Must Read Book.....................Eugenicist David Rockefeller.........His UN Plan to Cull our Numbers......Another Must Read Book That Counters Agenda 21
IAHF List: In my last alert, I told you that the FDA has just attacked us with a New Dietary Ingredients "Guidance" Document that threatens to ban 70% of the ingredients currently used to manufacture dietary supplements. This attack threatens to turn the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 which has been protecting our access to supplements literally upside down. Please go here to send in a form letter to the FDA and Congress which opposes this criminal, Rockefeller pepetrated eugenics/genocide agenda.
In my last alert along with telling you about the latest FDA attack on supplements, I also provided in depth information on whats behind it: UN Agenda 21, a 40 chapter document that flat out tells us of the Rockefellers intentions to cull our numbers down to one billion people. That means the ruling elite intend to kill off nine out of ten of us, but we're not going to let this happen because we're going to fight back with everything we have! In my last alert I provided you with numerous resources to help us thwart UN Agenda 21. If you didn't read that alert carefully to see how you can oppose this directly where you live, please go back and read it carefully!
In THIS alert, I'm going to go a few steps FURTHER to help us oppose the elite's evil agenda, and you're going to want to read both books I'm telling you about above because they're both incredibly powerful weapons that we can use to safeguard our health while countering Agenda 21.
Were you aware that according to the World Health Organization one out of every two people will die from either a heart attack or stroke? Did you know that by the age of 25, one out of every two people has developed the preliminary stage of heart attack and stroke called arteriosclerosis? You could have this condition yourself, but you'll be glad to know its very easily reversed using inexpensive supplements including vitamin C, lysine, coenzyme Q10 and others that you can learn about from Dr.Lange's book pictured above.
Were you aware that contrary to mainstream media brainwashing, cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and that its actually good for you? Did you know that statin drugs used to "treat" heart diease actually rob your body of coenzyme Q10, a nutrient that is critical to proper functioning of the heart? Did you know that high cholesterol helps prevent cancer and that high cholesterol helps your libido? Did you know that many studies correlate low cholesterol with behavioral violence and also with Alzheimers disease?  Did you know that heart drugs are the deadliest pharmaceuticals on the market and that they generate the largest sector of pharmaceutical sales? Did you know that cholesterol is the starting substance most important to manufacture of male and female sex hormones- that fertility rates are directly tied to it???
If you have the impression that there is a deliberate effort going on to lie to us about cholesterol by people wanting to make a ton of money off ineffective heart drugs that strip us of a substance that helps us produce children, prevent cancer, and prevent Alzheimers (other illnesses they love to generate since they make money off them too...... you're RIGHT!!) Cholesterol is also critical to make vitamin D which we need to keep our bones strong, so it helps prevent osteoporosis- something else the pharma cartel makes money off.... Cholesterol is also the primary building block for trillions of cells in our body----- so by telling us that cholesterol is "bad", the ruling elite are directly attacking us on a cellular level in an effort to break us down and destroy us.
Did you know that the REAL cause of heart attacks and strokes is lipoprotein (a), a cement like protein used to repair cracks in arterial walls. Over time, it builds up inside arteries and eventually clogs them. When this happens in the heart, it is called a heart attack, when it happens in the brain, it is called a stroke- but the cause is the same. The solution is a simple nutritional protocol involving very inexpensive nutrients including vitamin C, lysine, coenzyme Q 10 and others. Anyone can very inexpensively protect themselves from ever having a heart attack or stroke by reading How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease- The Billion Dollar Cholesterol Scam Exposed by Gottfried A. Lange, MD, an orthomolecular doctor who truly supports our health freedom cause. If you go to this link, you can order this book right now as either an e-book or in printed form. I've read it, and urge you to do the same because it will save a lot of lives while directly helping to counter UN Agenda 21. I'm sure the Rockefellers would love to be able to burn every copy!
Friends, when Jack Philipps contacted me we talked for a long time about orthomolecular medicine, the suppressed alternative treatment mode that saved my life thirty two years ago after mainstream medicine almost killed me. Jack is in his nineties, he's a WW2 veteran, and has an all consuming passion for countering UN Agenda 21!

