June 2016
DWG ENews June 2016
Menorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map (6th edition)
ISBN 9781782750284
Moving on to our 6th edition has included the usual detail updating of roads for some new roundabouts and street developments, improvements to the colour model used for altitude shading and better urban areas. The major updates are in the addition of a lot more named historical sites and how we are showing walking routes for Walk! Menorca and the Camí de Cavalls. We have a new multi-layer design specification for 'official' walking routes which makes them really stand out on the map design, red for Walk! and green for the CdC. This makes the routes easier to find on the map and easier to follow on the ground, especially where routes move from a walking trail onto a dirt track then onto a road and then back to a walking trail. We have already received very positive reviews on this new design specification for our new 2016 Ibiza, Formentera and Lanzarote Tour & Trail Maps and we will be applying this latest design criteria to all new Tour & Trail Maps.

Not everything is wonderful as the access to Torre Blanca from the Camí de Cavalls (Walk 16) is now signed as 'private – no pedestrians' see our Camí de Cavalls update below.
Camí de Cavalls updates for Walk! Menorca
While the finalising of the Cami de Cavalls (CdC) has been a great resource for walking on Menorca, it has caused the island government and landowners to concentrate on this official route around the island, possibly at the expense of other walking routes.
We’ve prepared update notes on how your copy of Walk! Menorca works with the CdC.
Thank You –
Here’s your free digital Custom Map (or pdf Walk! Book) to say thanks for your review.

The very best thing about being Discovery Walking Guides is when you tell us how our books and maps have improved, or made, your holiday adventures. You also keep us up to date with your observations that are invaluable for our updating to new editions. Lots of you post reviews on amazon.co.uk and other review sites, which we would like to encourage.
If you are prepared to take a couple of minutes posting a review then we would like to show our thanks by sending you a dwg digital product of your choice. This could be the pdf version of a Walk! book or the Custom Map digital edition of a Tour & Trail Map. You can post as many reviews as you like as our offer applies to each review.
For amazon.co.uk you will need to be an amazon customer to post a review; other web sites may have similar conditions for posting reviews. It would be good to see reviews appearing on sites like Wordery, Blackwells, Stanfords etc.
We all like to see positive 4-5 star reviews of products so if you have a problem with one of our books or maps then talk to us first.
Waypoint Downloads now include both gpx and txt waypoints

Last week we had a complaint from 'David H' about our ‘gpx waypoint downloads’.
After a couple of emails David phoned 'David H' to try and sort out the problem. What he wanted was a list of waypoints, but that is difficult to do with gpx files unless you have some gps software. David then re-engineered our downloadable waypoint files so that now you download a zip file that contains the waypoints in both gpx format (great for using with gps software) and txt format which open in any text editor as a waypoint list for clients who prefer to load waypoints manually.
If David H’s criticism had appeared as a review we might have dismissed it as technophobe but by talking to us, we now have a new system that benefits everybody.
Lanzarote Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map Review
Here's a great review of our latest Lanzarote Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map from a useful website - click HERE.
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