From: Health Hawk
Subject: URGENT Call for Experts - FAO/WHO Nutrients Project - Jan 7 deadline! WHOSE SCIENCE WILL PREVAIL? - Pass this along

URGENT CALL FOR EXPERTS Worldwide & landmark Nutrient Risk Assessment Project


Whose science will prevail?

Please help! We urgently need your help to network. Pass this message along ASAP!

The Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization have put out an invitation to scientists that will determine the global upper limits and potency of nutritional supplements in the future.

This will be a 5 day workshop, tentatively in May, all expense paid.

It is VITAL that as many qualified scientists who are believers in the science-validated benefits of higher levels of dietary supplements apply as possible. At the very least there will be a paper trail, and there is reason to hope they will be included.


The deadline for application is this Friday, January 7, 2005 !

(Sorry, we just found out too!) And to receive the electronic form takes 1 & 2 days.

Aside from a handful of names that have applied (such as Dr. Abraham Hoffer), many scientists/doctors have not yet come forward & partly because the word has not got out.

As of this hour, the science of "safety" and "upper limits" could go without effective challenge by those that do not believe in the effectiveness of therapeutic levels of supplementation.


The word gets out & today! Please respond to this emergency.

Take a moment to think of alumni, professors, colleagues, organizations, message boards, any way to network so that word eventually reaches scientists/doctors that might meet the requirements & get the message out: SCIENTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD ARE NEEDED.

Given recent developments in international regulation (e.g., EFSD and Codex), this landmark project is set to determine future access to dietary supplements and ingredients worldwide. So our last bulwark, the last major international battle stage is over supplement "risk assessment".

Here is some of the most informed analysis to be found:

'Three Interlocking Events'

On the need for a new paradigm

Please forward this message today to as many WORLDWIDE as possible. We need to reach scientists of PhD or above. Links in the letter below.

We have a tiny window with the deadline this Friday, Jan 7. Sorry for the short notice!

Thanks so much.


Short version of a Letter from Dr Robert Verkerk, ANH to scientists/doctors:

Subject: FAO/WHO risk assessment - urgent need for action! Deadline Jan 7, 2005
Importance: High

Dear xxxxx

I am contacting you urgently as an expert in the field of clinical nutrition (or related areas).

With regard to the future of therapeutic dosages of dietary supplements, you may be aware that this issue - at a global level - has now been shunted over to the UN through the FAO/WHO.

The FAO/WHO are running a Call for Experts (WORLDWIDE) immediately, as a means of dealing with risk assessments for nutrients globally. Applications need to be in for Jan 7 2005 (incorrectly stated as 2004 in the FAO/WHO Call document!) - it would be fantastic if you were to apply. Furthermore, please forward this message to other experts you believe are both qualified and capable of useful input.

The details can be found under "Call for experts" at
and more general information about the project can be located at

It's just a matter of clicking on a link, entering name and email and they will send an application to you electronically. It is important to elect yourself as a Member Expert, rather than as a Drafting or Resource Expert.

The key commitment as an expert is likely to be a 5-day workshop (tentatively set for May 2005) on nutrient risk assessment which is likely to consider, amongst other things, the various submissions made in the consultation run by FAO/WHO. FAO/WHO indicate that they will meet the costs for attendance of experts at the workshop.

Please consider requesting an e-application today or tomorrow so that you will have sufficient time to receive the application form and submit it. (Estimated time 2 hours - 2 days: )

You will find a major submission to the WHO consultation by the Alliance for Natural Health at which has already been endorsed by leading US doctors including Jeffrey Bland, Steve Levine, Jonathan Wright, Julian Whittaker, Alan Gaby and Garry Gordon:

This suggests that the entire paradigm currently used for nutrient risk assessment needs to be changed! (As did a submission from one other organization).

I apologize for the extremely short notice, as this deadline has just been brought to the attention of fellow health leaders.

In the meantime, best wishes for 2005.

Yours sincerely