mm Purple Sugilite
Red Jade Ovals

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About MrBead & Nigel Mckay
I'm a 49-year-old Englishman living in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. One of the first foreigners to enter China's antique and jade markets over ten years ago. Now I have an apartment 25-floors above the entrance to the Canton jade and bead merchants. I spend about 6-days in China, followed by a similar time in Hong Kong. Traveling three-hours door-to-door by taxi and train to Hong Kong, where most items are mailed. My wife Mi Mi buys in China and packs in Hong Kong - and my mother helps with British orders, posting them from Luton in the UK. Tony, a long-time English friend helps photographing and buying in China.

I usually work every day for over 80-hours a week. Too long really, but I enjoy it! Next month MiMi and I will be in the UK, however most of the time we'll still be working there. I've been online for over eight years, selling from eBay and nine stores. I have three premium stores powered by Miva software:, and; two Market Works stores, one in US dollars and one in GB pounds; and four eBay stores. I also send around 2,500 listings on eBay under seller 'jensen4', 'betterbead', 'mrbead-uk', 'awesomerings', and 'gothic-uk'. Most of the work is done on two computers in China, two in Hong Kong and one in the UK + a laptop.

The hardest part of the whole job is understanding customer's problems, especially payments that don't make clear what they are for. This takes a lot of time. Where as large store orders are long to pack, they are easy to process.

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