IAHF List:

Please visit http://www.nocodexgenocide.com Although this new IAHF site is still under construction, I wanted to send it to you before leaving tomorrow for Expo West Vitamin Trade Show. I'll be passing out a flyer at Expo West that calls attention to this new site. There is information on it that was never up on my old site, so please spend some time reading it, and please link your site to it!

There are several reasons why I built this new site, and am keeping the old site up as an archive. One is that I can post things on the new site without help. A volunteer webmaster who knows html has been posting things on my old site til he got burned out and was too busy to keep it up.

Another reason is that I never had time to weed out outdated material from the old site, and the site architecture is outmoded.

This new site is easier to navigate, isn't encumbered with a lot of information that is only very peripheral to our MAIN issue, and this new site will make it EASIER to fight back. Please see the section marked TAKE ACTION!

If you have any suggestions for changes, please provide feedback. The site is still under construction and I will keep working to improve and fine tune it upon my return from Expo West. Eventually, I will change the url on the old site so that it will still be up as an archive, but people clicking on http://www.iahf.com will be directed to this new site. I also have reserved the domain http://www.nocodexgenocide.ORG but don't yet have that site hooked up.

If any of you need to reach me at Expo West, I'll be arriving tomorrow (Thursday) by 2:30pm can be reached by cell phone at 714-313-3759 and will be staying at the Alamo Inn http://www.alamoinnandsuites.com/ til I leave on Sunday.


I'm going to start holding an IAHF Conference call upon my return via http://www.freeconference.com/ The purpose will be to assist you in organizing local meetings via which you can get more people involved in the fight back. To be part of this grassroots effort, you'll need the IAHF EDUCATION KIT- see the section for this at http://www.nocodexgenocide.com I'll be determining the day and time for this call upon my return. This new site has a lot of very good information that will help you to awaken sleeping people who have fallen prey to the spin against our message, so please take the time to read it and direct more people to it!