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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

April 1, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 16, Issue 835


  • Daylight Saving
  • Scotland Island Kindy News
  • Picnic Against Yamba Development Application
  • Yamba Picnic Thank You..
  • CP Post Office Notice
  • Easter Holiday Art Workshops
  • SIRFS Winter Fireshed Dinner HELP
  • Local Council Notices inc.
  • Calling Keen Community Members
  • Youth Week Fun in Pittwater
  • Community Centre and Holiday Activities
  • Movie Nights & Book Sale Support
  • Food and Wine Fair Competition
  • Kids Yoga Workshop
  • Author Talks
  • Co-Op Club - April Bookings
  • Book Launch Invitation
  • Found Cat
  • Lost
  • Wanted Rental Properties
  • For Sale
  • The Local Contact Guide
  • Join SIRA
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your subscription Information

  • Daylight Saving

    5 Apr 2015 - Daylight Saving Time Ends

    When local daylight time is about to reach
    Sunday, 5 April 2015, 3:00:00 AM clocks are turned backward 1 hour to
    Sunday, 5 April 2015, 2:00:00 AM local standard time instead

    Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on 5 Apr 2015 than the day before. There will be more light in the morning.

    Change Your Clock, Change Your Smoke Alarm Battery!

    At the end of daylight saving in each year, change your smoke alarm battery with a long life battery when you change your clock. House fires occur more frequently during the winter months, and making sure you go in to winter with a working smoke alarm makes good sense.

    If you have a hard-wired smoke alarm, these still have a battery as a back up and the battery needs to be changed as well.

    Find the Your Home Fire Safety brochure in the Fire Safety page of the Publications section.

    Smoke alarms don't last forever

    Smoke alarms have a lifespan of about 10 years. After that, you should replace them.

    Most smoke alarms have a use-by date printed on them. If your alarm is still beeping after you have changed its battery, it should be replaced with a photo-electric model.

    Old smoke alarms can be safely thrown out with household rubbish.


    Scotland Island Kindy News logo

    Hi from Scotland Island and Offshore Children’s Service’s

    The Kindy has been blessed with some great donations this year,
    A Massive thank you to John Morgan for his generous donation, we were able to buy a very cool light box along with amazing equipment to go with it, . the Light Box has been an amazing learning tool, extending many interests in a variety of ways. We used it to light up our tadpoles as we studied them and have bought many other resources. The transparent coloured blocks develop our understanding of mixing primary colour in to secondary colours, it is a daily resource we use that the children are drawn to throughout the day. We also bought some frog specimens to study, as we are currently watching some tadpoles grow in to frogs, and some grate fine motor and craft supplies.
    Another huge thanks goes to the Cardiff family for their train track and train donations they are used every day and the children love them. We have even given Tuesday morning the nick name, Train Track Tuesday, where the whole group and some parents get right in to making the “biggest bestest” train track. Train Tracks are a great way for the children (and Adults) to extend their problem solving skills, matching the track up, with the correct pieces, making them go the right way, even crossing other tracks can be quiet tricky. It is always a great social and active part of our construction corner.

    The Kindy is in need of timber.

    Mainly 4x4s and ply, anything over 1 meter in length, If you have any leftover timber that is just sitting there, we could put it to good use making shelving for our outdoor equipment.
    We are also after outdoor house paint, preferably white and or grey to give our cubby house a modern look.
    Pick up can be arranged but drop off at the kindy would be Amazing.
    We are using the Timber on Sunday the
    12th April for our working bee.
    All working bees welcome!!!
    There is heaps to do in the garden, painting and some construction.

    Please email the kindy, or call or text Bec with any donations you might have.

    If your children are growing out of their books or we would love them to add to our library. Being a community run service we depend a lot on toy and resource donations. If you are planning to pass on or even sell your better condition books and toys, we may be interested and would love to know about it.
    Items we are looking for
    • Plastic toy kitchen
    • Books
    • Old kitchen equipment, even spoons are great to extend their dramatic play.
    • Even A4 and or A3 scrap Paper
    • Architect Paper is awesome!!
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Fabric
    Bec 0421526434.

    Kindy News, Our Program.