At a time when the high cost of pharmaceutical prescription drugs and ineffective mainstream medical care is bankrupting America and all other western nations, Jack's book must be widely read and put into the hands of every senator and congressman and their staffs. His Rush amendment must be pushed through every state legislature and he's built this website to facilitate that.

I'm going to let Jack tell you about this important book in his own words, and urge you to get a copy and to tell more people about it. Use the information in it to help push the Rush Amendment through your State legislature to defend health freedom from the FDA. I am going to send copies to my Senators and Congressman and urge you to do the same while simultaneously demand they help us counter the FDA's criminal NDI Guidance document.
SUPPRESSED MEDICAL SCIENCE is a wake up call for Americans. It tells how our low cost, satisfactory medical care system of 1900, where physicians took care of patients even if they were unable to pay for the service, turned into the most expensive, low quality system in the world with physicians requiring payment up front. It also discloses how promising developments in medical science were suppressed by the Physicians Union and how cancer may soon replace heart disease as the number one killer.
It suggests State Constitutional Amendments to establish the natural right of citizens of each state and their medical care providers to freedom of choice in medical care and practice to break the grip of the medical cartel forseen in 1787 by Dr. Benjamin Rush, M.D., one of the Founding Fathers.
The Freedom of Choice in Medical Care Foundation seeks to initiate a Renaissance in American Medicine starting with  the treatment of the seriously mentally ill. The current waste of potentially valuable people  by member of the Psychiatrists Union is morally dispicable in my opinion. The following article provides the basis for Jack's conclusion.

It is a fact that mental patients have better outcomes in underdeveloped countries than they do in America. The 50% natural cure rate of schizophrenia, achieved by the Quaker insane asylum near Philadelphia in the 1800s, has been reduced to about 10% by modern psychiatrists. This is deplorable when cures of over 90% of acute cases of schizophrenia, treated within two years of the onset of the disease, have been achieved. The cause of this unacceptable waste of valuable people is the unwillingness of a medical union, the American Psychiatric Association, to accept advancements in medical science achieved over 55 years ago. Millions of people of above average intelligence and capability have been condemned to a third class existence as a result and billions of dollars a year are being wasted. This unconscionable waste of money and people needs to be stopped now!
Most regular or allopathic physicians are taught to treat patients in accordance with the Standards of Care in this country. They are encouraged to follow the lead of more experienced physicians with minimal deviations. Their unions, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, promote the idea that graduates of approved medical schools with a license to practice medicine are equally capable of providing satisfactory medical services to the public. They discourage competition between members. They go to great lengths to discourage medical pioneers whose advancements in medical practices threaten the incomes of their members. Independent medical scientists, with or without an M.D. degree, are not popular with the unions, or with average physicians before the union existed, as the historical record shows.

For example in 1843 Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D., a professor of medicine in the United States, published his conclusion that obstetricians could reduce the incidence of childbed fever, which caused the painful death of many American women during the 19th century, by washing their hands before touching  patients. Almost immediately obstetricians objected to the idea. It was not until 1883, when the Boston Lying In hospital in Massachusetts took up antiseptic practices, that Holmes idea was accepted by the majority of physicians. Meanwhile many women died of preventable childbed fever.

