Hi everyone,

A season that started with so much promise ended in yet another disappointing finish. And to top it off, Bills fans everywhere were insulted by the team that they love with the word that Mister Mediocrity, Dick Jauron, will be returning to coach the Bills in 2009. With one simple press release, the 2009 season has been ruined even before the 2008 season has ended.

We all sympathize with Tony Bogyo, a member of our chapter since the good-ol days, when he said, "I have truly never felt so low as a Bills fan. I know what next season holds, and it isn’t pretty – it’s the same as what we’ve seen the past 3 seasons." (Read his entire article on Bills Daily, here: http://www.billsdaily.com/articles/bogyo/2008/jauron.shtml). No matter what happens in the offseason, the Bills will still be buried in the AFC East basement, their weak and spiritless coach defining their personality.

The Bills Backers of Boston will certainly be back next season, but will the fans? Time will tell.

On a brighter note, our Charity Day efforts raised $1,250 for Children's Hospital. Thank you, everyone, for your support! One of our members, Kate O'Connor, will be running the Boston Marathon to raise money for Childrens and your donations will be made through her. If you would like to sponsor Kate directly, please respond to this email and we'll put you in touch.

Enjoy the offseason and we'll see you in the fall. Happy New Year!

Jeff, Chris, George and Matt