    We have had such a great year so far, we have some new staff members, (all studying or qualified). Our Numbers are building and we have such a great time with the children. So far this year we have been focusing on many of the children’s interests the predominant projects would be,
    • Learning about our Island, Boats- Types and there purpose, Sinking floating, and our adventures getting an  home or to the mainland
    • Colours, not just the basic, learning about all the colours and shades and what happens when we mix them
    • Indigenous Australians- after the children made some observations about the dream time story, ‘how the birds got their colour’ (the colours they use, and how they might paint) we explored indigenous art, and dream time stories
    • Our native birds- we have been studying the many birds that come to visit, drawing them, researching them, and observing them when they come to visit, often when we eat afternoon tea. Its great, not many services have that
    • Cooking- Making bread from scratch, discovering sweet and savoury and our senses
    • Tadpoles-we have watched about 20 small tadpoles grow into frogs, it has been the best fun and we are all learning. Did you know that when a tadpole grows his legs he needs to breathe air with his newly formed lungs?? We have researched our frog species and discovered that we have the Striped mash frog, native to our area. We have realised the fully grown frogs into a protected pond we made for our frog friends.

    Henny Penny

    We are lucky to have booked in Henny Penny Eggs to come to our service. The Eggs arrive April 20th, with an incubator. We watch the baby chick hatch and care for the chicks studying them as they grow. It is a great learning opportunity for the children and can lead to many more learning interests, the more likely, animals that lay eggs, caring for ‘almost helpless’ chicks, Easter theme, Cycles of life, types of Eggs, feathers birds, Flight and so much more.
    Feel free to pop in with your children (before 9 or after 3:30) to see the chicks and what we are learning.
    All the chicks will be up for adoption if you are thinking of buying chickens. I believe they can be sexed before you commit..
    We are always wanting community involvement, if you have any experience or profession that you could pass on to our growing minds we would love to hear from you.

    Committee Members Needed

    The Scotland Island kindy is part of the fabric of the off-shore community and has been in operation through thick and thin for over 25 years.

    It is currently undergoing an exciting phase of re-development with a new Director, new staff, a new committee and some inspiring and fresh ideas to help bring it into the future.  The kindy is a community concern and relies heavily on strong cooperation from the local community.

    The Kindy’s Management Committee is currently in need of some more members. You don’t have to have children attending the kindy to be on the Committee, in fact not having children there would make you a valuable and unbiased Committee Member.

    Do you have a particular skill that could be of use to the kindy? Are you a retired educator with a myriad of valuable information and knowledge that would benefit the kindy? Perhaps you have a life skill or an occupational skill which may be advantageous to the kindy.

    Committee meetings are held monthly and typically last for 2 hours.

    Please contact the Director Rebecca Tringham to express your interest or find out more

    Scotland Island Offshore Children’s Service.

    Director Rebecca Tringham
    73 Robertson road
    Scotland Island 2015
    9979 7856


    Picnic Against Yamba Development Application!

    MEDIA RELEASE                                                          30 MARCH 2015


    Pittwater offshore residents unite against billionaire's planned resort
    More than 70 Scotland Island residents gathered on the beach on the weekend at the iconic Yamba Estate to protest against a highly controversial commercial development on Scotland Island.
    The proposal claims to be a new dwelling but closer inspection clearly demonstrates its integration with the existing property at Yamba. The resulting 14 bedroom resort, corporate retreat or training facility, as it has been variously described, is to be used for short-term stays by business executives.

    “This is not a family home, this is not residential. It is a commercial development and clearly does not meet Council’s E3 zoning guidelines,’ said Scotland Island resident and Yamba neighbour Chris Goold. “These guidelines include a requirement to provide for low density, residential development in keeping with the land form and not visually prominent. It does none of these.”

    picnic 2

    With more than 15 formal letters of objection already lodged with the Pittwater Council, and another 35 to be delivered, yesterday’s protest of leading community members sends a clear message to Council members that this development application is completely unacceptable and should not be allowed to proceed.

    “Scotland Island is an Environmental Management Zone with only residential accommodation allowed. This building is termed variously as a resort, corporate retreat and training facility and will be occupied by different people all the time that will come for short stays and go. They will  not care about or be a part of the community, ” said Western foreshore resident, Jennifer Knox who addressed the group.

