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November / December 2016

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in the dawn of life, in the shadow of life
and in the twilight of life"
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Breaking News and Hot Off the Press! DON’T MISS THESE ANNOUNCMENTS!

  • NEW: Spanish Language Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care Curriculum Is Here!
  • New: Certification For Memory Care Neighborhoods Commendation for Assisted Living And Nursing Homes
  • NCCDP Complimentary Staff In-services And Tool Box Ready For Download
  • CMS Focused Dementia Survey Is Coming And You ARE OUT OF TIME!
  • Do You Have Dementia Unit Policy And Procedures?
  • New: CMS Focused Dementia Survey For Nursing Homes
  • New State Regulations For Assisted Living And Education
  • Attention: CADDCT Trainers Updates And News- New Modules Available: Ethics And Mental Health
  • New Certification By ICCOTP And Other Important Certifications.
  • American Society On Aging Now Offering NCCDP Members CEUS.
  • Activity Professionals: Are You Certified As AP-BC Activity Professional Board Certified Or ADC Activity Director Certified
  • Upcoming Association Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss.
  • AMNESTY: November Is Amnesty Month
  • Last NCCDP Classes Of 2016. This Is It!
  • Important Read: The Dementia Concept By Joshua J Freitas CDP CADDCT
  • ICCDP Update

BREAKING NEWS: Certification for Memory Care Neighborhood Commendation

For many years our certified members and corporate customers have asked NCCDP for a certification specifically for dementia units or Memory Care Neighborhoods in assisted living communities and nursing homes. After many years in development, NCCDP is pleased to offer MCNC Certification. The certification is called; Certificated Memory Care Neighborhood Commendation. There are three steps in the MCNC application process. This is a prestigious certification and exemplifies your outstanding achievement in delivery of dementia services.

The NCCDP team has the experience, knowledge and expertise in the area of dementia care to provide knowledgeable and seasoned evaluators to assess your dementia program.

NCCDP was founded by professionals whose extensive background includes administrators, dementia unit managers, dementia unit consultants, social work consultants, recreation consultants and nurse consultants.

Certification is a mark of distinction, prestige and achievement. Companies that meet our standards offer the highest level of services.
To begin the application process please see;



NEW: Spanish Language Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Curriculum ADDC Is HERE!

Many trainers have requested that the curriculum be offered in the Spanish language. The ADDC curriculum is now available for download. The student handout notebook is also available in Spanish and can be ordered in bulk. Only CADDCT's may place orders for the Power-point download curriculum and student handout notebooks.

 For questions please contact

AVAIALBLE November 20 2016

Attention CADDCT Trainers: There new modules available on Ethics and Mental Health. The new CMS federal regulations are coming. This will be the biggest change in 25 years. One of the regulations that is addressed is staff education. Nursing homes will be required to offer two more topics to the staff, Ethics and also Mental Health. NCCDP CADDCT trainers will be able to purchase these for download in late November. If you work in the assisted living or home care industry, why not also provide this valuable information to all your staff.

As a reminder, the new ADDC curriculum came out in January 2016, you are to discontinue use of the old curriculum. Please log into instructor only part of the web site to purchase the new curriculum Power-point download and the new Student Handout Notebook.


NEW: NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Staff Education Week is February 14 Through 21. You Can Begin Downloading Complimentary Staff In-services November 1 Through March 1

NCCDP contest opens November 1 and entries are due no later than March 15 2017. See the contest rules in the tool kit. Tell us how you promote NCCDP Staff Education Week. Cash awards will be granted to the winner. The complimentary staff in-services are on Power-point and include handouts, pretests, post-tests and answers. Beginning this year, the complimentary service is only open to NCCDP members who are certified and in good standing, associate members and corporate sponsors You have access to the archives as well as the new titles. Please see

New Titles are:

  • Developing Self Esteem and Wellness Programs for the Older Adult
  • Protecting Residents From Financial Exploitation: For Staff Working in Hospice Agencies, Home Care Agencies, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities and Adult Day Care
  • Engaging Through Color:
  • Inclusive Services for LGBT Older Adults


Last Call to Register For The Alzheimer's disease Dementia Certified Trainer Certification Seminar in 2016

The new CMS Focused Dementia Survey for nursing homes is coming and the states are also changing regulations for assisted living and home care.  The focus is now on staff receiving dementia education. We cannot stress enough the importance of using state of the art and up -to - date comprehensive NCCDP Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care curriculum to train your staff. If you have not downloaded the CMS Focus Dementia Surveyor Worksheets, please see this link.