In Europe, a few years after Holmes's publication, Ignaz Semmelweis, M.D., a young Hungarian physician in a Hospital in Vienna, Austria, came to the same conclusion as Holmes and met with similar resistance from European physicians. Even after death rates from childbed fever plummeted in his ward after medical students and physicians were required to wash their hands before examining their maternity patients, the majority of European physicians refused to accept this advancement in medical science.  Thousand of European women died painful deaths as a result. It was not until after many publications of the English surgeon Lister describing the advantages of antiseptic procedures in surgery, that childbed fever became uncommon in Europe.
In the early days of the 20th century Frederick Koch, PhD, M.D., developed a homeopathic, oxidation catalyst capable of curing a number of diseases including cancer. Physician's union members refused to investigate his advancement in science and the union prevented publication of his research. Ultimately, despite the fact that cancer death rates around Chicago where he lived and worked had decreased while increasing in the rest of the country, The Food and Drug Administration decided to prosecute him under a new 1938 law against (dangerous) drugs. He was first jailed on a holiday weekend and then subjected to two trials which cost him $400,000 in legal expense. The FDA was unable to obtain a conviction, but they convinced him that he could no longer afford to live in his own country and he left for Brazil. Subsequently physicians using his technology were threatened with loss of licenses to practice medicine if they continued to do so. After they stopped using his medications, a group of ministers who had been producing them went out of business.

During the Polio epidemic in the United States Dr. Frederick Klenner, B.S., M.S., M.D., cured 60 polio patients with massive injections of sodium ascorbate, the sodium salt of vitamin C. None of them were paralyzed. They were all cured of the disease in a matter of hours, some in as few as 72 hours. This achievement was announced by Dr. Klenner at a meeting of the American Medical association, and duly recorded in their Journal. Over 50 years later there is still no record of widespread use of this low cost technology. Instead there is a report that one of the developers of polio vaccines tried vitamin C therapy on a monkey with polio and it failed to cure the monkey. In 2002 Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D., dedicated a book to Klenner called VITAMIN C, INFECTIOUS DISEASES & TOXINS, Curing the Incurable. In it he identifies a long list of diseases which can be cured and prevented with vitamin C. These include childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and hepatitis which the medical establishment is attempting to eradicate with the immunization program accompanied by a new American epidemic of autism and autism spectrum diseases and a substantial increase in crib deaths.

In more recent times, Abram Hoffer, PhD, M.D. and Humphrey Osmund M.D. proved, via six double blind studies, that acute cases of schizophrenia could be cured by Orthomolecular Psychiatry and potential societal burdens converted into valuable taxpayers. Since only 10 to 20% of all medical procedures have been proven with double blind studies, one would think that their research would be accepted with open arms. Not so! Instead the Psychiatrists Union, the American Psychiatric Association, in the best tradition of physicians willing to let women patients die a painful death from childbed fever, because they didn't want to wash their hands, have condemned their schizophrenic patients to shortened lifespan and mental and physical deterioration under the influence of psychiatric drugs. This was accomplished by the simple expedient of having scientifically incompetent union members misconstrue scientific evidence and condemn this new technology in a report provided to psychiatrists. Psychiatrists accepted the APA report without a second thought Since the Medical Union controls medical publications, effective rebuttal in prestigious journals was impossible.

Hoffer and Osmund published a 128 page criticism of the APA report but to little effect because it was in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine which MEDLINE has refused to abstract for over 35 years. Most physicians don't know that this journal, which contains papers by Linus Pauling and other well known scientists, exists. Linus Pauling also published comments about the APA report, but he was already ostracized by the medical establishment for his work on vitamin C.  Other members avoided him at meetings of the National Academy of Sciences according to reports. Harold Klein, Ph.D., also rebutted the report’s negative findings regarding the HOD test used by Hoffer and Osmund to evaluate schizophrenics in the course of their therapy.  All to no avail.

As Richard Passwater, Ph.D., a biochemist, mentions in his 1975 book SUPERNUTRITION there is proof that mental illness has a biochemical basis in that symptoms can be switched off and on at will by adding or withdrawing megavitamin therapy. He believed that deficiencies in B vitamins and vitamin C were responsible for most mental and emotional illnesses. He mentions that Dr. F. Lucksch, a German psychiatrist, reported that 75% of his patients had vitamin C deficiencies and administering large doses of vitamin C improved two-thirds of them in support of this belief. He said that that the probable reason when this therapy was not much used by psychiatrists was that it is so opposed to what they have been taught that they refuse to consider seriously that it could work. This is mega-ignorance.

