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  • Performs on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon July 9th
Vanishing Point
Release Date: 1st April 2013
Label: Sub Pop
Format: CD/LP/DL
01) Slipping Away
03) What to Do with the Neutral
04) Chardonnay
05) The Final Course
06) In This Rubber Tomb
07) I Don’t Remember You
09) Sing This Song Of Joy
10) Douchebags on Parade
Nita Keeler
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Watch “I Like It Small” via YouTube

Mudhoney’s Vanishing Point, is the band’s excellent 9th album, released earlier this week via Sub Pop Records. The 10-track album is led by the singles “The Only Son of the Widow from Nain” and “I Like It Small”, along with highlights “What to Do with the Neutral,” and “Douchebags on Parade.”   
Premiering their hilarious (& claustrophobic) new video for “ I Like It Small” with
The video, directed by Carlos Lopez (Unnatural Helpers, The Intelligence), takes it cues from the song’s lyrical content (“Intimate settings”; “Dingy basements”) and sees the band in a practice space that becomes increasingly cramped, when suddenly all hell breaks loose. 
SPIN says of the clip, "What seems like an ordinary performance clip quickly evolves as various props and people are used to illustrate Arm's points along the way, with an especially gross shout-out to GG Allin followed by a handful of wardrobe changes, one bona fide pants-ing, and a very tiny piano solo” (see video premiere April 2nd). 

"25 years of caustic brilliance"  Mojo

"What's not to like?" NME

"Vanishing Point is another mean, but never nasty, irreverent yet blessed dispatch of garage rocking abandon…" The Scotsman

"unhinged super fuzz!" The List

"The reality that Vanishing Point is such a vibrant and quintessential Mudhoney album makes it a real triumph" MusicOMH

"Twenty-five years into the game and Mudhoney still play it like few others…. [Vanishing Point] is an unruly, wicked, scabrous, jazzy squall of impeccable garage rock…." Uncut
“Mark Arm has long ranked among rock's greatest Iggy Pop  impersonators, but now he's grizzled and filth-encrusted enough to actually out-Iggy Iggy.” - Pitchfork
Mudhoney will tour in support of Vanishing Point by having extended its North American and Europeantour schedule for 2013.  
Full US Dates Can be found HERE
European Dates, including a string of UK dates with label mates METZ are: 
04-Jun UK Brighton Concorde2
05-Jun UK Glasgow ABC
w/ Meat Puppets & METZ
06-Jun UK Newcastle Academy 2
w/ Meat Puppets & METZ
07-Jun UK Manchester Academy 2
w/ Meat Puppets & METZ
08-Jun UK London HMV Forum
w/ Meat Puppets & METZ
09-Jun UK Bristol Academy
10-Jun UK Birmingham HMV Institute - The Library
And last but certainly not least, we’d  like to take this opportunity to share the news that Mudhoney will perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on July 9th.  
25 years in, Vanishing Point decisively affirms that, even in an age where only the newest of the new can survive (and even then, only for a few weeks at best), Mudhoney still have plenty to say and more to offer. These are songs written from the rare vantage point of a band who went through the rock n’ roll meat-grinder and not only lived to tell such a tale, they came out full of the wisdom and dark humour such a journey provides. Vanishing Point is filled with dread, psychoanalysis and Nuggets-on-fire riffs; the sort of real, uninhibited rock music that is harder and harder to locate these days. With Vanishing Point, Mudhoney makes it easy. 

Every now and then, a combination will go beyond "appropriate" or "good" and result in something that forever alters the universe. Just imagine a world without chocolate and peanut butter, Doc Martens and a leather jacket, Beavis and Butthead, and of course, Mudhoney and Sub Pop. April 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of both Mudhoney and Sub Pop Records, and there could be no better band to represent the label, past, present and future. Nirvana, Saint Etienne and Fleet Foxes are swell, but no other group has consistently kicked as much ass as Mudhoney, nor has anyone come close. Through two and a half decades, sarcastic grins remain implanted on their grizzled faces, even as empty bottles and the sneakers of a stage-diver fly inches from their heads... (read more at Sub Pop).
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