The worksheets have not been finalized and may still change before CMS Focused Dementia survey is implemented. Pay attention to question 8 C and also the qualifications of an educator. It is important now that you obtain your CADDCT certification as a trainer and that you use a nationally recognized dementia dementia education system that NCCDP offers. You can choose any system you want. The Texas DADS Department of Aging and Disability Services CADDCT trainers are offering the NCCDP curriculum to over 1800 nursing homes as well as assisted living communities over the next two years. Already, this has positively impacted Texas CMS national ranking for their use of anti-psychotic medications in nursing homes. Many associations around the country have trained CADDCT trainers either on the board or employees and are offering our ADDC Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care curriculum at the state or national conferences.

Who should attend the CADDCT seminar? In-service directors, educators, department heads and corporate trainers.

Who qualifies to be a CADDCT? You must have a 4 year degree or have a nursing license, certified or be licensed in a health care profession or be an educators in a learning institution. Have experience presenting in-services or seminars in a health care setting or learning institution and be employed in a health care setting or learning institution.

What is provided in the CADDCT 12 hour one day seminar? Power-point curriculum on a flash drive, instructor notebook, master student handout notebook, movie on sexuality and staff on concerns on a flash drive, textbooks, pretests and post-tests for staff, information on where to obtain databases, how to apply for CEU's, how to market, sample brochure, sample class certificate, sample sign in sheet, what you should charge for your services if you are self-employed, certification as CDP and CADDCT.

Many state and national associations book the CADDCT seminar for their annual conferences and pre session and have found this to be very profitable. This is perhaps the most important seminar you can offer your members. One trainer impacts thousands of workers! Please contact for information.

To download the CADDCT application:
Times: 7:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Please note that we do not block hotel rooms.

November 2, 2016
Marriott at Research Triangle Park
4700 Guardian Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27703

November 3, 2016
Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel
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November 5, 2016
Washington Marriott at Metro Center
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November 10, 2016
Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel
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November 15, 2016
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
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November 18, 2016
NCCDP Corporate Office
1 A Main Street, Suite 8
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NCCDP Corporate Office
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Associations are booking the CADDCT seminar and the Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar. The CADDCT seminar and CDP application are offered at a discount when held at the state or national conference. You will download the CADDCT registration form directly from the association web site and submit the CADDCT application or payment for the seminar directly to the association. The CADDCT seminar is 12 hours and is generally offered preconference at association conferences and is open to non members of the following associations. Normally the CADDCT class is $2800.00 pp but the associations are hosting the CADDCT class for $1900.00. Please verify this price with the association as it could change.

Beacon Institute LifeSpan August 8th 2017 Columbia MD-

NAAP National Association Activity Professionals April 4 2017 Denver Colorado -

NADONALTC (DON's) July 14 2017 Orlando Florida - DON's if you are not a member check out membership and why not bring your CNA's and team to the next conference.



Are you a CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner? Who Qualifies for CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner? Invest In Your Future!

Are you a CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner? Who Qualifies for CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner? Invest In Your Future!

If you work in the health care industry and have completed the one day live NCCDP ADDC Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care curriculum, you may qualify for CDP certification. Please view the CDP application to see which track you should follow. Anyone can attend the ADDC seminar but not everyone will qualify for CDP certification. To view the CDP application please see

The dates listed above are also for the ADDC Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar presented by the NCCDP Corporate staff. Times are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M and include a student handout notebook.

Who Should Attend? All health care professionals and front line staff who work in all aspects of the health care industry and students in a college health care professional degree program or learning institution and planning on working the geriatric field. Who are earning degrees or certifications in the health care field.

To register for any of the above dates, please click here:

To find other dates and locations taught by NCCDP Certified CADDCT's please see the calendar located here:

For a list of learning institutions and universities offering the ADDC seminars please see this link.