    “Apart from residential status, local residents are particularly concerned about the size, bulk, scale and design. The towering three-storey frontage, dwarfs the turn of the century Yamba homestead. The new building will have floor space more than 750 square metres, is not sympathetic to the landform, not low density and definitely would be visually prominent across Pittwater. The building is too large for the site but they are asking for exemption based on architectural merits.”


    Ms Knox also confirmed many residents’ concerns about the wastewater and wastewater management plan.
     “How will this site possibly deal with the waste water of so many visitors?”  Not only is the Wastewater management Report based on a variety of optimistic assumptions, its main dispersal site is a 25 metre long trench that approaches within 10 metres of the foreshore.  Foreshore soils are not suitable for absorption and leakage of effluent into Pittwater is highly likely.

    “The residence is subject to a development application that is being processed by Council under delegated authority. It is a clever application that is set up in the guise of a single dwelling however very clearly is a commercial development. The residents are urging council to not just assess the DA in terms of point by point compliance and variation, but to look at the big picture here. It has the potential of another Currawong-like reaction and, if approved, it sets a very disturbing precedence for all of Pittwater,” Ms Knox said.

    For further information or to speak with Chris Goold or Jennifer Knox please contact
    Chris Goold  0438 695 129
    Jennifer Knox 0404 863 919


    Yamba Picnic thank you..

    Dear Residents,

    Thank you for your enthusiastic attendance at the Yamba picnic on Sunday to demonstrate you're strong objection to the current development proposal. 

    It was great to see you all take time to attend from busy schedules. Over 70 people attended which is a great turnout for a small community.

    Being the closest neighbours who are spear-heading this campaign, we much appreciate your support to protect this special place we all live in.  We need to stop any commercial style of development that would have a detrimental effect on all of us, if this development is approved in its current form or similar.

    We will continue to keep you informed and assure you, we are working hard to stop this unsuitable commercial development in our unique residential area.

    If you have not already done so, please write a personal submission to Pittwater Council expressing your objections (DA N0066/15)

    Thanks again
    Susan & Chris, June, Cathy & Peter, Hubert & Maria , Judy & Wayne

    Submissions must be lodged before 8th April 2015


    Church Point Post Office Notice

    Worm Farms and Compost Bins

    For the people who have ordered these from Pittwater Council.

    Because there  isn't any  storage space available for  these large boxes  at this PO, they will need to be collected from Mona Vale Post Office .

    Mona Vale will let me know what arrives and I will let you guys know.

    One more thing, these items will be sent out in small batches, so it could take some time for your order to arrive as quite a few have been ordered.

    Thank you


    Easter Holiday Art Workshop - with Susan Murranty

    On Scotland Island - Friday 10 & Friday 17 April


    click images to load flyer

    Contact Susan on 0402320429 


    Scotland Island Winter Fireshed Dinners







    For the months of:

    June, August, September
    (Second Saturday of each month)

    To cater for ONE EVENING of this coming season
    (Ideas, hints, and help provided if needed)

    Please contact Nathalie Muir on:


    Local Council Notice

    Calling all keen community members!

     Are you interested in what’s happening in your local area at a local level, with our towns and villages, the environment, the community or Council decision-making? Or do you know someone who is?
    We’d like to hear from you, and people you know in our community who love Pittwater as much as you do.
    Pittwater Council is looking for community members and organisations to participate in our community reference groups, they play an important role in considering the challenges and opportunities and the big issues facing Pittwater. As a forum where innovative ideas can be discussed, where community can find out about what is going on and have their say, the groups help Council deliver Pittwater 2025 - Our Community Strategic Plan.
    What is involved? How do I apply?
    To find out what’s involved or how to nominate to join a reference group visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/referencegroups
    Nominations for reference group membership may be made online until close of business Friday 10 April.
    Queries? Please contact David Bremner on 99701626 or email at david_bremner@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    David Bremner
    Community Engagement Officer, Pittwater Council
    Ph. 9970 1262, Mob. 0466 312 335

    Youth Week fun in Pittwater

    Pittwater will host two fun events for young people to get involved with during National Youth Week 10-19 April 2015.

    Youth aged 12 to 25 are invited to come along with their families and friends to enjoy the free outdoor Cinema Night – screening Disney’s Wreck It Ralph on Friday 10 April from 6.30 at Village Park Mona Vale.

