Since Gustaf Norén left Mando Diao he hasn’t been lazy. He left the band and became the spirit that he always has been. But the departure started here…. with the film "She’s Wild Again Tonight" directed by Fia-Stina Sandlund, when she exercised voodoo on Gustaf and sett him free. 
"She's Wild Again Tonight" is also a band consisting of Gustaf Norén and film director Fia-Stina Sandlund. The release consists of two separate entities called "Kitchen" and "Barn". "Kitchen" is improvised piano music that is the soundtrack to the film. "Barn" is music that is featured in the film only through a door in the kitchen on set.
These two albums are released today on the 7th of October 2016.
Listen here:
Download iTunes: She's Wild Again Tonight
Artist: She’s Wild Again Tonight 
Album title: Barn
On the Barn-release we are able to step through the door and hear what is going on in the other room. It’s a voodoo-party, it is Gustaf Norén making music, composing music in the wilderness, that was supposed to be Mando Diao’s next album, but history took another turn. The result is transcendent electronic experimental music performed with much contemplation.
Artist: She’s Wild Again Tonight 
Album title: Kitchen
When Gustaf Norén left Mando Diao, it was a process that started right here, with this music, to the film "She's Wild Again Tonight" directed by Fia-Stina Sandlund featuring Gustaf in one of the leading roles. The other role is played by Shima Niavarani. On the set there was a piano and in between the shootings Gustaf let go of all stress by playing piano, luckily the microphone was still on and caught everything on tape. When the director later heard the recordings it was decided that the music should be used as soundtrack to the film. So this is improvised music written, recorded and performed right during the shootings of the film that uses it as soundtrack.

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