How to win back our Freedom in today’s Digital Battlefield
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Have you ever wondered why Twitter removes and/or restricts legal political content from Conservatives like President Trump or General Michael T. Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell with brazen impunity? Or why Google’s YouTube (1) and Square Space can swiftly de-platform any site like the American Frontline Doctors’ Summit Press Conference (2) that challenged the COVID-19 agenda despite having received over 2 million views? Or why Twitter (3), Facebook, Google (4), Apple and other internet computer service providers routinely win lawsuits (5) for First Amendment violations when censoring conservatives like Laura Loomer & Freedom Watch (6)?
All of these are examples of censorship. Censorship is a threat to free speech, and by extension, an existential threat to free and fair elections! The free-flow exchange of ideas is the bedrock of any thriving and free society. Hence the reason why our Founding Fathers acknowledged and enshrined that freedom of speech as our God-given unalienable right in the First Amendment.
Today our public town square is now Digital. But as General Michael T. Flynn astutely described in his Open Letter to America, we are in an information warfare and a battle for the soul of America where the “2% vocal minority control the 98% silent majority (7).” With less than 40 days before this historic Presidential Election, is there even enough time to win back our freedom? Are we now the SILENCED majority?
A brief history
Back in 1996, Congress passed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) to protect this nascent internet computer service industry.
Inside Section 230(c)(2), the Good Samaritan Clause granted immunity from liability unique only to interactive computer service providers who act in “good faith” when they censor content that THEY deem as “otherwise objectionable.” This liability is broad and unconditional and more recently has been used to censor lawful conservative political content and for distributing unlawful third-party content. An extensive review of legal cases (8) reveals that these two words “otherwise objectionable” have been at the heart of BigTech’s enduring immunity protection at both State and Federal courts.
That’s right, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and their PLATFORM ALLIES are legally SHREDDING the First Amendment rights guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT due to just those two words! They can legally consider anything they want to be “otherwise objectionable. And the argument of “publisher vs. platform” does not appear to negatively impact Big Tech’s immunity so that the Courts continue to garner wins for these companies.
In short, no other industry enjoys this immunity from limited liability. Not even its distinct cousin the newspaper or printed media. Who could have foreseen how businesses and government would embrace this technology and intertwine it in our daily way of life and how we communicate with each other or express ourselves?
The internet today is considered by many experts as a “new” public utility like the telephone or power grid was in the 20th century. In fact, these platforms function as the new DIGITAL Public Square when people dynamically exchange flow of ideas. That idea was foremost in the minds of the lawmakers when they crafted that statute. In theory, yes. In practice, the tolerance only goes as far as you share the vocal 2% minority liberal ideas or concepts.
And if you happen to disagree, be surprised by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that digitally “rip out your tongue” and deny your right to free speech. On Twitter, it is called “Twitmo” and thousands of us are parolees. Repeat offenders get harsher sentences like restrictions, removal of followers, Ghost or Shadow Banned or Reply De-boosted, and the anti-person tactic of all, outright Suspension or being permanently banned! YouTube and Instagram also deploy their AI algorithms and hide content unless users use a string of certain key words in order to find content or else they will disappear that content.
When these platforms act in concert, then you have tyranny of the minority and we become the SILENCED majority.
What Congress giveth, Congress can taketh away
We have no chance in court unless we get CONGRESS to pass legislation that REFORMS section 230 of the CDA by removing those two words “Otherwise Objectionable”. Of the three co-equal branches of government, only Congress has the authority to reform that complex statute.
There are several Senate bills attempting to amend Section 230:
After careful review, we noticed all three Senate bills contained language that appear to have heavy influence from Big Tech lobbyists.
On Friday, Sen. Hawley attempted to get his S. 3983 bill to reform Section 230 by unanimous consent but was blocked by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) (9). Sen. Wyden was one of the sponsors of Section 230 and mistakenly believes that Section 230 immunity protects the "little guys" like Antifa and BLM. In reality, Antifa and BLM are heavily sponsored by corporations and by George Soros.
H.R. 7808 Stop the Censorship Act of 2020
Last July 28, 2020, Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) introduced HR 7808 Stop the Censorship Act of 2020 that amends Section 230 and incorporates many of the DOJ (Department of Justice) recommendations for Section 230 Reform last June 17, 2020 (10) .
But time is of the essence.
Since 2018, BigTech’s has been aware of the bi-partisan Congressional attempt to reform Section 230 (11). Proactively, proponents succeeded in codifying Section 230 language in the USMCA (US Mexico Canada) Trade Agreement, thereby creating a de facto global standard and ultimately protecting their immunity in the USA. And the initial draft of the US-Japan Trade Deal also contains Section 230 language and expands that immunity.
Section 230 is not a trade issue and does not belong in ANY trade agreements. Baking Section 230 language in treaties or trade agreements obstructs Congress from reforming Section 230 without jeopardizing trade agreements (12).

Upon final analysis, H.R. 7808 is the strongest bill to stop online censorship & protect our free and fair elections!
But we all need to work together and help push this bill by combining the passage of this bill to time with this 2020 election cycle. Currently, H.R. 7808 has 16 co-sponsors—the most number of co-sponsors—compared to the other bills.
Here is WHAT TO DO:
  1. SIGN THIS White House Online Petition TODAY!
                                        ***We need to reach 100,000 signatures by October 18***
for the White House to act on it within 60 days.
HELP US MAKE THIS PETITION GO VIRAL! Please share with EVERYONE YOU KNOW who IS OUTRAGED at “Big Tech’s” effort to RIG our Election by using Algorithms to CENSOR, SHADOW BAN, BLOCK, and DESTROY our ability to communicate in this modern Digital Town Square.
Stop Social Media Censorship and Protect FREE & FAIR elections!
We The People urge President Trump to support the passage of H.R. 7808 “Stop the Censorship Act of 2020by encouraging a companion Senate bill that mirrors it, and signing to law once it passes because Censorship threatens FREE & FAIR Elections.
H.R. 7808 amends Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (Section 230) by granting immunity to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other Social Media platforms for the removal of UNLAWFUL MATERIAL instead of “otherwise objectionable,” and provides users with options to filter.
Section 230 is also NOT a trade issue and does not belong in any trade agreements. Baking Section 230 language in trade deals will hinder Congress’ ability to reform the law without jeopardizing the agreements.
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We have identified KEY Battleground House and Senate races!  

We need your help to urge Conservative Incumbents and Candidates in Democrat seats to embrace as part of their campaign the passage of H.R. 7808 “Stop Online Censorship Act of 2020” and to pledge to co-sponsor and vote for its passage once they get elected in the next Congress.

Here’s an easy way to call your Congressmen and Senators through the Capital Switchboard at:
1-877 SOB- USOB (1-877-762-8762).

Another option is to call their District Office via a Member search on

If you get their machine, give your name, address, phone number, and tell them you expect a call back and you want the name of the staffer handling free speech issues! Also, it really helps to write an actual letter to them!

  1. NEED A SENATOR to sponsor a companion Senate bill to H.R. 7808 that mirrors that language. Otherwise this bill will not pass!
  1. SHARE THIS ARTICLE to everyone within your sphere of influence, email it to them and encourage them to sign our White House online petition and by taking action TODAY!

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Remember…the most powerful weapon in the world is prayer in the hands of a Patriotic American!
In this battle for the very soul of our Republic, will you stand up and be heard?
It is time.