    Pittwater’s Mayor Jacqui Townsend encouraged families to bring their bean bags, chairs, pillows and blankets.

    “This type of event is perfect for the young and young at heart! Bring along a picnic – settle in and enjoy the movie. There’s also ice-cream, popcorn and coffee/tea available for purchase,” said Cr Townsend.

    On Thursday 16 April, Pittwater Council in collaboration with Big Air School will host the third leg of the Sydney Skatepark Series at Avalon Skate Park from 12 noon.

    This free event will feature scooter, skate and BMX competitions with prizes to be won on the day.  There will also be demos, a DJ, giveaways, giant games and stalls including representatives from headspace Brookvale.

    These events have been put together with the assistance of Pittwater youth, supported by headspace and promoted through the KALOF App.

    Mayor Jacqueline Townsend said the recent launch of the KALOF (Keep a Look Out For) App was gaining traction with our young community.

    “The App, designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 25, can be downloaded for free at the App Store or Google Play.

    “It provides youth with a social media platform that can keep them informed about events, their community, places and opportunities,” added Cr Townsend.

    For information on these events visit Pittwater.nsw.gov.au/all_events or download the KALOF app.

    Until then please save these dates – we look forward to you joining with RAD.
    Kim Reading
    Executive Assistant to Mayor & Councillors
    P: 9970 1104

    Community Centre and Holiday Activities

    For each School Vacation period, Council produces its Holiday Recreation Program which will outline the activities run at the contributing Centres and also advertise external holiday programs being held locally such as Surf Camps, Art classes, Sport & Recreation programs and computer workshops. 

    Avalon Recreation Centre has a large selection of activities on offer, everything from Martial Arts to Jewellery making.

    North Narrabeen Community & Tennis Centre run a Tennis Camp and a fun multi-sports and movement program designed for children.

    Council's Coastal Environment Centre offer their Coastal Explorer's program which investigates the sand, dunes and various wildlife as well as offering art programs along their environmental themes.

    We have provided the current Program brochure in PDF format which you can download from the Document Links below or collect from Council's Customer Service Centres in Mona Vale or Avalon or the participating Community Centres.

    January to June 2015 Community Centres Brochure
    Holiday Recreation Program
    Brochure outlining Council's Community Centres


    Movie nights and book sale support Soibada

    Mona Vale Library’s recent movie night and book sale has raised over $1000 for the Reading Room project in the village of Soibada, East Timor.

    Pittwater Council’s General Manager praised the library for the fundraising initiative, saying it benefited the community of Soibada by providing access to books, which are in very short supply.

    “Once the Reading Room is established, it will provide a repository for the books which will be purchased in the appropriate language (Tetun and Portugese).  These books will be cared for by a member of staff – who will open the room at specified hours, allowing access from villagers of all ages.

    “Pittwater Council is pleased to part of the Reading Room initiative” added Mr Ferguson.

    The movie nights, scheduled between now and June celebrate the life and work of Robin Williams.

    The next screening is Dead Poets Society, on Thursday 2 April from 6.00pm.

    Details of future movie nights are as follows:
    • Thursday 7 May, 6pm:                      Good Morning Vietnam
    • Thursday 11 June, 5.30pm:               People’s Choice

    All screenings will take place in the Pelican Room at Mona Vale Library.

    The funds, which have been raised through admission fees and the sale of books, will go towards supporting the community of Soibada, one of the poorest regions of Timor Leste (East Timor), through programs run by Pittwater Friends of Soibada.

    Pittwater’s Friendship Agreement with Soibada was established in 2010 as a way to support the community’s independence and well being.

    As places are limited please book early to avoid disappointment.  Bookings can be made by calling
    9970 1600 or at the library’s front desk.  The cost for this event is $5 per person, which include free refreshments.

    Food & Wine Fair online competition

    Foodies and wine-lovers can win a degustation lunch for four in the Hunter Valley and a private winery tour as part of the 2015 Pittwater Food and Wine Fair.

    Other great prizes include a two-night stay at Currawong Cottages for four people, plus a hamper of Cooks Lot wines and goodies, and a face painting gift certificate to the value of $280.

