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Plenty of interesting food for thought in the information provided below about the Mexican Manifesto and the direct parallels between what current Mexican officials are saying and Mein Kampf, Hitler's infamous Manifesto. I'd like to preface the information below by letting you know that my brother Steve's wife is from Ecuador, that she is like a sister to me, and that I am not the least bit "racist" in my orientation toward Latinos or Mexicans. Additionally, I have worked in Mexico, speak some Spanish, and by no means "hate" the Mexican people, (or anyone for that matter.)

The Marches for America planned for November 17th in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Yakima need your participation and support. http://mfa.allamericanpodcaster.com Details below. I need volunteers to give speeches at these marches about the threat of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which is the vehicle by which FDA is ushering in Codex. I can provide you with talking points, and audio files to help you prepare. Do not expect me to do all the work for you. I am only one person, and can't be everywhere at once. Please buoy my spirits today by emailing me at jham@iahf.com to let me know you will help.

Where I'm coming from is that you're either here legally or you're NOT, and it doesn't matter WHAT country you're from. Any nation that makes no attempt to defend its borders is no longer a nation. That idea is just fine with the Globalists who seek to turn this into a prison planet. They have the technology waiting in the wings to monitor our every move electronically via sophisticated mind control techniques which the CIA has been perfecting since the end of WW2. See http://www.us-government-torture.com

Their biggest obstacle is the United States Constitution and anyone who would seek to defend it, as well as anyone growing their own food since their intention is to use food as a weapon against us. Check out http://www.easygreen.com and start growing your own wheatgrass and sprouts hydroponically like I am doing. Get into raw foods. Doing so will make you healthier than you've ever been, and will give you far more energy to fight the New World Order. If you missed my previous info about this please see https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+687

They desire to kill 2/3ds of us and to enslave those who remain as you should realize by now assuming you viewed Alex Jones latest documentary film "END GAME" which can be seen  here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261

The Codex international threat to health freedom and FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter is just one part of this broader scam. (See http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232  You'll be very glad to know that yesterday IAHF has started teaming up with a very powerful DC based organization that has more resources than we have to properly address this FDA TCC situation. More on this as we're able to discuss it, but just know that we're not spinning our wheels. We ARE getting traction against this evil, and our momentum is only going to continue increasing as word gets around.


I don't ask you to uncritically accept anything discussed in Alex's film, the information below, or anything ELSE I send out to the IAHF list, but always urge you to probe this information on your own to decide for yourself how much of it to believe or not believe. 

However, that said, if after carefully examining the information provided below, you should happen to conclude, as I have, that the best chance we have of maintaining our access to healing nutrients and to alternative medical modalities in the face of the ruling elite's genocide and societal control agendas is to work tirelessly to defend American Sovereignty and to oppose the planned North American Union Dictatorship with every fiber of our beings------ then I urge you to go here: http://mfa.allamericanpodcaster.com/


Is The Mexican Manifesto . . . Mein Kampf Revisited?

Did the government of Mexico borrow their concept of ‘demographic warfare’ from Nazi Germany? Did you know that in Mein Kampf, Hitler espoused the belief that there was a need for Lebensraum (’living space’ i.e., land and raw materials). He expected to find that land to the East. It was an important part of the Nazi ideology. It provided the motivation for “Germany’s expansionist policies” in order to “provide extra space for the growth of the German population” and to create a “Greater Germany.”

MECha's North America It is obvious that the Mexican government is sponsoring and promoting their version of Lebensraum in their Mexican Manifesto. The invading Mexican ‘army’ of illegal aliens who loudly proclaim they are here to reconquista American territory and create a Greater Mexico is prima facie evidence that the Mein Kampf Nazi ideology of ‘demographic warfare’ exists. The application of the Lebensraum concept became crystal clear when Mexico’s current President Felipe Calderon, arrogantly announced in his, September 3, 2007, state-of-the-nation address, that: “Wherever there is a Mexican . . . that is Mexico.” His statement is NOT to be taken lightly.

Note: To find out what the Mexican Manifesto is, and why our government subversively promotes bilingualism throughout America, read my latest publication: Using Bilingualism to Subvert America found here. http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.com/Subversion.html

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