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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
December 15, 2009
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Neighborhood Safer Places
Neighborhood Safer Places (NSP) is a new concept that has evolved out of the tragic Victorian ‘Black Saturday’ bush fires in February 2009. A Neighborhood Safer Place (NSP) is a place of last resort for people during a bush fire. It can be part of your contingency plan, for a time when your Bush Fire Survival Plan cannot be implemented or has failed.

For off-shore residents the closest NSRs are:
  • Newport Arms
  • Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
  • Royal Motor Yacht Club
A full list of NSP in Pittwater follows.

(NOTE: It might be appropriate that we identify the Scotland Island Fire Station as the Island NSP, however, discussions with Fire Control and looking at the criteria shows that no places on the Island meet the requirements of the NSP policy. In the event of a catastrophic situation, members of the community would be best to make their way to a mainland NSP. We will be discussing this further with Warringah/Pittwater Fire Control.)

An NSP is an identified building or space within the community that can provide a higher level of protection from the immediate life threatening effects of a bush fire.

NSP’s still entail some risk, both in moving to them and while sheltering in them and cannot be considered completely safe. They are a place of last resort in emergencies only.

The following limitations of NSP need to be considered within your Bush Fire Survival Plan:
  •     NSP do not cater for pets
  •     When using NSP do not always expect emergency services to be present
  •     NSP do not provide meals, amenity or cater for special needs (e.g. for infants, the elderly, the ill or disabled)
  •     They may not provide shelter from the elements, particularly flying embers.

If an NSP is part of your contingency plan it should not require extended travel through fire affected areas to get there. If there is not sufficient time or it is unsafe to travel to an NSP you should then consider other pre identified safer locations such as your neighbours’ home or a wide open space.

In September 2009, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), in conjunction with other NSW emergency service organisations, developed guidelines for the identification of NSPs across the State of NSW. As part of this identification process, potential NSPs are assessed against a set of criteria to determine if the building or open space is suitable. The primary purpose of a NSP is the protection of human life.

Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMCs) have been tasked with the responsibility of identifying NSPs in their local area.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has now received recommended NSPs data from LEMCs for the majority of NSW. This data is currently being subject to a validation process to confirm that recommended NSPs satisfy the necessary criteria.

Remember to complete your Bush Fire Survival Plan to ensure that you and your family are prepared and know what to do in the event of a bush fire. If there is a suitable NSP nearby your home, you should note it in you Bush Fire Survival Plan. However, the NSP should only be considered as a place of last resort during a bush fire emergency.

NSP in Pittwater follows.

Narrabeen Sports High School  Building  Namona Street Mona Vale
Nelson Heather Centre  Building  4 Jackson Road Warriewood
Pittwater Rugby Park  Building  1472 Pittwater Road Warriewood
Mona Vale Bowling Club  Building  1598 Pittwater Road Mona Vale
Mona Vale golf Club  Building  Golf Avenue Mona Vale
Mona Vale Beach Surf Club  Building  Surfview Road Mona Vale
Pittwater RSL  Building  82 Mona Vale Road Mona Vale
Kitchener Park Sports Centre  Building  1610 Pittwater Road Mona Vale
Mona Vale Public School  Building  Waratah Street Mona Vale
Mona Vale Memorial Hall  Building  1606 Pittwater Road Mona Vale
Coles Supermarket, Pittwater P  Building  10 Park Street Mona Vale
Bayview Golf Club  Building  1825 Pittwater Road Bayview
Newport Arms  Building  Kalinya Street Newport
Newport Bowling Club  Building  Cnr Palm & Barrenjoey Road Newport
Newport Community Centre  Building  11 - 13 The Boulevarde Newport
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club  Building  16 Mitala Street Newport
Newport Beach Surf Club  Building  394 Barrenjoey Road Newport
Royal Motor Yacht Club  Building  46 Prince Alfred Parade Newport Beach
Avalon Beach Surf Club  Building  Barrenjoey Road Avalon
Avalon Beach RSL  Building  1 Bowling Green Lane Avalon Beach
North Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving  Building  Governor Phillip Park Palm Beach Road
North Narrabeen Reserve Open Space  1472 Pittwater Road Warriewood
Kitchener Park Open Space 1610 Pittwater Road Mona Vale
Dearin Reserve  Open Space  Cnr Kalinya & Gladstone Streets Newport
Newport Beach Reserve  Open Space  Barrenjoey Road Newport Beach
Avalon Beach Reserve 

This document is available to download here (in PDF format)

Toy Drive a Huge Success!summary Page
To all who donated new and used toys to the recent Toy Drive, many thanks.

It was a great success. I took one and a half car loads of toys donated from Islanders and Bay residents to the organisers, thanks to your generosity. I also want to thank Gill Unwin and Lisa McDonald for their help with the drive.

