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eFlightPlan - December 2013
Vol 1 Issue 9 December 2013

Happy Holidays from eFlightPlan!

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The Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine has plenty of holiday getaways like McCall, Idaho (pictured above), Deep Creek Lake, Md., and Branson, Mo. (below).

Branson, Mo. — Are you looking for a Country Christmas celebration? Look no further than Branson, Mo., the live music capital of the world. Author Patricia Strutz takes you on a tour through this unique town, where many of Country music's biggest stars have their own elaborately decorated theaters, and the performances combine the soul of Nashville with the glitz of Las Vegas.

Carlsbad, CA

At Christmastime, you'll have your pick of productions with Country Western music, holiday tunes, high-kicking chorus girls, light-hearted humor, inspiring instrumentals, or haunting a capellas.

Some of the most popular include the Osmond Family, the Lennon Sisters, and Japanese-American country music fiddler Shoji Tabuchi, the ultimate showman. Along with his family and a large cast, Tabuchi dances, sings, and plays a variety of instruments. You'll hear Christmas and Country music mixed with patriotic, polka, and Cajun tunes.

Silver Dollar City is a theme park with rollercoasters and other rides, a real cave tour, and onsite restaurants. Trees and buildings are illuminated for a spectacular light show, including a five-story special effects tree, nightly holiday parades down Main Street, and a living nativity scene on the riverfront.


Musical productions include Frank Capra's "It’s a Wonderful Life," Dickens' "Christmas Carol," and others.

The lake front boasts street entertainers and a huge water fountain show, or go for a paddleboat or luxury yacht cruise on the lake.

With so many entertainment venues, the city offers a wide variety of accommodations, and dining options range from fresh fish on a lake barge to deliciously slow-smoked Southern barbeque.

Branson offers more entertainment than you could possibly pack into a weekend; you'll be back!

Read the whole article in the current issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine!

Warbird Pinup Girls Collector's Book

"Warbird Pinup Girls: A Tribute to the 1940s Nose Art Pinup Girls" is now available online for $30 from Elysium Multimedia, publishers of the popular Warbird Pinup Girls calendars.

Described as "the ultimate Warbird Pinup Girls collector's photography book," this 8.5- by 11-inch full-color, softbound book is filled with never-before-seen photos from the company's collection, including sneak peeks at the 2015 edition of the pinup calendar.

The pinup calendars are the creation of artist/photographer Christian Kieffer, who has been finding some of the world's most beautiful women, dressing them in 1940s attire, and photographing them pinup-style with immaculately restored World War II-vintage warbirds.


The over-100-page book includes commentary by Kieffer. Each previously unpublished full-size pinup photo is accompanied by a collage of photos from the photo shoot, plus static shots of the warbird used.

Warbird Pinup Calendar

The company sends calendars and care packages to American troops stationed overseas each year, and the website has letters of thanks from deployed soldiers, who say the tasteful photos remind them of the "greatest generation" and what they are fighting for now. The books are available for $30, 717-871-9137, www.WarbirdPinups.com.




Recreational Aviation Foundation


Deaf Pilots Association

Think Global Flight


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Understanding Icing
by Crista V. Worthy

As winter bears down upon us, it's worth reviewing some basic principles of icing. Certainly your goal should always be to quickly exit an area of icing, even in an airplane approved for flight into known ice (FIKI). Icing can occur if: (1) the temperature is below freezing, (2) you are in a cloud with liquid water, (3) the droplets are large enough, and (4) you stay in the cloud long enough for ice to build up. The rate of ice build-up may depend upon what type of cloud you're in.

Ice can build up twice as fast in cumulus clouds with high water content, but the area of icing in cumulus clouds is normally not as widespread as in a stratus cloud, so as you move through, or climb or descend, the time spent in icing conditions could be small. Another important thing to remember about clouds is that the greatest amount of liquid water generally occurs near cloud tops, due to the cooling and condensing with height above cloud bases (this is especially true for cumulus clouds).

Similarly, the chances of icing are greater just below the freezing level; at colder temperatures water droplets are tinier, and as the temperature continues to fall, water droplets are more likely to become ice crystals. One dangerous condition can cause icing even if you are not in a cloud: freezing rain or drizzle can exist down to ground level below a cloud deck, causing ice to form during takeoff, landing, or ground ops if the surface temperature is below freezing...

(read the full article)

Santa Monica City Sues FAA

On Oct. 31, the City of Santa Monica sued the FAA for control of the Santa Monica Airport, challenging the FAA's claim that the field must be operated "in perpetuity." The City Council has tried for years to close the busy airport, which is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. The suit says the 1948 agreement between the city and federal authorities is unconstitutional, and asks the court to name the city as owner of the airport's 227 acres. The airport is home to several flight schools and nearly 300 aircraft, and is a popular destination for business jets. During World War II, the Defense Department took over the airport and invested in runway and facility improvements. After the war, the field was returned to the city with the stipulation that it remain an airport. AOPA says the suit by the city "lacks any merit" and is simply a "desperate bid" by the city to close the field. AOPA recently conducted a survey and found that 70 percent of Santa Monica residents support keeping the airport open.

In an attempt to drive away airport business, the City Council in August imposed landing fees that amount to over $12 per touchdown for a Cessna 172 and apply even to locally based aircraft. The latest idea, recommended by the City Airport Commission, is to reduce flight operations by 47 percent by requiring all operators to obtain and pay for a Flight Operations Permit before taking off or landing at SMO. The number of permits would be reduced annually to limit the operations to the desired number. Pilots landing without a permit will be required to buy one after landing. If all permits for that month have been sold, the penalty would be the same as a noise violation penalty, which starts at $2,000. http://www.smgov.net/departments/airport/.


Aspect Solar


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