Corporations: Ask us about the CDP application group discount rate if you are investing in your staff CDP certification and dementia education.

Associations: If you offer the ADDC seminar at your state or national conference, the attendees are offered a discount for the CDP application. The fee is normally $100.00 but your members who attended the seminar pay $25.00. This is a huge savings. Please ask your CADDCT trainer to provide the Association Discount Form to your members who attend the ADDC seminar.


Dementia Unit Managers - Are You Certified?

CDCM Certified Dementia Care Manager certification is open to anyone who has direct supervision over a memory care neighborhood (Alzheimer's disease and or Dementia unit) located in an assisted living community or nursing homes. This is a three hour conference call and includes a Memory Care Neighborhood Policy and Procedure Manual and certification as a CDCM.

Prerequisite: You must be a CADDCT prior to taking the CDCM class.

For information please see



If you have a dementia certification or dementia trainer certification from a nationally recognized organization or accrediting body, the NCCDP will accept your credential in lieu of the required NCCDP Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar. Simply go to the NCCDP web site, click on certification and CDP, download the CDP Grandfather Application and mail in with the required supporting documents. If you have any questions, please reach out to NCCDP at



If you did not submit your CDP application within the 30 day deadline for CDP certification, you now have the opportunity to submit your CDP application, as long as you attended the required NCCDP Alzheimer' s disease and Dementia Care seminar in the last two years and met the requirements as outlined in the CDP application. Be sure you are using our new address. We recommend that you go to our web site and download a new CDP application that lists our new address. NCCDP moved to new corporate head quarters in 2016. Write on top of the CDP application November Amnesty.

If you let your certification such as CDP, CADDCT or CDCM lapse more than 30 days, we are now granting you amnesty. As long as your certification has not expired more than two years ago, you can renew online. If it has been more than two years, you will need to download the renewal application and mail to NCCDP or fax in your renewal application to 19738602244. Write on top of the renewal application: November Amnesty. There is a $25.00 late fee.

If you have any questions please contact

If your corporation is paying for a group of CDP renewal applications, ask us about the corporate discount.


American Society On Aging- Our Members Can Now Obtain CEUs At American Society On Aging Conferences And Online Courses. This Is Directly From The ASA Web Site.

Starting in 2017, ASA/USC online courses are eligible for 10 CEUs from the list of approved accreditation providers below. If your state or national accreditation provider is not listed, please verify with that provider or certifying association regarding acceptance of one of the providers listed below before applying for CEUs. Please check below for notes or exceptions related to providers.

  • Alliant International University - Approved CEU Sponsor of the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • National Academy of Certified Care Managers (Provider #1052)
  • National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (Provider #100722) - ASA reports CE recipients directly to NCHEC, please do not mail your certificate to the approval body.
  • National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners
  • Society of Certified Senior Advisors
In order for CEUs to be issued, participants must pass the entire online course and complete the course evaluation, which will be verified by ASA Staff. The non-refundable $50 CEU fee can be paid at time of registration.

Instructions on how to claim CEUs will be sent to participants within 30 days of course completion


2016 Upcoming Association Conferences

NAAP National Association of Activity Professionals - November 15 Las Vegas
Register with
CEU approved for NCCDP Certified Members

The Healthcare Information Network, Inc
Nursing Homes: New CMS Requirements Final Rule will be presented by Karen Schoeneman
November 30th Scranton PA, December 14 Harrisburg PA and December 15 Philadelphia PA
Register with
CEU approved for NCCDP Certified Members


New State Regulations For Assisted Living And Education

Many states implementing new state regulations with one focus on education. Now more than ever, it is very important that if you have not sent your in-service director to become a certified CADDCT trainer, to call us about upcoming classes. The trainer can bring not only state of the art comprehensive Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care curriculum but also ongoing staff in-services that are offered complimentary to our members to utilize in staff training. Please see our web site for upcoming dates and locations for the next CADDCT one day seminar. We can also bring the CADDCT seminar to you. If you do not have an in-service director, we have hundreds of approved CADDCT who can be contracted to bring the course to your company. Their names and contact information is listed on the NCCDP web site.

