May 2020
Wade smiling
Wednesday, June 3, 6 pm CDT
He will be posting from his home.
Yes,  that is the date we planned to have the Wade Hayes Friends Fest Luncheon.
You can watch it here https://www.facebook.com/officialwadehayes/
If that time doesn't work for you, watch it later at your convenience.
I have set up a "tip bucket" on PayPalwww.paypal.me/wadehayesfriendsfest.
It is open now. You DO NO need a PayPal account to participate.
Special for the Wade Hayes fans who read WOWW1 Send me your song requests.  I will compile them for Wade to use as his playslist.  Deadline of 6 pm on Tuesday June 2.
Send to wadehayesfriendsfest@comcast.net  or wadehayesnews@comcast.net

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 * Appearances  - For Details including times, tickets and address/map/directions go to http://wadehayes-woww.com/wadehayestour.html
5/31 Panama City Beach FL - Holiday Inn Resort 
7/10 Ponce De Leon, FL - Vortex Springs Resort 
10/24 Granbury, TX - The New Granbury Live 
The July date in Virginia is no longer on the calendar. The August Dosey Doe date has been postponed.
Who Saved Who  - Wade's latest album - was released December 13
In Case You Missed It
Talking with Wade
About those Wade imposters
Be Kind 

Wade's newest album - Who Saved Who - was released December 13
You can order the album at Wade's official site. https://store.wadehayes.com/
You can purchase a download at Amazon.com, iTunes or other sites that have mp3 downloads available.
You can see the video of the title song at either Wade's official site or on YouTube.

In Case You Missed It - On the Net
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  • A backstage interview with Wade and Joe Diffie at the Tribute to Earl Thomas Conley gathering. To see more on this event check out the article on Sounds Like Nashville.
  • Music City Bar & Grill - A full band performance led by Wade Hayes with band mates Megan Mullins, Kevin Key, Dink Cook and Dave McAfee. This 48 minute show was a real treat.  2/12/2020
  • Hats Off to the 80s & 90s  - Mulltiple artists live stream a performance during Covid-19 shelter in place time.  This is a two hour salute by country hit makers of the 80s and 90s. Headed by T Graham Brown, it includes performances by Bryan White, Wade Hayes, Tim Rushlow, David Frizzell, Ronnie McDowell, Tim Atwood, And Lulu Roman. 3/23/202

Talking with Wade
I didn't attempt an interview this time. Wade has been extremely busy working on the two houses he owns getting them ready for the market. Also, most of  you know April was a very difficult month for him and Lea. The Covid-19 safety issues and the passing of 3 near and dear to them: Lea's dad, their dog Jack, and Wade's dad.
I felt that getting him to do the Facebook Live performance was the most I could ask.
Prayers for comfort and strength for them. Thank you.
About those Wade imposters on Facebook and Twitter
Wade fans - Heads up - Recognize those who are imitating Wade on Facebook and TWITTER.  Wade doesn’t reach out personally to anyone from his official facebook page. He doesn’t ask for money for any reason. It seems when one pretender is taken down, another pops up. Their copycat sites look real.  They copy pictures from his official page. Beware. Look for the number of followers. If it doesn't have over 140,000, it's a fake. Notify facebook and Wade’s management team if someone is trying to scam you. Wade's official Twitter account name is @wadehayes1.  Any variation on that is an illegal copycat. Don't be fooled. Lately, they've also been imitating his mother, Trisha Hayes.

Be Kind!
I’ve been asked to remind the members of this group that Private lives are PRIVATE, including Wade’s and anyone else’s. Persistent questioning of someone about private issues amounts to harassment. I’m asking those who feel they are being targeted with out of order questions and comments to send me names.

Wade's Official Web Site - includes a merchandise store
You can check out past events that included Wade on the Links page.

Wade and any other knowledgeable person will testify that Wade has some of the best, most supportive fans in the music industry. Your support of him and his music has lifted his Facebook Fan page to the stratosphere of over 145,800 likes. Way to Go! 
As Wade enters a new and exciting phase of his career, his management team wants to thank you for your past and your future support. You’ve been positive and respectful in your online comments and you’ve posted many great pictures. It is of immense help to Wade when you post your best pictures - without red-eye and without blurring. As you look at the pictures you plan to post, please eliminate any pictures that could be considered unflattering. They may well remind you of a special time, but think of them from the artist’s viewpoint. Wade is at his best now. Show him off, proudly!
Ask one of your local venues to book him. Get others to ask also. Talent buyers can email his manager, Mike Robertson, at mike@mrmmusic.com.  That email is for talent buyers, not fans. If you have questions, I'll try to get the answers. Reach me at wadehayesnews@comcast.net. 
GUIDELINES FOR USE OF HIS MATERIAL - pic, name, logo, signature
We need to call this issue to the attention of fans. Any item for sale that looks like official merchandise - that is - contains the Wade Hayes name, logo, picture or signature must have written approval from his management. All of those emblems of Wade are owned by him as part of his business. Even if they are being sold to benefit a charity, the design must be submitted to and approved by management in writing.

Social Media - 
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WOWW! Site  - Fan Club Site
Wade's Facebook Music Page 
Wade's Facebook Fan Club Page
Wade's Twitter Account

The Links page is your source for finding pics, videos, reviews on other sites.
WadeHayes-WOWW.com Links Page

Refer talent buyers to Wade's management
Mike Robertson Management
Phone: 615-329-4199
Fax: 615-329-3923
E-mail: mike@mrmmusic.com
If you want to see Wade in your local area, ask your favorite venues to seek booking information.
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Messages for Wade can be sent to the the Robertson Management address. Mark ATTN: Wade Hayes
Wade has requested, "No presents, please."