Volume I     Issue 17

January 30, 2008 

  ***New Feature Launch***

Great Adventure:

Then & Now

 Our new section showcases changes made in the park over the years, from initial construction in 1974, to the newest rides and sections.

 Flip through hundreds of Then & Now photographs to revisit your favorite attractions and see how they've changed over time.

Featured Galleries:

Initial Construction

Park Postcards

The Golden Kingdom

Plaza del Carnaval

Bugs Bunny National Park

Wiggles World

General Park Photos 

  Batman The
Ride Then






New In the Galleries:

New articles about Warner LeRoy & the Park

Some interesting new articles have been posted highlighting the colorful founder of Great Adventure.

For Example: In 1974 a husband and wife approach Warner LeRoy walking through Great Adventure:
"What can I do for you?" LeRoy asks.
"Well, it's about the lion that ate our tire," the man said, "He bit it and put a slow leak in it."
"You should feed your animals," his wife chimed in.
"Maybe we should feed them tires," LeRoy mused.

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Where in the Park?

As a kick off to the new Goodtime Alley feature, we proudly present our first contest, "Where in the Park?"

Submit your guesses and you could win an amazing GreatAdventureHistory Time Capsule prize pack!

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