    The online competition is open until the May event with entries limited to one per person.  Visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/foodandwinefair to submit an entry.

    Winners will be drawn at the Fair on Sunday 3 May and to be eligible for a prize in the competition, you must attend the fair and place your ticket in the barrel.

    Now in its sixth year, the Food and Wine Fair will be held at picturesque Winnererremy Bay in Mona Vale, next to the children’s playground and Flying Fox Cafe.

    Mayor Jacqui Townsend said this year’s Fair will have an array of wines and food on offer, cooking demos, eco-stalls and a volunteer’s expo.
    “The expo will profile many different volunteering opportunities including community transport, community service groups and disability services,” she said.

    “You can also pick up useful tips on living sustainably and protecting our environment and collect free native plants,” said Cr Townsend.

    Residents and visitors are invited to come along and sample fine Australian wines from boutique and classic wine stalls and enjoy tasty gourmet foods and live music at the Fair.

    Recyclable/reusable wine ’glasses’ will be sold on the day from the Council stall for $5. These ‘glasses’ will be required to buy wine tastings from the wineries.

    Attendees are also encouraged to bring drink bottles on the day which they can fill up at the water stations provided by Sydney Water.

    The fair is proudly sponsored by URM, Kimbriki, Manly Daily, McWilliams Mt Pleasant, Pittwater RSL, Molly’s Cradle Wines and Currawong Beach Cottages.

    Winnererremy Bay Reserve is located at Mona Street, Mona Vale.  For more information about the Food & Wine Fair, contact Nikki Griffith on 9970 1165 or visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/foodandwinefair

    Contact: Media contact:
    Phone: 9970 1119 or 9970 1172


    Kids Yoga workshop on Scotland Island for this School Holidays!



    9:30 - 12:30 am


    $35 per child (second child $25) includes morning tea


    A great opportunity for kids to explore their bodies
    Let off steam
    Have fun!

    For bookings and more information please contact Nadine on 0402 7252465 or nadine@consciouslifeyoga.com.au




    A Forger’s Progress:

    The Life of Francis Greenway

    Author Alasdair McGregor will discuss his recent work A Forger’s Progress: The Life of Francis Greenway at an upcoming Author Talk at Mona Vale Library on Thursday 16 April from 6.30pm.

    McGregor profiles Greenway’s landmark buildings, his meteoric rise and his complex and fraught relationship with Governor Macquarie, along with his thwarted ambitions and self-destruction.

    This is the first biography on Greenway since 1953 and gives great insight into Australia’s first government architect.

    Alastair McGregor is a writer, painter and photographer.  His professional and creative interests span a number of fields including natural history and the environment, architecture and design, and the history of exploration.

    Over the course of his career, McGregor has authored, co-authored or edited seven non-fiction books in the genres of travel, natural history, history, biography, architecture and design, and has been an occasional contributor to edited books, periodicals, newspapers.

    In 2011 McGregor was awarded the National Biography Award, for his work Grand Obsessions: The life and work of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin.

    Bookings are essential; to book phone 9970 1600.  Participants can enjoy light refreshments prior to the talk and there will be book signings afterwards.

    Date: Thursday 16 April. 2015
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Mona Vale Library
    1 Park Street, Mona Vale
    Cost: $8 Adults, $6 Concession - Pensioner and Students (passes must be shown)
    Phone: 9970 1600
    Bookings essential!


    The Co-Op Club  Presents: April 2015 Bookings

    Church Point CafeArtists play between 3-6pm

    Artists play between 3-6pm

    Sun April 5: Robert Susz Continental Blues & Boogaloo Party :image

    "Continental" Robert Susz, ex Dynamic Hepnotics & The Mighty Reapers - singer, harmonica player & songwriter has assembled his latest soul/blues/down-home funk combo "The Continental Blues Party".

    Playing a combination of "Continental" Robert's compositions (including his national SMASH HIT "Soul Kind Of Feelin'") & treasures from the SOUL & BLUES vaults by artists like Ray Charles, James Brown, Muddy Waters, Cutis Mayfield, B.B. King, Joe Simon, they have been turning on audiences with their electrifying, soul charged, R'N'B workouts since their formation in 2007.

