Richard Herring Newsletter
April 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Special
April News - Edinburgh Tickets on sale NOW
Just a quick extra newsletter to let you know that EDINBURGH FRINGE TICKETS have gone on sale today.
I am at the New Town Theatre doing RHLSTP from 2nd-25th August (not Mondays) at 1.30pm. There will be a different guest every day and every show will go out as a podcast that afternoon/evening. So you can keep up with the Fringe even if you can't get there.
I won't start booking guests until a bit nearer the time, but will be aiming for all the big names. I will set up a page where confirmed guests will be displayed, but all line ups are subject to change as comedians are particularly flaky during the Fringe.
As usual I will be producing a free programme to give out on tour and then doing a bucket collection for SCOPE. If you want to get your name in this programme AND be sent a signed and numbered limited edition copy to your home, then please donate at least £15 here.
Whatever you put as your name on the page will be the name that appears in the programme and the more you donate the bigger your name will appear.
Please email me your address once you have donated. Your donation, of course, goes straight to SCOPE.
We're putting this together in the next fortnight or so so please donate asap to ensure your name appears.
A few guests have been confirmed for the RHLSTP tour
11th May Leeds - Mark Charnock and Dominic Brunt (Emmerdale)  + TBA
25th May Salford - Sarah Millican and Jimmy Cricket
14th July Henley - Barry Cryer
29th September Richmond - Tape Face
Not many tickets left for Salford and Leeds so be quick
RHLSTP Kickstarter
We're attempting to raise funds for the 25 podcasts we've filmed for series 15 via this kickstarter. We're halfway to the target, but really need your help to get there. It's all or nothing on Kickstarter so we don't get anything if we don't get to the target. If we don't reach it, we will be mildly screwed as we've already filmed the shows, but it will mean that we definitely can't film any more.
But there's some really cool and exclusive rewards that I hope will accrue in value. We're working on the T shirts now, but should be able to show you some prototype designs soon
If you want to back us, even a quid or two is very welcome, then please head here.
I continue to recommend Bulb. Renewable energy with no contract, great customer service and they've just brought their prices down, when some of the Big 6 have raised their prices. Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit. Just click here.
As I think I have enough credit to keep me warm for a good few years now, I have decided that anything I get from now on will be going into the podcast pot, so you will not only be saving money and getting a £50 credit, but you'll also be paying for more entertainment without having to spend a penny (literally -you are still alllowed to wee).
Your support for my work is so very deeply appreciated. And I aim to reward your faith in me with ever better and weirder free stuff. And it will always be kept free so everyone can enjoy it regardless of circumstance, so don't feel bad if you can't (or don't want to) contribute. But if you can and want to then you're also paying for someone who doesn't have the funds. Which is the RHLSTP fan way. And someone in turn will pay for you when you can't afford it. It's like a wonderful scatalogical paradise..
Richard Herring