Buffalo Bills football is back at the Harp TOMORROW after a crazy preseason with our annual game of quarterback roulette!  Come on down and join hundreds of your closest Bills friends as Peterman takes on Flacco and the Ravens!  Here are the details:
September 9th
Doors at the Harp open at 11am
SEATS WILL FILL UP FAST!  After the showing that we had for playoff football and based on attendance at the Harp last year, you are going to want to get there early, early, and EARLY.  If you have a favorite table or bar spot, be there when doors open to grab them and relax with some frosty Blue Light and wings and tots!  As always, if you do snag a table please enjoy some food off of our special Bills Backers Game Day Menu or one of the delicious options from the Harp's main menu.  If you plan on just partaking in a brew or few, grab a bar spot or one of the many spots along the rail!
T-SHIRTS ARE COMING!  Our printer was back logged this preseason so they will NOT be in Week 1.  Look for them Week 2, they are worth the wait!  Both Men and Ladies' t-shirts will be offered!  Stay tuned. . .
Here's your general, beginning of the season, run down on Game Day operations at the Harp:
Check out this year's updated gameday menu at this link:
Here's your general, beginning of the season, run down on Game Day operations at the Harp:
The Harp provides a special Game Day Menu just for Bills Backers.  On it you will find some hometown faves and tasty food at special prices just for us!
* Fan favorites from last year will be back including:  A Sausage, Peppers, and Onions Sandwich on a Toasted Baguette with Chipotle Aioli, the Breakfast Sandwich, the Bills Burger on Weck, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Garbage Plate Pizza, Tots, and Wings!  
* Of course, we will still have some awesome specials on beer including the always clutch $12 Pitcher of Blue Light or grab a can of Genny Cream Ale for $3 while they last!
WNY'ers are known for their mid-western sensibility and respect/friendliness towards others.  We ask that you please keep the game day environment enthusiastic, but respectful.  Please treat all patrons, servers, managers, door staff, and our awesome DJ with respect at all times.  If you have a problem, or see someone being disrespectful, please find one of your Bills Backers Committee Members (Chris Salemi, Kristen Salemi, Jeff Crump, Mike Hedges, George Pacil, Tim Sweeney, or Aimee O'Connell) to address the issue.  You can usually find us sitting at the Main Bar, on the corner closest to the front door or selling t-shirts and/or raffle tickets at the door.  When in doubt, ask a member of the staff to direct you to one of us.
We want to remind everyone to keep an eye on your  belongings, and if you see anyone behaving strangely or in a manner contrary to the celebratory game day environment, please let us know.  Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior of any kind will NOT be tolerated.  We love decorating the bar and want people to enjoy the game day experience, and we appreciate all of you who make it such a fun and friendly place to be each Sunday.
 The Location:
The Harp’s at 85 Causeway Street across from North Station and the TD Garden. It’s generally not too hard to find street parking in the area on Sunday morning, unless there’s an event at the Garden, when you’ll often have to pay for parking in a ramp or lot due to the crowd. The Center Plaza garage (on Congress Street across from City Hall) usually has $10-all-day parking on Sundays.  Public transportation options are the Commuter Rail and Green or Orange T lines to North Station, with a quick two block walk to The Harp.
The Harp will open up at 11am on Sundays. There are 2 bars and seating upstairs. Please feel free to seat yourself, just note that it’s first-come, first-serve. Obviously watching the game is the #1 priority, but if you are seated please take advantage of the awesome wait staff to order some food/beverages from the Harp’s menu.
As always, we’ll have the Bills game on in HD with audio on most of the TVs. Some special TVs for other games:
- Out of Town Games on TVs above front Windows: Want to keep posted on your fantasy team, or have a fan of another team in your group? No problem. The Harp has set aside the 3 TVs above the front windows to show other games around the league. Want a particular game on? Just ask one of the staff to see if they are able to accomodate your request. For those sitting in that upper bar area, the Bills game will most likely not be on these 3 TVs to accommodate the other games, but there is a large screen directly opposite them above the bar that will have the Bills on.
Back Bar Area: The small TV above the rear bar and the TV by the fire escape are available for out of town games if interested as well. Just ask the staff to see if they are able to accomodate.
All other TVs in the bar will have the Bills game on. We’ll also have our DJ back to help with announcements and entertain us at Half Time and during commercial breaks!
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Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/BostonBillsBackers
We’ll be posting event photos, information and other WNY related stuff to our Facebook page throughout the year.
Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/BostonBillsBackers
Whereas the Facebook page which is more informational, the Facebook group is for all of our members to contribute. Feel free to post photos, videos, articles or anything else that you think our WNY crowd would enjoy.
We want to help make the game day experience something you all enjoy. If there’s an issue or someone is causing a problem on game day, let one of your Bills Backers Committee Members know (Chris Salemi, Kristen Salemi, George Pacil, Jeff Crump, Mike Hedges, or Tim Sweeney) and we’ll work with The Harp staff to resolve the issue.  Also feel free to let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions, or ways to improve Sundays at the Harp. Drop us an email, direct message on twitter, facebook message, or just say hi on Sundays. We’re always open to new suggestions!

Welcome to all our new members, and welcome back to all our longtime faithful. Thanks for your support of the group, and helping turn The Harp into “a little 716 in the 617” every Bills gameday!  Come circle the wagons with us!
Your Bills Backers Committee,
Jeff, George, Kristen, Chris, Tim, Mike, and Aimee