Release Date: 18th March 2013
Label: JauneOrange
Format: CD/LP/DL
For Fans of: Jon Spencer, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Bob Log III and In The Red Records
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01. The Best Burger
02. Keep This Love
03. Worm Wolf
04. T.E.T.B.B eat Sushi
05. Can't Change
06. Nothing To Prover (Part 1)
07. Nothing To Prover (Part 2)
08. Do It To Me
09. Break Up
10. Sex Games
11. Holy Peace Of Wood
12. Fantasy World
Nita Keeler
+44 (0)1600 892 690
Liquid Love – taking its name from a meeting club on Bedford Ave. NYC is an album about fantasies, sex, love and burgers - is The Experimental Tropic Blues Band’s first album produced by one of rock n roll’s leading experts, Jon Spencer.

With Spencer in the driving seat at NY HED studios everything you hear on Liquid Love – from the noisy pipes of the heating system and all the new instruments the band picked up for the first time - was recorded in the moment - spontaneity being the key. The tracks were all recorded directly onto analog tapes, the overdubs being cast aside and natural errors functioning to breathe life and make each track come alive. 

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band - Boogie Snake, Dirty Coq and Devil D Inferno - head at top speed belching their epileptic blues-rock. They tirelessly preach wild trashy dirty rock blues –  the very core of rock n roll. 
Gold Star PR, Wyastone Business Park, Wyastone Leys, Monmouth, NP25 3SR

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