Passwater notes that  David R. Hawkins, M.D., Medical Director if the North Nassau Mental Health Center  in New York in a book, ORTHOMOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY, that he edited with Linus Pauling, Ph.D., reported that the number of yearly visits required per patient at his institution dropped from 150 to 15 when megavitamin therapy was added to drug therapy. Also the rehospitalization rate dropped by 50% and the hospital saved $100,000 per year as a result. In contrast the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, on December 10 1972, that a patient suffering from malnutrition, as a result of a reducing diet, was admitted to seven different mental hospitals, at a cost of $230,000, during five years of treatment.

Natasha Campbell McBride, MD's recent advancements in state of the art of treating psychological and psychiatric problems of children and adults are also ignored by medical union members. She has found that her mental patients were also physically sick. They were plagued with digestive disorders, malnutrition, allergies and other problems.  She found that abnormal microbial flora which prevents “appropriate digestion and absorption of food”. This “gut disbiosis” cause unbalanced immune systems with overactive Th2 cells and underactive Th1 cells. Babies (and other people) with compromised immune systems are plagued by infections. Antibiotics and vaccinations may cause additional damage to their gut flora and immune systems. Research indicates that many of these patients  carry myelin basic protein and neuron axial basic protein, autoantibodies capable of attacking their nervous systems and brains.

Gut disbiosis results when pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi invade unprotected digestive systems and generate toxins. It is often associated with hypoglycemia and yeasts. For example the Candida and Clostridia families of yeasts ferment carbohydrates and produce alcohol and acetaldehyde as well as other toxins that affect the brain. Candida cells have claws which create tiny holes in the walls of the small intestines which allow undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream stress the immune system, cause widespread problems with body systems and set the stage for development of allergies. This leaky gut syndrome interferes with the proper absorption of nutrients from food and dietary supplements. Reducing or eliminating a patients intake of sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates can bring yeasts under control.  This makes elimination of disbiosis easier.

The next step, repair of a patient's digestive and immune systems,  requires rebuilding a protective bacterial covering of the  gut. Ingestion of probiotics, lacto fermented foods and foods and drinks rich in good bacteria such as kimchu, kefir, kvass and kombucha helps repopulate the gut with useful bacteria. When this is accomplished correction of nutritional deficiencies with mega quantities of dietary supplements makes psychological and psychiatric problems easier to solve according to Dr. Campbell-McBride.

Dr. Hoffer reported that: Schizophrenic patients, before they become sick and after they recover, have many physical and psychological advantages. They are generally more attractive, and they age more gracefully. Their hair does not gray so fast. They can better withstand physical pain. They become arthritic less often and they have cancer much less frequently and when they do get cancer they recover….Psychologically, those with schizophrenia are morre creative and enterprising. They tend to see relationships in the world that the rest of us do not see. Many brilliant writers, poets, artists, even Nobel Laureates had these good genes. Quite evidently these people can be important assets for a country and should not be consigned to jails as they are in Florida where, in 2007, it cost $250 million to support them and $70 million to build more jail cells for them.

The First Amendment to the Constitution protects freedom of speech. It was promulgated because the Founding Fathers realized that, without adequate information, free Americans could not make good decisions and insure their freedom. Control of information by medical unions has left Americans in the dark about matters affecting their health and welfare. As a result we are suffering the consequences. Besides the hundreds of thousands of yearly deaths from iatrogenic diseases, millions of us with serious mental diseases are condemned to live a third class existence because of unwillingness of psychiatrists to adopt a proven technology. This is intolerable. It may be criminal. It needs your action now! Join us to make Orthomolecular Psychiatry widely available for treatment of the mentally ill.     

Florida needs its own Benjamin Rush Amendment passed by its Legislature and included in its Bill of Rights. You need this to protect your access to dietary supplements, patients rights and HEALTH FREEDOM. As Howard Bealle said in the movie NETWORK: First you've got to get mad! I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Daniel Haley, former New York State Assemblyman, author of POLITICS IN HEALING, agreed that  "You need to get PITCHFORK MAD before you'll see any change in your medical care system!"

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