Read this article about regulatory changes.


National Partnership To Improve Dementia Care In Nursing Homes

The CMS is partnering with federal and state agencies, nursing homes, other providers, advocacy groups, and caregivers to improve comprehensive dementia care.  CMS and its partners are committed to finding new ways to implement practices that enhance the quality of life for people with dementia, protect them from substandard care and promote goal-directed, person-centered care for every nursing home resident.  The Partnership promotes a multidimensional approach that includes public reporting, state-based coalitions, research, training and revised surveyor guidance.

What's New?
Since the launch of the National Partnership, significant reductions in the prevalence of anti-psychotic use in long-stay nursing home residents have been documented.  The National Partnership continues to work with state coalitions and nursing homes to reduce that rate even further.  Recently, CMS established new national goals for reducing the use of anti-psychotic medications in long-stay nursing home residents by 25 percent by the end of 2015, and 30 percent by the end of 2016.  These goals build on the progress made to date and express the Partnership’s commitment to continue this important effort.

While the initial focus was on reducing the use of anti-psychotic medications, the Partnership’s larger mission is to enhance the use of non-pharmacologic approaches and person-centered dementia care practices.  CMS plans to monitor the reduction of anti-psychotics, as well as the possible consequences, review the cases of residents whose anti-psychotics are withdrawn to make sure they don’t suffer an unnecessary decline and add the anti-psychotic measure to the calculations that CMS makes for each nursing home’s rating on the agency’s Five Star Quality Rating System.

June 3, 2016 - Update
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released the second report that provides a brief overview of the National Partnership, summarizes activities following the release of Survey & Certification policy memorandum 14-19-NH, and outlines next steps.

The report describes the results of the Focused Dementia Care Surveys conducted in Fiscal Year (FY) 2015.

Additional information about the National Partnership can be found by visiting the download files listed below. Questions may be directed to

To view this information and downloads see



ICCDP International Council Of Certified Dementia Practitioners

ICCDP International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners founded in 2014 continues to grow rapidly with our international community. ICCDP participated this year with the Dementia 2020 conference held in London and was a huge success. In 2017 the ICCDP plans on participating in several large international conferences and initiatives. ICCDP is not open to health care professionals living in America and are referred back to the NCCDP. For information about ICCDP please visit the web site at


New Certification By ICCOTP-Certified Online Training Professional

There is a brand new certification worth investigating, especially based on how many employees and students currently receive online training. If you are responsible for providing employee training we encourage you to look into this training and certification.

Certified Online Training Professional or (COTP). The certification was created by the International Council for Certified Online Training Professionals (ICCOTP). ICCOTP provides would-be online trainers the knowledge and skills necessary to become qualified online trainers.

NCCDP certified members are eligible for a significant discount on the course tuition. Ask NCCDP for the discount code before registering. The class includes nearly two full days of live instruction, a live, real-time trainer competency exam, and a certification exam. (The next class will be held in December)

Currently, the NCCDP ADDC curriculum is not taught online. But certainly our complimentary staff in-services that you download may be taught online.

Contact ICCOTP for details, price, dates and registration at


Attention Activity Professionals And Recreation Therapists

Both these organizations provide certification. If you are working in an assisted living, nursing home, CCRC, adult day care, home care or provide in home recreation, you should take the time to check out these certifications. Both are affordable and recognized nationally

National Association Activity Professionals Credentialing Center
To obtain your certification as a
AP-BC Activity Professional-Board Certified
AC-BC Activity Consultant-Board Certified
This is recognized by the federal government.


NCCAP National Certification Council Activity Professionals
Has several certifications:
ADC Activity Director Certified
AAC Activity Assistant Certified
ACC Activity Consultant Certified
This is recognized by the federal government.


New: New Online Renewal Process.

Effective January 2016, NCCDP now renews your certification online. As soon as you complete the renewal process your new certification is immediately emailed to you. In the past when you submitted your renewal application the process took 4 to 6 weeks to issue you a new certification. Now the process is instantaneous. When you receive the your new certification, simply print out and frame as you like. There is an extra charge is you wish a hard copy to be mailed to you.


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