Dr Michelle Trudgett, from Warawara, the Indigenous Studies Department of Macquarie University, organised the drive and she has compiled a thank you notice with pictures of the children receiving their toys. You will see that Scotland Island gets a special mention.

You can download the full summary here (in PDF format)

Local Council Notices
Pittwater Council has voted to declare Rowland Reserve at Bayview an ‘alcohol-prohibited zone’ on New Years Eve.

The Council voted at its meeting this week to adopt a report that recommended a temporary alcohol prohibited zone at the reserve, following a spate of anti-social behaviour by revelers last New Year’s Eve.

In previous years, Rowland Reserve has become an informal gathering place for hundreds of teenagers on New Year’s Eve due to its proximity to local fireworks displays, but underage drinking and vandalism has marred the event.

Lindsay Godfrey, the Council’s Community, Library & Economic Development Manager said the Council had taken advice from local police before deciding to ban alcohol from the reserve on New Year’s Eve.

“After last year’s event the police expressed serious concerns to us about public safety and underage drinking and as a result we’ve taken this step,” he said.

The ban on alcohol at the reserve will come into effect from 6pm on 31 December and be in force until 6am on New Year’s Day.

Mr Godfrey said the Council would place temporary signage around the reserve in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve to make the public aware of the temporary ban.

“People can still come to Rowland Reserve to enjoy themselves and view the fireworks at the Newport Arms, but they won’t be able to consume alcohol.”

He said that police would patrol the reserve during the evening and confiscate alcohol if necessary, as well as imposing on-the-spot fines.

Media contact:  Lindsay Godfrey, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1166

Pittwater, Manly and Warringah Councils have just released the 2010/2011 edition of the Retirement Housing Guide for older residents on the northern beaches.

The free guide is to provide residents over the age of 55 with useful and up-to-date information on accommodation options that suit both lifestyle and housing needs as they approach retirement.

Pittwater Council’s Mayor Harvey Rose said the guide provided information a number of choices for older residents as they approach retirement.

He said there were various agencies to assist residents in finding the right housing solution to meet individual needs.

“There are over 30 retirement complexes across the northern beaches. plus other options such as residential aged care facilities including nursing homes and hostels,” Cr Rose said.

“Of course, more people are choosing to stay at home and services to support older residents remaining in their own home are thoroughly covered in the guide.”

“These services may be the assistance of a cleaner, gardener, transport and/or nursing aid if required,” Cr Rose added.

Copies of the guides are available at www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/community/older_people or from the councils aged services workers. They are also available at councils customer service centres, libraries, neighbourhood and community centres across the northern beaches.  

Media contacts:
Angela Boyle, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1199
Jane Elliot, Warringah Council Ph: 9942 2563
Angela Doolan, Warringah Council Ph: 9942 2560
Sandra Faase/ Cathy Kellick , Manly Council  Ph: 9976 1562

Carols at Carols  Sunday, 20 December
5-6pm  - Start, Harold Reserve, Carols wharf
6.30pm  - Mystery Guest arrives
8.00pm  - Carol singing accompanied by local musicians

An evening for the whole family. Bring along a picnic blanket, drinks, food, torches & your best singing voices.

To help our Mystery Guest, please bring a small gift with your child's name on it.
Please keep gifts under $5.

Christmas Choir
December 22,  Frog Hollow at 7:30pm
then on to
Church Point around 8:30pm

The choir will be singing aboard Toby and Dave’s lovely timber working barge, Laurel Mae, at Frog Hollow from 7:30  (unless there’s a howling southerly which will mean anchoring in Lovett Bay).
They will then move on to Church Point for another recital at about 8:30.

Penny from Church Point Ferry Service is happy to co-ordinate a ferry service for this as long as there are enough people interested - please contact her as soon as you can

Penny Gleen
Church Point Ferry Service
0433 038 408

Scotland Island Dog Race
Christmas Eve 6pm @ Church Point

Register your Dog before 5:30pm
Entry fee is 1 Longneck (Cold) and 1 x Large Tin Dog Food

Official starting time 6pm (or thereabouts)

Contact Rus from Pittwater Offshore Services on 0415-464-733 for information

logoChurch Point Ferry Service
Christmas Day Timetable
Limited Ferry services will operate on Christmas Day only - all other days normal services apply.

Christmas Day Ferry Operating Times.

Depart Church Point
  • 8:20
  • 8:30
  • 9:30
  • 10:30
  • 4:30
  • 5:30
Ferry Phone 0408 296 997
Admin Phone: 0433 038 408
Email info@churchpointferryservice.com

Scotland Island Dog Race T-Shirt
T-shirt will be available to purchase soon

Ferry driver Carrie Towers will be selling T-Shirts the minute they becomes available - they will also be available at Church Point on the day of the Dog Race.


Gwyn can be reached on g.perkins@gwyn.com.au

Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach