Your Learless Feeder Who Can't Wait To Get Back Home to Point Roberts..... All of US Aboard The IAHF Lifeboat As America Rallies Against The Obamination & The NWO Which is Tryin' To Grind Us All Down To Nuthin' But Which Will NEVER Succeed!
IAHF List: I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who purchased sulfur from this past year and these past couple months especially. If not for your prayers and kind support I never would have been able to fork over the more than $ 4 Grand this surgery , airfare and hotel just cost. I had my operation on the 21st. Yesterday (its currently 2:30 am here in Ft.Myers FL right  now as I type from my laptop at the Fairfield  Inn.) As I told you, I have refused to use any Rx drugs although my surgeon urged me repeatedly to fill prescriptions for Percocet (pain medication) and Keflex (antibiotic) as well as use Ibuprofren as a "stool softener."

Screw that! All pain is caused by the absense of oxygen!
I've consumed 3 lbs of sulfur in just a few days, and a whole pound of ascorbate vitamin C so far. I'm on my second case of San Pelligrino Bottled water and I've got my own food that I've been cooking and eating in my room using a slow cooker that I had Fedexed to myself so I could prepare the Bone Broth that I shipped to myself via Fedex as well to save weight in my suitcase. I've also been eating tons of sardines and hot sauce. The bone broth was made from grass fed beef with lots of veges in it, and I've added meatballs made from grass fed beef that I also shipped to myself, so I've been giving the continental breakfast here at the Hotel a wide berth except for apples that I've been skiving off it. 

I walked  miles yesterday (the day after surgery) because the most painful thing post surgery due to the Herxheimer's reaction from all the sulfur and C and ionic Silver I've been ingesting in mass quantities has been to cough up flem. Every time I cough or  get in or out of bed it hurts like a #$##$##R#$###@#@# so I figured I could distract myself from the pain by getting out of bed for a while to ask ya'll for prayers, yeah, and that even includes my Viking buddy Atle over there in Norway despite his being pretty much a secular humanist, I sure do appreciate the 10 pounds of sulfur he bought to help pay for my surgery and I hope it helps his  patients over in Norway!

Atle and I have a certain understanding, even though he gives me S_ _ T for being a Christian, he realizes one of my ancestors was a Danish  Viking named Stirgud the Stout who hacked off his non dominant left hand to throw it up on the beach at Normandy to claim France for himself while racing another Viking ship towards land. One of these days Atle will find himself in a small boat at sea in a hurricane,and then he will come to realize he is not actually an athiest. There really are no athiests aboard a small boat at sea, and there really are none aboard the IAHF lifeboat,even if they THINK they are! Our loving Creator gave us the herbs and vitamins for  our use,and as we near Christmas, I find myself praying harder than ever for the strength I need to keep doing this health freedom work, and want to express my deepest  gratitude to all of you,  all over the world, who have  been with  my in the trenches since  I first  started IAHF back in 1996.

Actor Nick Mancuso and I have been hard at work  on that article thats going to be published in Life Extension Magazine in the hope of rallying more people throughout North  America behind this all important Canadian lawsuit which I urge all of you to contribute to if you value your ongoing access to supplemements

Unless enough people on both sides of the border contribute to this lawsuit, health freedom all over North America will be done for because Canada has been rapidly harmonizing to the EU via the CETA Trade Agreement, and America, Cananda and Mexico have been set up like bowling pins via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but we are NOT POWERLESS to stop these  falling dominos! Rocco, our attorney in Canada has an excellent track record of unseating corrupt Judges and beating Health Canada in Court, and we will need every ounce of this man's immense strength and legal prowess due to the mind numbing corruption in the Canadian courts. If you aren't yet familiar with the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter please see this info

As 2013 looms, all of us around the world need to urge more people to join the free IAHF list which you can sign onto at

The day I left Point Roberts, after I left UPS delivered another 55 pound (25 Kilo) drum of sulfur, so those of you who are  waiting, my apologies, but I can't be in two places at once. Since I started selling it I've shipped over a ton of it out to you guys which is probably how  I got my hernia lifting all these 55 lb drums, but that is now fixed thanks to all your help! I have only the highest praise for Dr.Tomas at and for the man who originated his surgical technique- Dr.Desarda of Puna, India
I'll be back home on December 29th, and I promise I will ship all of you your sulfur the moment I get back. About half that drum has already been sold, and love to  have the whole thing sold off before my return, so if any of you have any last minute Christmas Shopping still to do, you can't do any better than to give the GIFT OF LIFE in the form of the WORLDS BEST Organic Sulfur

Every single purchase protects you from NWO Chemtrail Genocide,and makes it  possible for me to do my health freedom work, so please direct all your family members to and to where they can get the antidote to all the toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria and other CRAP being sprayed on us  as the Satanic Bastards gear up to cull  the  human herd as they move closer to crashing the dollar and putting us all under Martial Law as the Fiscal Cliff looms larger. Before your dollars become wallpaper, use 'em to buy something worth more than gold: sulfur!
Be sure you have enough to BARTER! More and more people are becoming aware of  the threat of chemtrails every day, so sulfur will always have value! You'll be able to  trade it for food, bullets, guns, whatever you need to survive these fiendish NWO terrorists!
Their intention is  to microchip us all, and we all gotta refuse to play their game! Theres safety in numbers! Please urge your family, friends and coworkers to sign up TODAY for the  FREE IAHF email distribution list at
Please go to church on Christmas, I will even if I am still going through this Herxheimer's reaction, but I'm willing to bet any money I'll have successfully ditched these flu like symptoms by then! Remember, NEVER stop taking sulfur if you have a Herxheimer's reaction, its NORMAL for the body to cleanse itself, having a FEVER is a GOOD THING!!! Just drink lots more WATER!!
By the time  I leave this hotel room tomorrow, I'll have finished two cases of  San Pelligrino which has the highest Magnesium Content of any widely available bottled water! Check out my friend Paul's excellent website about the the healing power of Magnesium too! Stuff is awesome!