    Sun April 12: Bernie Heyes :image

    A fixture of the Sydney music scene, singer-songwriter Bernie Hayes has spent the last 12 months collaborating with Karma County’s Brendan Gallagher on what will be his fourth solo album, Slow Fix.

    The master tapes are in Czechoslovakia now, being transformed into magic black vinyl. In the meantime, Bernie is heading up to Church Point to play those new tunes, plus a few of the old favourites, brewed over the last few decades in pubs and concert halls up and down the east coast.

    He’ll be bringing with him some of his oldest musical friends: Elmo Reed (with whom he first played in Canberra band The Shuffle before they both spent time in The Gadflys) and John Encarnacao (who joins him in the rare but treasured outings of the Bernie Hayes Quartet).

    Sun April 19: Ella Keysell & The Dinlows :image

    We featured Ella Keysell at our ‘The Future Now’ concert at the Co-Op Club last September and we’re very proud to present Ella and her brother Jakob with their band The Dinlows this month.

    They've been pleasing Sydney audiences with their horn & vocal harmony drenched take on jazz, reggae, garage rock and soul and now it’s our turn to experience these young slick operators at the Co-Op Club.

    Sun April 26:  The Sly Dogs :

    Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs return to the Co-Op Club. They are our beloved house band and the word is spreading about this very cool outfit with their brand of dirty blues & funky grooves. Come on down!

    Music is every Sunday between 3-6pm  
    1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793



     My Retirement Gap Year - Adapting to Retirement

    by Dr. Frances Black

    Book Launch Invitation


    This is a baby-boomer book, a non-fiction, memoir involving a journey which resulted in unexpected personal growth and helped the author adapt to retirement.

    Dr Frances Black's "retirement gap year" was in a sense, a gift from her 29-year-old son, who decided buy a yacht in Germany and sail it back home to Australia. Not as keen as her husband for extended sailing time on their son's yacht, she formulated a plan to live in Spain and learn Spanish. As problems surfaced, she found she had to abandon her well-laid plans and find new ones. She discovered her unusual journey helped her gain new skills, which she hopes will help her adapt to her new phase in life. The book is based on a blog she kept during this period.

    She is a retired general practitioner, who has written extensively for both the medical and lay media.


    Found Cat

    Cat seemingly without a Home !

    If anyone is missing a black and white un-desexed male kitten, about 24 weeks old, it has been hanging around the houses at the top of the Bells Wharf steps.

    Katherine Wykes



    Body Board missing from Elvina Bay

    Blue Manta body board with cord.
    Blue & black Mares kids flippers.

    Both were presents for my 3y.o son.

    If seen please call Sam 0468718953


    Wanted Rental Properties

    Rental sought

    I am looking for a quiet studio/ living space (for between $200  - $350) to call my own for at least 6 months.

    I would love something independent  and bright with enough room to live and study comfortably.

    I am currently living in Avalon but am keen to give the island or surrounds a go.
    I guess I am what you would call a quiet 40 yr old lady.

    You can contact me on 0450 831 859 or on gemma.dyke@gmail.com

    Short Term Rental for (temporarily displaced)

    Long Term Island Residents

    Due to the fire last weekend which damaged our house, we have just discovered that we will be unable to return for probably 3 months or more.

    We are looking for a short term rental or house sit whilst repairs are undertaken on our home.

    If anyone has a house they would be willing to let to us or know someone who does, please get in touch with us. 

    Thank you so much

    Matt 0404 876685
    Nikki 0425 227792


    For Sale image

    Rotary Clothesline for sale

    Very Good condition rotary clothesline for sale.
    New $320 now selling for $90

    Call Aggy on 0424209242

    Pick up Richard road near Bell Wharf.



