SA hip-hop artist releases "Freedom" song commemorating Palestine Land Day

ATTENTION: Radio producers, presenters and entertainment editors

This morning, the Durban based hip-hop artist and member of the South African Artists Against Apartheid collective, Iain EWOK Robinson, released his music track, "Freedom For Us All", to commemorate today's "Land Day". This is the second music track, in support of Palestine, that has come out of South Africa in less than two weeks. On the 12th of March, the Mavrix released their single, "The New Black" which received over 12 000 hits within 10 days!

Lyrics/Instrumental: Iain EWOK Robinson
Mixed and mastered: Colin Peddie for Sonic Studios, Durban (South Africa)
Video capture and edit: Donovan Fletcher
Cast and crew: Natasha Hosken; Kivithra Naiker; Tumelo Khoza; Julia Wilson; Dashen Naiker;
Thando Mlambo; Clare Craighead; Ndabenhle Christopher Tobo

Ewok commented at the launch of his track: "The music and accompanying video were conceptualized and produced by us South Africans, in recognition of our history and the responsibility we have been handed (through our freedom and democracy) to fight for the freedom, justice and equality of people everywhere - including in Palestine."

The 30th of March was chosen because of it's international symbolism. 36 years ago, in March 1976, Israeli authorities declared that 5,500 acres of Palestinian-owned land would be confiscated. The Israeli decision to confiscate Palestinian land was followed by announcements of curfews that were going to be imposed on Palestinian villages, effective from 5pm, March 29. Palestinian leaders responded by calling for general strikes in protest against the confiscation of their land, to be held the following day, March 30, 1976. This day, the 30th of March, has been commemorated ever since, as "Land Day". Since 2009, Palestinians have called on the international community to also join the Land Day commemoration by marking the day as an international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions day of action: "BDS Day of Action".

The music video makes use of the Arab “kaffeyieh” or "headscarf", Ewok says that its usage "is intended to both highlight the stereotyping of the Palestinian people as “terrorists”, and to return the respect of this article of traditional clothing as a piece of authentic Arab history.  In the video it is worn by diverse South African youth who are choosing to join the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination."  
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