A number of offshore residents have been members of The Wine Syndicate, a highly successful wine buying group, for many years. We recently arranged to conduct our own offshore tastings and ordering.


The Wine Syndicate is a wine buying group that has been in operation since 1974.  It is a non-commercial, non-profit making group that selects a broad range of wines  every 4 months, using its significant purchasing power to obtain very good prices, arranges tastings in some 35 locations around Australia, receives the orders, and organises delivery either to specific pick-up points, or despatches via parcel delivery to the addresses of the members.  Its orders per tasting session are around 3000 cases, so it has a pretty good buying clout.


All the wines selected are good quality, and the prices vary from around $6 to $16, meeting the Wine Syndicate’s founding purpose – ‘cheaper better wine’.


The wines are available only in dozens, but there is always a mixed white and a mixed red, and of course you can arrange to split with your friends, neighbours etc.


The next Wine Tasting will be held in Paul and Joy Purvis' lovely boatshed (The venue is on the NE corner of the island, about six jetties to the East of Tennis Wharf. Please feel free to invite your offshore family and friends! Come by boat or ferry, or simply walk around.


SUNDAY 25Tth MARCH 2007 from 3.30pm


Please RSVP to Paul  at or George Gaal, preferably by Email, by Tuesday March 20th 2007.


Or, if you prefer, ring any of the following:-  George Gaal  9979 9141,  Paul Purvis  9979 9667 


We will register you (if you are not already registered).  There is no cost or obligation to buy.  If you register by March 20th we’ll have time to send out information on the wines for you to study, plus a short history of The Wine Syndicate.


We are organising enough sample wines to cater for 60 people, about the same number as last time.


SO, first in best dressed!


Please bring your best tasting glass, plus a few interesting nibbles that will aid in the tasting process, as well as the information/ordering sheets AND some good chatter!


There is absolutely no obligation to buy! And the only people making any money out of this are the wine makers!


We look forward to seeing you.