    FREE to good home – Cliveas

    Collect from Florence Terrace

    If interested, call Meredith 0414 474 042


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    Royal Motor Yacht Club - http://www.royalmotor.com.au/ 02 9997 5511
    Scotland Island Lodge - Bed & Breakfast - 02 9979 3301 or  http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au 
    Pittwater Youth Hostel  - 02 9999 5748  www.yha.com.au/hostels/details.cfm?hostelid=31  
    Handy Service - "No job too small"  - Call Alan 0447 775 541
    Electrician Wayne on Scotland Island 0418 229 277 - offshore community sparky - www.sparky.com.au
    David Walsh - Graphic Design - Custom Made Sculpture - 0404 239 212 - ital2@optusnet.com.au
    Dog Wash & Grooming Call Jenni: 0450 444 100 or Email: jena50@hotmail.com
    Pittwater ECO Floor Sanding - LUCIO: 0425 376 986 pittwaterecofloorsanding@gmail.com
    Free Pump Outs for Boats - Council with RMS installed a pump out at Careel Bay wharf

    Island Classes (Fitness, Dance, Art etc)

    Pilates, Meditation and Group Fitness with Patrice -  0406 483 036 patrice.corrie@gmail.com
    Art Classes- drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and mixed media- Marion 0431 457 431
    @ Nathalie's Table - Cooking Classes  - Nathalie - 9999 4449
    Dru Yoga - Tuesday 9.00 to 10.30 Tuesday morning - Phone Katya on 0414 187 916
    Dynamic Yoga  - Tuesday PM. & Saturday AM. Phone Nadine 0402 752465 nadineomara@gmail.com
    Tai Chi & Qi Gong classes – Friday 10-11 am. Chris 0416221040 or chris@syntivityaustralia.com


    Gurdjieff / The Fourth Way - Call John on 9979 5584, Marion on 9979 3993 or Anne on 9999 3478
    Green Group For Catherine Park - Run by SIOCS - Emmie Collins on 0405 330 781
    WOW - Women on Water - meets 4 times a year - Jenny Frazer 0410533728 / 99994460.
    Parents & Kids Groups Playgroup - Run by SIOCS - email Emma trysemz@tpg.com.au
    Scotland Island Players - contact Bob or Kez on 9999 4092
    Catherine Park Bush Care Group, 2nd Sunday @ 9.30am, Sharon Kinnison @ 9997 6017
    Elizabeth Park Bush Care Group, 1st Saturday @ 9 am, Bob Bolton @ 9999 4092
    Island Thinking Group - Roy Baker, 9999 6891, roybaker99@yahoo.com
    Offshore a capella choir –  Saturdays at 2:30 pm, SI Community Hall. Call CB on 9997 2035.

    Government Organisations

    Pittwater Council - 9970 1111  - email  pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  Web site click here
    Member for Mackellar Bronwyn Bishop, email clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au
    Member for Pittwater  Rob Stokes,  email pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport:
    Arrivals and Departures
    Virgin Blue:

    Sydney Buses: Information.

    Sydney Ferries:
    City Rail:
    Timetables & Information.
    Country Link Rail:


    Scotland Island Tides, Moon phases, Sun rise & set
    Local Weather Forecasttop
    Radar weather for Sydney (128k circle)

    Emergency Contact Numbers   

    and reviewing recordings
    ALL EMERGENCIES (Police - Fire - Ambulance) 000
    Police Assistance Line & Information 13 1444 or 9281 0000
    Broken Bay Water Police 9910 7899 or 0412 162 093
    Marine Rescue Broken Bay - Weekend
    (02) 9999 3554 - (02) 8411 1121
    Marine Rescue Broken Bay - VHF Radio channel
    VHF Radio Channel: VHF 16
    27MHz Radio Channel: 86 or 88
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Service  9999 4404
    Elvina Bay Rural Fire Service
    9997 3795
    Lovett Bay Rural Fire Service
    9979 1612
    Mackerl Beach Rural Fire Service
    9974 1162
    Headquarters Terrey Hills
    9450 3000
    NSW Fire Service General Information 9265 2999 9265 2999
    Rural Fire Service General information 9450 3000
    State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES 13 25 00 9486 3399
    National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    Sydney Water 132 090
    Energy Australia 131 388, (ah) 131 909

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    Look for the membership form link on the page. Return the completed form to SIRA at this address:

    The Treasurer, SIRA, PO Box 70, Church Point 2105.
    Please NO CASH.
    Contact the Treasurer at

    Join WPCA

    To join the Western Pittwater Community Association www.wpca.org.au, contact Michael Wiener at

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    A complete set of past electronic newsletters since May 2000 can be found and read at https://ymlp.com/archive_gesgjgm.php  or by clicking here or by visiting the Mona Vale Library.

    The Island website is at www.scotlandisland.org.au

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