Hi everyone,
It's September already in this never ending year.
Thanks so much to all of you who donated to the stone clearing  kickstarter. We hit our target and will use the money to bring you more online content.
We have just launched a snooker kickstarter, but this time we are donating the profits to comedy clubs so we can try and help the weather this storm and be open when this awful war is over.
Details below.
Let's look what's going on in the next couple of months.
Richard Herring
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We've got some great rewards for the new Kickstarter, including a Punani album with 40 stickers to collect and swap, T shirts, membership cards, even the chance to get a personalised message from the Me of your choice.

All the profit goes to helping keep live comedy going and supporting comedy venues (after we've paid for production, VAT and kickstarter percentage) so you're helping a good cause and getting some supercool stuff too!
RHLSTP is continuing through lockdown.
Podcasts are released every Wednesday. Check them out on Acast (and everywhere else) and Youtube on these dates
Coming soon
9th Sept Bilal Zafar
16th Sept Sophie Duker
23rd Sept Sindhu Vee
30th Sept Maria Konnikova
7th October Michael Fenton Stevens
You can listen here

Or watch them recorded live on Twitch here
8pm Weds (though might have a week off this coming week)
I am doing lots of things on Twitch
Snooker on Mondays (and usually Tuesday)
and Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun on Thursdays. These are also released as podcasts where you get your podcasts and videos on Youtube
New characters being added all the time. Plus songs and stings. And hopefully soon some sketches too.
Me1 vs Me2 Snooker is recorded live on Monday or Tuesday nights at 7.30pm and released as a podcast and on Youtube
And I am doing a podcast stone clear every week
And a live-streamed one that goes out on Twitch and is then put up on youtube.
I've left it so long to change the fridge filter that it actually needs changing again. So good job I didn't change it..
You can preorder my book "The Problem With Men" as a book, ebook or audiobook wherever you get your books. Actual cover coming soon.
I am recording an episode of the Chase next week, which will be out at Christmas. Taskmaster starts in October on Channel 4.
There's an outside chance of some live RHLSTP before Christmas. Will let you know.
I am writing some sketches for the new series of Spitting Image.

If you prefer to GET money whilst donating then why not join Bulb. You'll get up to £50 credit  (£25 if you just change either gas or electricity - £50 for both) if you use my code and so will we. And we'll be putting all the money raised this end into the pot to film the tour

Plus use my code and you and I will both get up to £50 credit and my up to £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Yay!
Use this link for this incredible offer
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