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Beloved Brethren:  
Thank you all for the prayers and support.  UBM is being born again from the assassination. I have a new computer, we have a new webmaster, a new server, and working on a new website.  This is a very prophetic resurrection that was prophesied about in 2008.  Big and good changes are coming.
Love and Blessings to you all
Your servant, David
UBM Webmaster:
Hello everyone! If you're having problems with www.ubm1.org website loading please read below. Due to the website moving to a new server you may have a "cache" problem. You will need to clear the cache by using these key combos.

For Mac computers: All at once - shift + command + r
For windows or linux: All at once - windows + shift + r (or) shift + command + r
If there's still issues. you may need to manually go into "history" and delete everything in the browser.
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